Saturday, 3 February 2007

--> FAQs On How To View My Videos In Youtube

-> All my videos & playlists are private thus other than myself, no other users are able to view it. So i have posted the links of my playlists in my Youtube Page. Its located on the top left box where there is a picture. Do read the full instructions listed there before asking any questions.

-> First thing is to add me as friend and once i've approved, use the links found on my Youtube Page or my Blog here to view the playlist of my video links. AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

-> DO NOT SEND ME MSGS FOR ANY REQUESTS TO SEND VIDEOS. As i upload new videos, it will be auto sent to your youtube inbox. If i were to resend the videos again, it will affect all other users (friends) on my list as they too will receive the same videos again and will be upset. So if you have deleted them from your inbox or due to any other reasons, wish to view again, follow the above steps. You can also delete all those videos that you receive in your youtube inbox or can just leave it as it is.

-> If you are frustrated by receiving links or any other updates in your email a/c relating to youtube (different from youtube inbox), follow these steps and you will stop receiving any updates in your email thus reducing spam. Go to My Account -> Account Settings -> Email Notifications then click Disable Email. You will no longer receive any emails unless its by the youtube administrator.

-> One other issue which i wish to bring to your attention is that i am unable to reply to any msgs that i receive through youtube. So i will be posting replies in either Bulletins or as Comments on my Youtube Page. I hope this information has been useful to all & enjoy the videos!

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Anonymous said...

sorry ! i msged you about how i couldnt view your videos. sorry i didnt read this before i sent the letter. i guess u can just ignore my msg.