Friday, 8 December 2006

--> Goong S Episode Synopsis

Pictures & Episode Summaries credits to Cecilia, Luv, aikomidori & javabeans from Soompi Forum


The episode starts off with showing Kang Hoo delivering jjajangmyun everywhere... i love the first one when the guy is down in the drain and asks him if it's ok for him to come down and he goes "ok no problem~!"

He gets back to the chinese restaurant called "Goong" which he works at and we are introduced to the ahjussi. We see how much kang hoo admires his own appearance "It's all about looks for guys"
His phone rings (it's so cute! it says "Oppa! Did you order jjajamyun?) and they get ready for the delivery battle (which we have all heard about). Hoo goes out and sees bul bam (played by song baek gyung) and says to him "Let's end it today"... As they are both heading for the destination, bul bam goes to Hoo sarcastically "Geez your motorbike is nice" and Hoo just goes "Just do well yourself first"
Both teams reach the destination and as they run, Hoo comes out with his skateboard and wins in the end. Bul bam says that he wont admit to the fact that Hoo won coz he says he was cheating with using the skateboard. Hoo says it's a battle and you need to use your brain, he goes "'s all about timing"

Hoo and his friends are celebrating at his mother's cafe (his mother has already passed away).. Hoo says that his mother used her hands to make those decoration things on the wall one by one.. they go to the club together and Hoo's friends push him on stage to dance himself. He dives into the crowd and a girl comes up and kisses him on the cheek. The group of them sit down together with the girl and are drinking/eating when Bul bam and his gang appears. Bul bam tells the girl to get up and Hoo finds out that the girl is in fact Bul bam's gf (i think... she calls him oppa).. Hoo's like to his fd "shouldnt u check first?" So the group of them go outside and are about to have a fight... and Hoo's fd whispers to Hoo "Are you going to be ok?" and Hoo talks to Bul bam and suddenly points off to the distance and distracts him then punches him while he's not looking.... Hoo's fds hold bul bam back as he's trying to kick hoo out of frustration... and it is so HILARIOUS when hoo says to him, your legs are so short... WAHAHAH... and he leaves him with the line "Guys.. it's all about timing"

Next day Hoo wakes up and the ahjussi goes to him that his hair smells of jjajamyun and tells him to go wash it... Hoo says i work at a chinese restaurant is my hair meant to smell like spaghetti then? He says to the ahjussi, compared to my hair i'm more worried about the amount of hair you have left.... then he runs off to the toilet and then asks for toilet paper and the ahjussi throws the roll of toilet paper at him...

Jo sang gi/ahjussi is cooking and 3 men in suits show up and asks if he is jo sang gi.... the 3 men asks for gong ja ma ma (ie Hoo) and Jo sang gi says that he's just gone out for delivery and that the 3 men came earlier than he expected... then he gets a phone call from Hoo's uncle who tell him that there will be ppl coming from the palace today including a woman.. and sang gi goes...yeah? woman? He looks back to see that the 3 men have disppeared.... Next we see the bodyguard woman talking (presumbly to the 3 men) to bring Hoo to the car without hurting him... the 3 men run after Hoo and chase him to an alleyway.... Hoo's phone rings and asks the 3 men to wait but takes the chance to run away from them.. Back at the restaurant, sang gi is trying to ring Hoo but Hoo doesnt pick up... the REAL ppl from the palace have arrived and asks sang gi what has happened to Hoo... sang gi tells them to wait... Hoo's friends see his empty motorbike and sense that something is wrong... they call everyone together to go to that place... the 3 men shove Hoo in a pile of rubbish and Hoo asks them what do they want from him? they say to him "You"
Sang gi and Hoo's friends arrive and Sang gi asks the 3 men who they are and says You just try to take him away huh![i will kill you that type of implication] One of the men hits Hoo near his throat and Hoo faints... Hoo wakes up to find himself in a new place...

Hoo sees sang gi and asks about those ppl who tried to catch him... sang gi says they are trying to find out who it was... Hoo asks sang gi why he's suddenly changing to formal language while speaking to him.. a palace girl comes in saying that dae gung is waiting for them... sang gi says that there's someone he needs to see and calls him gong ja ma ma... Hoo is like yeah? gong ja ma ma? They go out and we see a man waiting for Hoo... before they enter the room, Hoo sees the portraits which look the same next to each other... they enter and sang gi introduces the man to Hoo as hyo sung dae gung, his uncle (his father's younger brother)... the 3 of them sit down and sang gi starts to tell Hoo the story... he tells Hoo of his background.. how his father who has passed away was a prince and how this man in front of him is his father's brother... his uncle says that Hoo's father was his identical twin and passed away without knowing that he had a son..and he had only found out from sang gi about Hoo's existance... Hyo sung dae gung says that the important thing for him now is that he has to enter the palace... although Hoo will be confused and afraid now, he tells him not to worry... he says he will become his father in place of his brother who had passed away
After Hyo sung dae gung leaves... Hoo is shown a picture of his father... He said that he had always wanted to see how his father looked like... and that his father didnt even know he was born, so he wouldnt have even wanted to see him... sang gi says he was sent to look for Hoo's mother but Hoo's mother has asked him to hide the truth about Hoo's existence... he asks sang gi though why his mother wanted to hide the fact that he was born... sang gi explains that his mother wanted Hoo to have a normal life, instead of in the royal fmaily... Hoo says so that's why we had to hide away from ppl, and realises how hard it had been for his mother.. but before his mother passed away, she left behind a msg for sang gi... When Hoo reached 20 years old, when he could think for himself, sang gi was to tell the palace about his existence and to reveal the truth..

Hoo says what should i do? I still cant believe it... Sang gi tells Hoo to treat hyo sung dae gung as his father and to follow him... and that he needs to enter the palace.. that that was what his mother had wanted...

Hoo is led to a room in the palace and told to wait there... Hoo is looking at his appearance in the mirror and wonders if his appearance is ok.. he removes the green extensions and turns around to see someone behind him.. he looks carefully and realises it's the queen... he quickly kneels/lies on the floor... hte queen tells him it's ok and to get up... the queen says that she had heard his mother passed away 5 years ago? Hoo says yeah...suddenly during the world cup year... the queen says she remembers her as one with a beautiful smile... Hyo in dae gung's ring is brought to the queen and the queen asks Hoo for the ring which he keeps with him... she combines the 2 rings together and shows Hoo.. the queen asks whether he knows the meaning written on the ring.. and she explains that it means "When you see the wind, think by yourself"
Hoo asks the queen How is it like living as part of the royal family.. the queen says of course he would be curious... but that there is no easy way for him to know... Hoo also brings up the incident during the day when those 3 men tried to capture him.. the queen says taht she was shocked too and asked if he remembered any of them... Hoo remembers one of them...
his phone rings and it's bul bam... Hoo says he's busy and says he'll ring later... Hoo's phone rings again and hoo says i said i'll ring u later... bul bam is like how can u hang up on me like that and hoo's like you wanna die? Hoo explains to the queen that he's popular.... the queen is a bit annoyed and says that Hoo needs to forget the life he's been living and get to know his life in the palace...

Back in the bedroom, Hoo thinks of what his mother said to him... His mother had said that when he grows up later, he will have to choose between the life he wants and the life that he doesnt want.. the important thing is that he decides the path he wants to take and take it.... that he will be afraid and confused but if he doesnt forget his courage he will be able to find his path..
she says to keep the ring well and that she will be with him forever...

Next day Hoo is woken up by his phone and it's his friends ringing him... they ask where he is... and Hoo goes i'm at the palace... his fd goes we're in front of the "Palace", open the door... then his fd's like "Another palace? Seems like he hit his head during the fight, he says he's at the palace where the queen is" the other fd says "That's Gyeongbokgung...?!" the 3rd guy goes "Ah there's a new restaurant called gyeongbokgung, ah he's gone there"... the fd on the phone's liek "Is there something up??? why are you yelling? seems like bul bam got into an accident" Hoo says "I said i cant go! " and that he will ring them later...

Hoo gets up to inspect his surroundings and suddenly ppl outside inform him that hwang tae hoo ma ma has arrived (the queen's mother)... they notify him a few times but there's no response... finally hoo tells them to come in and HOo is trying to put on his tuxedo jacket and throwing his clothes to the side.. Hoo and hwang tae hoo sit together... she says she's really happy and exclaims how much he's grown.. and how much he looks like hyo in dae gung and that if he was still alive how happy he would be... hoo praises her as well and hwang tae hoo says that when she was young she was an actress and was told she was beautiful then.. Hoo goes wow what movie did u come out in? and she says not movie but theatre... she says taht if he's having any difficulties tell her and she will do all she can to help him...

at the breakfast table.. he sees this black thing next to him and he's like what type of chicken is this black? Hwang tae hoo says she's very happy and asks hoo what he thinks of the food... Hoo says it's delicious... Next bit i'm not really sure (someone plz correct me if i'm wrong) but the queen says that tonight there will be an event fromt he su hak won (i think she's referring to the royal academy?) and that she wants to take gong ja to the event... seems like hwang tae hoo and hyo sung dae gung are not too certain of her decision but the queen says that it will be a place where everyone will be and she wants to let ppl know of gong ja's existence... suddenly we see hoo playing around and mixing all the food from the side dishes in his bowl.. they look at him and he explains by saying that coz there's too many side dishes... and asks whether she wants to eat it together with him? hwang tae hoo laughs and orders someone to bring him a bigger bowl...

Hoo gets introduced to the team of ppl to teach him etiquette... First it's the way he walks... tells him to walk naturally etc but he cant do it and he moonwalks and says , do you how to do this? Then he's told that when shaking hands to use just one hand and not to shake too hard... but he shakes really hard... then drinking wine... he's told to drink sip by sip and he goes that guys should drink all in one go...

Yang soon ae walks around with this mike on her shoulder and nearly whacks everyone... together with another palace girl they're cleaning cups and the other girl goes taht even thinking about seeing him is making her heart beat faster...soon ae goes him?who? the girl goes My darling, lover, jooonnn...soon ae goes Jooon? what kind of name is that? the other girl goes i'm talking about moon sung gung mama (kang doo).. she goes on to describe him as charismatic, romantic voice, perfect body line,sexy etc etc...soon ae just shakes her head at her... the girl then says but it seems like he's getting engaged...soon ae asks how does she know and the girl goes..who am i? i'm gossip yong nam... she goes on to say taht although it hasnt been announced, she's heard he's getting engaged to someone called shin sae ryung... beautiful, rich, with a good family background...

At the event, Joon and some guys give a performance but Hoo yawns in boredom... Next Joon gives a fighting performance with another guy... and Hoo watches with interest.. mr evil guy (he's someone on joon's side) asks the bodyguard girl if taht's him(referring to Hoo)... she asks what to do about him and he jsut goes to watch and see what to do...meanwhile shin sae ryung 's father on the side watches on their conversation... JOon's performance finishes and Hoo claps loudly and gives him the thumbs up sign(haha).. next to shin sae ryung's knife dance performance... Hoo watches in awe and falls off his chair when she finishes and leaves..

Sae ryung goes to change and Hoo looks for her... he bumps into soon ae... he asks her whether she's seen the girl who was dancing with the knives... the 2 realise they know each other... soon ae asks "are you maybe from dae yeon elemntary school?" Hoo "Year 6 class 6?" Soon ae "Hoo? Kang Hoo?"


Continuation of the party... joon's father and sae ryung's father are talking... joon's father praises sae ryung that she always looks beautiful and very suited for the royal family.. Hoo looks at sae ryung as she is talking to ppl... then sees joon... he asks if he was the one who performed the martial arts ... then says that he looked really cool... Hoo asks if he really knows martial arts and joon says that he's learnt it before... and hoo asks if the knife he was holding was real... joon just laughs and says it was nice meeting you and walks off... Hoo calls after soon ae... "ya, cant you hear me?" He goes how long has it been since we last saw each other...7 years? what r u doing here.. do u work here? and she goes yes i do.. then she says sth along the lines of in the future her position from a palace girl will be promoted... and hoo's like... u make it sound like ur going to become part of the royal family... soon ae tries to hold her anger and asks so what are u doing here? how did u get into here? then he says sth about how he's popular everywhere he goes ... soon ae goes ur still the same, so full of yourself... and hoo says ur still the same as well...
and hoo goes but we went to school together from 6th grade elementary school to junior high 2nd year... are you glad to see me again? soon ae says so what about you, are you glad to see me? Hoo shakes his head , No! and soon ae goes i' not either~

soon ae turns to leave and hoo calls out after her ... he says what to do we're going to see each other from now on... and he goes but are u still forgetful.... i wonder if u get lost inside this big palace.. she makes a come back saying sth about his underwear (like singlet type of thing... but not sure what she said).. she walks off annoyed and crashes into Joon... soon ae apologises and asks if he's hurt, that sorry she was thinking about something else... Joon says it's important to concentrate.. soon ae says she will be careful in the future... she turns to leave and joon calls out after her but it's late and she crashes into the wall/door...she turns back around embarrased to go to the other way...

Joon walks past sae ryung and her fd tells her that there's some guy who keeps looking at her... the queen arrives.... she says to some guy thanks for inviting her to such an event.. then she walks up to Hoo and asks what he thought of the performances and HOo says he thought they looked cool/stylish... the queen says i'll take that as u enjoyed it...

then there's joon's father and sae ryung's father and 2 other men sitting together.. they're talking about the empty spot for the crown prince and one man goes that it cant be left empty for any longer and says that joon should get it... the queen comes to them and sits down... she says that she brings good news to this gathering of the royal family and elders and tells Hoo to come forward... he introduces himself as Lee Hoo... Hoo is introduced as the son of Hyo in dae gung... amidst all the serious talking, suddenly Hoo's phone rings and he picks up with bul bam yelling at him on the other end... Hoo goes you got the wrong number and hangs up... but his phone rings again and the queen looks really angry...

Joon and his parents are in the car.. and joon's father goes did u see the queen's expression when taht phone rang? His wife says how can you laugh now... he says to joon treat this as the last time from God....

back in the palace, the queen and hwang tae hoo and Hoo are sitting togehter... the phone rings...and hwang tae hoo starts laughing.. the queen goes it's not a thing to laugh about... hwang tae hoo says i know but just thinking of the reactions of the elders and ppl at the event hearing the phone ring... the queen says to hoo that she 's going to take the phone away from him... Hoo reluctantly hands over his phone...

Hwang tae hoo asks what they plan to do about educating Hoo? the assistnat man (gosh dunno what to call him) says that first of all he will be learning about royal family laws inside the palace... then he says for hoo to board at the royal academy/soo hak won... but the queen objects to that coz it's outside the palace.. she's worried because of those ppl who tried to kidnap Hoo because he got to the palace... the man says he's trying to find out about who and how those ppl knew and apologises... teh queen says that hoo's education must take place inside the palace and only that way will she not be worried

At soon ae and fd's place... soon ae is mumbling to herslef.. is he really a prince... her fd goes... isnt it so shocking? a jjajangmyun delivery boy becomes a prince... it's like a drama... soon ae keeps mumbling to her... this doesnt make sense... how can such an arrogant ssagaji person like him be a prince... her fd asks do you know him or sth... soon ae is like no...

Hoo has to start his education and the girl in charge of his education explains how he needs to learn the way the palace works and HOo is like he doesnt like studying.. a bunch of ppl come in with books... hoo is asked if he's studied about the royal family before? and hoo goes of course but can only mumble few words before he gets stuck remembering...

Hoo is shown a picture of the royal family tree on the projector with all the names and he has to at least know this much... Hoo asks do i have to remember this all in one day? She asks him are you unconfident? HOo explains that he's good at things he likes... then he shows off... talkgin about sth to do with martial art novels and lists all these things.. she goes she understands what he menas... adn that she thinks he will be able to remember the royal family tree in one day.. Hoo goes suddenly that his stomach hurts and stuff and that he cant concentrate... she gives him this thing which is meant to help him concentrate.. and he goes do u just put it on your ears like this?

next he's eating.. and he wants to eat his rice.. she keeps correcting him.. like not to hold his spoon and the chopsticks together in one hand.. and teaches him the way to hold chopsticks properly... but he cant do it properly and cant pick up anything with his chopsticks... in the end he's like but i'm hungry and just goes back to hold the chopstikcs the usual way , singing the chopsticks song... next i think they're studying the palace... and he's told to name a place but gets it wrong... the girl goes outside to talk to someone and asks HOo too stay there and wait for him.. soon ae shows up and he' s like "Yang soon ae"... soon ae says "i'm yang na in" (Na in is like palace girl)... Hoo goes "Ya!" and she says "Are you going to keep using ya? (first she starts off looking like she wants to use informal languge but changes the end of her sentence to formal lanuage) Hoo goes "lend me your phone"... soon ae is like why.. Hoo explains how his phone was tken off him when he came in and that he hasnt been able to make any calls for a few days.. Hoo says he's in a hurry to make a call and goes give it to me... Soon ae goes No and asks him to borrow it off someone else.. in the process while he's trying to take the phone off her... he accidentally touches her chest.. she goes waht are you doing? Hoo says i didnt mean it... she goes u touched me.. he's liek no...she goes yes u did... then he goes but i didnt mean it... and taht she's so flat he didnt feel anything... she gets really pissed off adn trips over... Hoo takes her phone and rings his friend to tell him to take his bike for tuning or sth...

Next the queen and Hoo's uncle are talking about the spot for Crown prince... Hoo's uncle states that he thinks it's still not too late for Hoo but the queen is like is Joon's side going to jsut sit there and do nothing... taht becuase she's a woman, her strength is limited..

Those elderly ppl are at Joon's place talking to his father and show their support for Joon for Crown prince...

we see joon riding on a motorcycle... Joon's assistant says to Joon if his father knew he was doing suhc a dangerous thing... Joon goes that' why i asked you for a favour...

shin sae ryung and joon sitting together...i dont understand their conversation 100% but joon is expressing his opinion on how royal life is and what is important to live life as a royal... sae ryung says that she hopes joon will be the man to give her what she wants..

the PA system calls for sae ryung... Hoo is in the school office and sae ryung arrives.. she takes him around the royal academy- fencing, snooker, golf etc... the royal academy is attached to the palace... and sae ryung explains that students of the royal academy cannot going into the palace and there's some area that only students of the su hak won can go to... Hoo walks around by himself and bumps into 2 guys who are secretly watching girls change... they make noises and the girls hear them... the 2 guys run off and push Hoo to the front... and Hoo is embarassed and doesnt konw what to do...

back at the palace, soon ae's fd gives joon a present and runs away shyly... soon ae bumps her head and joon smiles seeing her...

hwang tae hoo plays around with Hoo's phone and it starts ringing... some guy is on the other hand and asks is this the "Palace"? she's so taken back and the other guy is ordering food... Joon comes in and hwang tae hoo turns the phone off... joon makes a comment how the phone doesnt seem like the latest model (LOL) and hwang tae hoo asks Joon to look after Hoo who is entering the royal academy...

Soon ae and fd are cleaning the floors and playing around.. her fd tells soon ae how she heard Hoo got into a big accident at the royal academy.. getting caught watching girls change... a woman who looks like the head of the palace girls screams at them and reminds them that they must watch their actions and things they say... she punishes them by getting them to repeat the lines (i think it's some sort of motto) on the back of their identity card...

the 2 of them are walking along and continuiing to talk about hte HOO case... soon ae's fd says that soon ae seems to dislike Hoo.. and soon ae says that's coz he looks like a ssagaji... soon ae is playing with her ID card and it accidentally flies out of her hand and hits Joon in the face... she apologises to him and he's like if ur interested in me then tell me...

Hoo gets back and lies down on the sofa... he sees a video game lying on the table and plays with it... suddenly the queen's assistant man comes and Hoo quickly jumps onto the bed and pretneds he's sleeping.. He informs Hoo that tomorrow the queen will be testing him on things he's learnt and Hoo is like Noooo....

Soon ae's phone rings and it's kang hoo's fd who says there's something up which involves a life and death matter... soon ae makes an excuse to go back into the palace and goes into Hoo's room... he wakes up and he goes to soon ae, why are you in my dream? Soon ae goes this is not a dream... Hoo asks why she's here and she tells him his fd says there a life and death matter he needs to talk to him about... Hoo rings his fd and he totally wakes up and Soon ae asks is it sth bad... he takes his top in front of her.. and she doesnt move... he's like are you going to keep standing there? she goes no.. and walks off a bit... he says he needs to go out and she turns around at him surprised... he's like ya, you saw didnt you.. she goes no i didnt... then she says softly that his fly wasnt done and he's like ah so embarrassing.. she asks if he's escaping and he goes no he's just going out but coming back.. she asks if he's gotten permission and he's like stuff it... he asks her to help him... she goes she'll get into trouble... he goes i'm not asking u to go with me, just to help and that if anything happens he'll take all responsibility... but he's like whinging..come on help me~~~ so the 2 are secretly walking and they come to this window... she goes can i just tell u how to get there...nad gives him directions on where to go and to go quickly.. he goes i'm going by myself? she's like of course~ and he says let's go together... and soon ae tells him to jump down from the window but he goes he's scared of heights... he cant do it and soon ae jumps down first.. Hoo follows but hits soon ae's eye on the way down... it hurts alot and hoo is like let me see,a re you ok? it must hurt and blows at her eye... she's like stuff it and he goes let me see... she closes her eye dreamily and he goes hey ur ok! and she hits her head against his...

they get to near the gate of the palace and Hoo himself gets onto the back of a truck... at the gate the guard comes around to check...


So Hoo succesfully escapes from the palace... his friends asks him where he's been and he says that he's been at the palace where the queen is...and they think he's crazy... Hoo had his bike serviced but bool bam stole it and is using it to threaten him... Hoo says he will go see bool bam himself and his friends are like are you going to be alright? Hoo says of course, who am i, i'm someone who was in a 17 vs 1 Hoo gets up to leave and he goes "dont follow ok?" and his friends go, yeah alright... he walks a bit more and goes, are you's really not going to come? Come on.. come... so they all go

so bul bam has hoo's bike there... and at first hoo acts as if he's up for the fight... bul bam aims for him and hoo keeps dodging... bul bam gets angry and takes out a big fork and threatens to stab the tyre with it.... hoo starts panicking and begs him not to and uses himself to protect the bike... his fds who are afar sense something is wrong and goes over to help... in the midst of the chaos, a police car comes and they all run away... bul bam however is left without a bike and noone has a spare seat on their bike... so bul bam runs... hoo sees this and goes back to save him...

they all successfully escape and they crash at tae ho won (?), the chinese restaurant that bul bam works at... they come to an agreement that bul bam and co and kang hoo and co will be combined.... kang hoo says he has to go back to the palace tomorrow and says that he's a prince and his grandfather was hun jin wang... obviously noone believes him... they all get drunk..

meanwhile soon yi gets home and young nam starts interrogating her... soon yi tells her the truth in the end and young nam yells at her for being stupid because Hoo is not going to go back tomrrow and she's going to be in big trouble..

the queen is getting ready to go to sleep and hwang tae hoo appears at her room... she asks the queen to meet some men to consider marriage but the queen rejects it... hwang tae hoo says that the queen is also a woman and why does she reject her everytime... and does hse not know how she feels as her mother...

hte next day... young nam goes into the palace and sees that hoo is still not back and rings soon yi to tell her... soon yi tries to ring Hoo's friend's phone... bul bam who is sleeping, picks up and soon yi finds out that they are at incheon chinatown at tae ho won.... she sets out to find him...

meanwhile the queen finds out that Hoo has gone missing from the palace and from the cctv they know that he went out (as opposed to getting kidnapped)... the queen is worried, especially since today is the day of the committee meeting regarding Hoo's official entry into the royal family book... she orders the housekeeper to make sure the news that he's missing does not leak out and to look for him... Joon's bodyguard informs hyo jang dae gung and joon about the news that hoo has gone missing and joon sees from the captures fromt he cctv that the palace maid in the photo is soon yi...

jo sang gi ahjussi is informed of the situation and he goes out to look for Hoo... the bodyguard girl follows him and he senses that someone is following him... but she hides away quickly....Soon yi is in incheon chinatown but has no idea where the place is... she finally finds it and walks in to find all of them sleeping... she tries to wake hoo up without waking others but steps on someone's wrist and everyone wakes up... Hoo goes outside on his bike and soon yi is like you have to take responsibility for what u did and that the palace must be in chaos now.. but hoo seems oblivious to all this and says... responsilbility? you want me to marry you? sorry but i cant do that... i'll probably be better off dying... soon yi goes...FINE... just go back to the palace now... he goes u go back first coz he has something to do... he's about to drive off and soon yi jumps on the back of his bike saying that she's going to die anyway she's going to die together with him or sth... hoo stops by the motorbike shop... then he comes back out.... soon yi is angry and yells at him... that he's not fit to be royalty and she hates royalty like him and that he doesnt deserve the respect from the ppl in the palace... hse storms off and hoo looks at her thinking.... he drives up to her and they head back to the palace.... at the entrance of the palace, hoo insists hes a prince but the guards said they cant let him in just like that... so soon yi goes in first and tells hoo to wait right there and not go anywhere... as soon yi is going through the security, her card stuffs up and she ends up meeting the housekeeper and she lets him know that HOo is waiting outside.... Hoo is waiting outside and stands next to the guard and asks him if his gun is real... sae ryung shows up and asks what he's doing there... he mumbles sth about waiting for someone... sae ryung comments on how his motorbike looks good .... she also says there's so event she has to attend and asks HOo to go with her if he has time... ppl from the palace come out to find that Hoo had already gone... back inside, the housekeeper says sth along the lines taht coz of what she has done she will be dealt with according to the palace rules ...

during the royal committee meeting, the issue of whether Hoo should be entered officially into the books create some heated argument between the 2 sides and the meeting comes to an end without Hoo being passed through...

Hoo takes sae ryung to her destination via his motorbike.... the destination is a teddy bear exhibition/museum... and while he's waiting for her hoo tries to ring soon yi but her phone is off... hoo tells sae ryung he needs to go but she insists she has stuff to show him... Hoo walks around with her and sees the 2 guys who were peeking at the girls change at the royal academy... he goes up to them and the 2 guys deny they saw anything... he goes how can they leave and leave him there at that moment... and Hoo goes into fighting position and looks as if he wants to pick up a fight... sae ryung comes over to stop them and tells them that Hoo is the new prince who just entered the palace... they cant believe it but apologise to him anywya... sae ryung goes so how was it looking at girls change and the 3 of them are trying to make excuses as to why they did sucha thing lol

back at the palace, the queen is informed about the results of the meeting and also about how Hoo was outside the palace, so he should be in seoul.... Joon sees soon yi walking behind the palace girls supervisor and crying... he overhears 2 other palace girls saying that soon yi will probably get fired... he sees soon yi crying to herslef in a corner and offers her his handkerchief.. she refuses it at first but he goes if she doesnt accept it then it will become embarrassing for him... she takes it and her phone rings and it's her mother asking how she's been...

Joon arrives at the teddy bear exhibition and his mother is waiting for him otuside... she expresses her surprise how he's late and he says he wont be again... she tells him about the results of the meeting and says to him, even if Hoo does get accepted as a prince there's nothing he needs to worry about.. and says taht he must become a king for her...
sae ryung sees joon and is surprised that he's there... joon asks why hoo is here and i think he hints taht he knows what she is doing.. sae ryung however says that he's got nothing to worry about because she still sees joon as the man who is going to get her what she wants... Hoo looks at his watch and wonders if soon yi is going to be ok... Joon comes up behind him and asks Hoo whether Hoo has received permission to leave the palace... Hoo goes of course... Joon tells him to go back to the palace and says that Hoo needs to know he cant jsut leave and enter the palace as he wants... and what would happen if citizens found out... Hoo gets annoyed and goes that it's up to him and he's free to do as he wants.. Joon says taht the royal family is not about freedom... their argument turns into a fight and it gets stopped by his assistant... the queen's attendant appears and tells them to stop as alot of ppl are watching them already.. Hoo finds out that Joon is also a prince... Hoo is led outside and he sees a person standing far away with back facing him.. he slowly walks up and he finds out that it's the queen...


So Hoo and the queen go to incheon chinatown on Hoo's motorbike with all the cars following them... they arrive at Goong (the restaurant) and queen asks sang gi ahjussi to make her jjajangmyun... she tells Hoo that she likes jjajangmyun and when was studying in london how there was a good jjajangmyun place... Hoo shows the queen how he would fill his delivery box when he went on deliveries and she held up the delivery box and said "The person who ordered jjajangmyun"
Hoo and the queen are eating jjajangmyun and bul bam and friends suddenly all appear... they're like we were worried about you... they are wondering who the woman sitting there is and bul bam says that she looks really familiar... they ask whether she lives in the neighbourhood and she says no... Hoo is trying to stop them but they dont and bul bam asks the queen the take off her cap... he reaches out to do so but one of the queen's guards grabs his hand.. the queen tells the guard to let go... sang gi ahjussi comes out and yells at them coz it's the queen... bul bam asks hoo, you're kidding right? and hoo says i said last time... that our relationship was 6 chon (it's sorta hard to explain for 6 chon is... but basically they are connected via 6 steps since their grandparents were brothers... ie their parents were cousins.... and in english the 2 of them are cousins too... in korean, 4 chon refers to cousins... and if 2 ppl are 4 chons then they are connected by 4 steps ... eg my dad's brother's son's relationship with me would be 4 chon...hopes this makes sense)... bul bam and friends realise that she really is the queen and all kneel down saying "Pye ah"

the queen is in hoo's room... hoo asks if she really came for him..the queen goes well do u tink i came to eat jjajangmyun? Hoo apologises and says that he really intended to go out just for a while.. i think she tells him her purpose of coming out is to give him a msg on how he should forget his past and adapt to the present... they are about to leave for the palace... hoo opens the door and bul bam & friends who had been eavesdropping all fall... bul bam puts on this voice and asks if the queen can give them an autogrpah... but he doesnt know his lines and they keep reminding him... lol.... and the queen like are you's in a play or sth now... hoo jumps on them and they just keep asking for an autogrpah...

joon's mother and sae ryung go to some sauna place... sae ryung reassures her that her heart is firm just like the fact that joon will become the crown prince is firm..

young nam goes to see soon yi who is being punished to write something 500 times... young nam says what help is it that you know Hoo... Soon yi goes i told u not to mention him in front of me again didnt i...

Hoo is sitting down with the queen and hwang tae hoo... hoo asks the queen what happened to the palace girl who helped him go out.. the queen asks the housekeeper and he says that it will be hard for that palace girl to stay in the palace... Hoo says so she's going to be dismissed? she didnt do anything wrong.. i lied to her saying it was a matter of life and death... he asks the queen if they can just let it go jsut once.. the queen says that the palace has its own rules.. hoo turns to hwang tae hoo who turns his head away...

Hoo is in his room and the queen's attendant comes to give him his new phone...Hoo rings soon yi but she doesnt pick up...

News on TV come out about Hoo being the hidden prince of the late Hyo in dae gung... the reporters are at the 'palace' (restaurant) and his friends are leading the reporters aroundbut sang gi ahjussi tries to push the reporters away.. Joon is watching the news and the bodyguard tells im that it's time for him to go to the palace.. sae ryung and father are also watching the news.. hoo sees himself on the news and cant believe how he looks on tv... he's like are those ppl his anti's... the news also briefly talk about the incident which had forced Hoo's mother out of the palace...(i'm not sure exactly what it was) ... the queen, hwang tae hoo etc are watching the news and hwang tae hoo says why do they bring up such a thing when it's meant to be a report on Hoo...

Hyo sung dae gung says that the thing they have to pay attention to now is that after Hoo officially becomes part of the royal family, citizens will have opinions whether he is fit or unfit to be crown prince.. so he says he thinks that it's important to educate and turn Hoo into a prince in a short period of time...the queen asks the housekeeper to find an extra teacher (?) coz the royal academy itself is insufficient...

Hoo appears and asks about the incident which forced his mother out of the palace... he says that watching tv it seems like citizens wanted his mother out of the palace.. hyo sung dae gung admits that there was a XX incident but tells hoo to believe that it was not his mother's fault but at that time they needed someone to take responsibility...

hyo jang dae gung requests to see the queen.. i'm not 100% sure what they said so i wont translate what i think they said.. but they made some deal here

Hoo is thinking of his mother and see young ma talking to soon yi on the phone... he goes to see hwang tae hoo...he asks her to just help him once... he says that he had told soon yi he would take responsibility... hwang tae hoo is taken back... did you say u would take responsibility?! she's like how can u say such a thing... hoo is like what r u thinking?? he realises what she was thinking and he's like that's not what i meant... can u just make it so taht she doesnt get fired? if she does then it's embarrassing for me.. hwang tae hoo goes well a man should keep to his promises... she ponders and promises him to let soon yi to pass probation and become a proper na in (palace girl)

Hoo goes to find soon yi and covers her eyes.. when soon yi sees it's him she asks what r u doing here.. he goes u should pick up the phone, were u busy? soon yi says Thanks to you! hoo says well u dont look busy... Soon yi goes you bastard...and she said she had swore she would never see him again... he goes why would u do that.. i would fix the situation... she tells him to get out and pushes him to the door... she goes dont appear in front of me again... hoo asks her to listen to him but she's locked the door.. soon yi keeps singing loudly so she wont hear him and hoo says open the door, i'm telling you i've solved everything... joon passes by and says what do you think ur doing int he palace (making such noise)...hoo says it's a private matter so please go... joon asks if he's seen the tv news.. hoo says taht this is more important than the news, plz go.. joon says sth and hoo is a bit annoyed "Have you finished? [with what you're saying]"... joon tells soon yi to open the door and stop it coz it's not her private space.. the door opens and soon yi spashes ink on joon ... both soon yi and hoo go "o my god"

another royal committee meeting is taking place... the queen says to the housekeeper is it going to be ok to trust hyo jang dae gung? the housekeeper says there's no other choice

Hoo is back in his room getting clothes fo rjoon and says to himself , why do i have to do this... the queen's attendant appears and says taht they've come to prepare his clothes for the royal academy... meanwhile soon yi is waiting for hoo to appear anxiously... joon says he has to go... soon yi goes ok let me wash the clothes for you... joon takes off his shirt and soon yi says that's not what i meant.. she runs into the door as she goes out...

Hoo is trying on the clothes and i think he's complaining about his pants... the tailor makes a remake about how his hip size is a bit big and hoo insists that his hip size is standard... he complains that the pants are too short i think... they are measuring his feet to make shoes for him

the supervisor calls out looking for soon yi... soon yi panics and says to joon that if the supervisor sees her in such a situation she will die.. she asks joon to save her and to hide for now...she tells him to hide but joon drags her to hide as well.. the supervisor woman comes into the room btu doesnt see soon yi...

hoo is shown some watches and hoo goes, are these watches real? he then pretends he has to go to the toilet... on his way out he secretly takes the suit and heads off to find soon yi... on the other hand, the supervisor leaves the room ... joon leans forward and kisses her... she's halfway in slapping him and he pulls her closer but she struggles and they fall out and on to the ground... Hoo sees them and is surprised..

at the royal committee meeting...the queen wrote some letter thing stating the believability (?) of hoo's identity but there is still alot of objection... hyo sung dae gung asks them to think of it from Hoo's point of view... not knowing ur own identity and living like that for 20 years... suddenly being faced with such a situation, wouldnt he be confused? taht they should give him a chance... hyo jang dae gung speaks up at this time and states that he wishes also that Hoo be accepted as part of the royal family... the ppl who are on his side are surprised at his words...

the queen and Hoo are in a limousine heading off to a ballet... hoo is playing around with things inside teh car... they arrive and the queen gets out first... the reporters take photos of them.. at the door there are a group of ppl protesting against Hoo becoming the crown prince.. hoo is a bit taken back and keeps looking at them.. they walk in and the queen realises taht hoo has fallen behind and is talking to someone... turns out to be someone he knew form his delivery days... at this point the reporters asked him why he left the palace and if he explain to the citizens... he gets asked something else (i think the reporter said sth like that they are ppl who think he's not good enough to be a prince and what he thinks about that) but he doesnt know how to reply... he stutters and says...i think it's a happy thing.. the reporter says how can u think that a bad thing is a happy thing... the queen comes to the rescue and says that i seem to be the only one who understands him... it's a happy thing because he has found his family and that the royal family is very happy as well...

During the ballet, Hoo keeps yawning and nodding off.. after the show, the housekeeper informs hwang tae hoo that hyo jang dae gung was on Hoo's side in the royal committe meeting.. the queen says taht it's a present that hyo jang dae gung had to give them... and taht she had given permission for joon to stay in the palace (i think)...

the parents of the main male ballet dancer come to greet them.. their son appear and i think hwang tae hoo gets really turned off by the guy.. the queen says should we meet at the palace when everything finishes? she extends her hand for the guy to take and hwang tae hoo suddenly grabs her hand and puts it on her forehand saying taht she feels sick and wants some quiet... haha i think the guys tells them to watch his performance so they can see his perfect artistic performance (or sth like that)... hte guy leaves.. hwang tae hoo goes i confirmed his photos... what did he eat in russia!

Some woman introduces hoo to 2 women from some wealthy, prestigious family background and they want to introduce their daughters to him... he wants to go but they sorta wont let him.. sae ryung appears and tells him that the royal academy princpal is looking for him.. meanwhile the principal and the queen is talking.. the principal says he has someone to introduce to the queen.. the queen's expression changes when she sees the man...the principal introduces him as a new teacher at the royal academy..

Hoo says thanks to sae ryung for saving him from taht situation.. they get up but she discovers that her necklace and fallen off her neck.. they find it on the floor and she asks if he can put it on for her..

young nam overhears joon talking to some senior na in about soon yi's situation and young nam goes to tell soon yi that she's not going to be fired... after she leaves, the senior na in says to joon thank you for being concerned in na in matters but that the hwang tae hoo has already ordered them to let the matter go..

All the na in's are sitting today waiting for the na in's who will pass probation and rise in level to be announced... soon yi is worried but young nam reassures her that she will be ok... all names get announced but soon yi's name is not part of the list and she's upset and starts crying.. one of the senior na in sees and remembers what hwang tae hoo had ordered and they informed soon yi has also passed...

at the palace, hoo and joon are standing together and the queen arrives.. the queen says taht from now on the 2 of them will be living together here.. that putting their identities aside, the two of them are 6 chon brothers.. telling them to get on well...
the queen leave and hoo and joon eye each other....


Hoo and Joon start their life together in the palace and soon yi shows up with another na in... hoo asks what she's doing here and she replies that she has become a proper na in now... hoo says dont try to joke.... and joon goes that's good, that he and hoo will be living here form now on... se ryung appears and says hi to joon... se ryung comes out of joon's room and sees soon yi coming out from hoo's room... she asks soon yi if she can tell hoo that she has come to see him... soon yi says that hoo has stepped out and asks if she minds waiting for him outside...

as se ryung walks away, she bumps into hoo who has just returned... soon yi eyes them as she sees them talking and spending time with each other...sensing a bit of jealousy here huh? and she tkaes the plant which she brought to his room and says "It was mine anywya"

she bumps into joon... and thanks him for helping her get out of her situation... he says that dont worry about it , wasnt much... she says well if it wasnt for your help it would have been hard for me.. he says , is that right? well are you just going to thank me with words? she looks a bit taken back... she turns to leave and he calls her again but he hesitates and says nothing...
she bumps into hoo and hoo says congrats on becoming a na in officially... he asks her to help him from now on but from her attitude , he asks are you stil angry with me? she forces a smile and says no...she's about to leave but hoo stops her and asks if there was anything going on between her and joon last time... coz he even had his clothes off... soon yi stutters and says no... that she was just washing his clothes... hoo says but there was something weird... ur face was red and that there was sth with joon as well... soon yi sasy that's coz the na in supervisor was searching for them..

hoo inspects his room then walks over to joon's room and plays arond wiht his guitar.. joon walks in and asks what he's doing.. Hoo says that joon has alot of books and can he borrow some to read coz it's his hobby... joon says that there is no such thing as a hobby for a royal and that there is only lifestyle.. (he means like reading should be part of his life as royalty and not just a hobby) hoo says that since they are going to be living in the same space from now now, let's forget what's happened between them and get on well together...

Hoo goes back to his room and sees his metal delivery box... his bike is also brought to him... he's told that jo sang gi ahjussi sent his stuff from incheon to him... hoo is unloading the stuff and playing with it... soon yi comes in and asks if there anything she can help him with.. hoo goes ya yang soon yi when u call me ma ma i get goosebumps, when there's only the 2 of us togehter, just speak comfortably... soon yi says that yesterday i became a proper na in who is to serve the 2 gong ja ma ma's so i cannot... hoo says ya yang soon yi, i'll take responsibility if anything happens... soon yi immediately changes her language to informal lanugage and says "Geez you like taking responsibility dont you? when have u ever taken responsibility? and she says that my name is yang soon eui, why do u keep changing my name (this is just a pronounciation thing in korean) .. hoo says i like "Yang soon yi"...yang soon yi... it's good coz it's oldfashioned~ soon yi wants to yell at him... hoo looks at the photos of him an dhis mother... soon yi says she remembers his mother... taht she was really beautiful and ppl in the neighbourhood used to call her pretty ahjumma... she senses taht hoo is a bit sad but he says it's ok coz she's together with me here (referring to the ring he wears around his neck)

soon yi looks at him... and hoo asks what is it... why are you looking at me like that.. soon yi goes what? Hoo says... lonely, sad and poor guy... is that what u were thinking.. she asks how he knew... hoo says i'm not an orphan... dont be smart.. when his mother was not around he had sang gi ahjussi...and now he's found his relatives... and they're not ordinary relatives but great ppl as well.. so dont be smart...

se ryung and joon are fencing... afterwards they sit down... and se ryung asks how it feels to enter the palace... joon says well i was going to go in anyway sooner or later... se ryung makes a remark how easy it turned out to be after trying so hard to get in..that he should thank hoo.. she brings up yang soon yi... and joon is like what's up with shin se ryung, being concerned over a na in... shin seryung denies taht she is... she asks joon whether he's interested in soon yi... and joon says she's interesting... coz she's cute...

the queen's attendant takes hoo to the royal academy... his first class is sports/PE.. he goes in and sees those 2 guys he met before.. they trick Hoo that the venue has changed and take him to the ballet class.. Hoo cannot believe he has to wear such clothes... when he enters the class the girls squeal... the teacher asks why he's here.. and he goes i came here for a lesson... hoo cannot follow the steps and falls down but gets back up with hip hop moves (in true se7en style)

then he's got a lesson with the mixed korean australian teacher but he's dozing off...

next is horseriding but he cant control the horse... and martial art lesson he's not great either...

next he's playing polo but hits the ball into the back of one of those guys who played the trick on him... they try to get back at him but end up nearly hittin g a sunbae... the sunbae gets pissed off and asks what do u think ur doing.. they try to apologise to him but he's still pised off.. hoo comes to solve the situation and says although i dont know what happened, just let it go yeah sunbae? the sunbae guy says to the 2 that he'll let them go this time...

(I love this coming scene)... hoo is trying to stick those patches on his back but he cant reach properly... he's mumbling to himself.. there's noone to put it for me... he searches the internet for "A way to stick patches on oyourself"... he follows what he finds on the net and lays out the medicinal patches on the floor in place and lies on it.. soon yi comes in and asks what he's doing... hoo says he's doing yoga, that it's a new move that just came out...soon yi asks but sholdnt he be going to someplae (sorry dunno that word)... soon yi is embarrassed and runs out seeing him topless..

next day soon yi is outside the door telling him to get up and go to the royal academy but he doesnt want to get up... soon yi keeps asking but hoo doesnt really want to go and suddenly he comes up with an idea (so cute he goes "deng deng!") ... he goes to the bathroom and gets a hairdryer and heats himself up.. he tells soon yi to come in, then tells her taht he's sick.. he keeps up with his act... she wants to get the doctor and stuff but he insists that he hates doctors and hates taking medicine... she gets some wet towels to cool him down...

the housekeeper guy reports to the queen that han sang gung will be the one in charge of hoo's education.. hwang tae hoo is taken back and i think she says there's sth problem with han sang gung's attitude (???)... like even though she is only a sang gung, she doesnt even apologise to royals.. but i think they conclude that coz she's so strict she will be the right person to take care of hoo... han sang gung arrives and we see all the palace girls frantically running around to get back into place... han sang gung has a really strict/scary aura around her and catches young nam playing games while on duty..

han san gung finds out that hoo is still in the palace and hasnt gone to the royal academy yet...

back in hoo's room... soon yi says she's about to go... but hoo says that he's suddenly feeling more sick again so soon yi runs off to get the doctor... hoo runs after her but they trip and fall on the floor... han sang gung arrives and yells at them.. hoo calls her ahjumma and she's shocked... hoo says even though i dont know who u are, soon yi didnt do anything wrong.. soon yi explains taht hoo was sick.. han sang gung goes that she will let it go this time but if it happens again she will get rid of soon yi..

hoo sits down with han sang gung and the queen's attendant... the queen's attendant introduces han sang gung as a sang gung who had served the queen and hwang tae hoo in the past already... hoo greets han sang gung and explains how he suddenly felt sick.. han sang gung asks someone whether the queen knows that hoo is not feeling well... the man replies no and han sang gung exclaims how can the queen not know yet ... she says she will go see the queen about it... hoo stops her and says that he suddenly got better.. han sang gung goes so can u go to the royal academy now? hoo says yeah i should go

han sang gung scolds soon yi says that hoo has already left the palace once,shouldnt u be more alert? she reminds her that she is serving the 2 princes that could become the king of the country...

there is some sort of a dinner party with some performance from some ensemble... afterwards, the queen and hwang tae hoo are talking to se ryung and hoo... hwang tae hoo tests se ryung and finds out taht se ryung knows traditional poetry very well... hwang tae hoo is very impressed... she makes a remark that hoo and se ryung seem like a match made in heaven..

the alexander guy is talking to the queen's attendant.. the queen walks up to them but is called by hyo jang dae gung...

hoo, hwang tae hoo, se ryung sit together... hwang tae hoo asks to see soon yi and young nam coz they are the ones who are serving the 2 princes... hwang tae hoo recognises soon yi as the na in who helped hoo leave the palace... and hwang tae hoo reveals how she helped her out of her situation coz hoo made the promise to her... soon yi is surprised... young nam makes a remark later that hoo seems to be an ok person... the 2 are walking and young nam goes when u 2 were in elementary school, 2 two dated didnt you? Joon overhears... soon yi sees joon... joon goes why did u lie that u and hoo were elementary school classmates.. soon yi says that i didnt hide the fact on purpose... joon says taht if ppl find out she went to school with hoo then it will get hard for her... soon yi asks cant he pretend he doesnt know... soon yi says the reason why she's doing all this is just coz this is her first job as a proper na in and wants to do her best... joon says is that the only reason? and he goes taht this time he will pretend he doesnt know since she aske dhim for the favour..

afterwards, soon yi wants to go talk to hoo but she sees hoo with se ryung and walks away.. se ryung is talking to hoo and makes a remark how that royal marriages are arranged... she asks hoo about soon yi coz it seems he is taking care of soon yi... hoo reveals that ehy went to school togehter, that soon yi was about to get fired coz of him.. that he couldnt just stand there and do nothing...

hoo is using the compute rto do something... next day while soon yi is getting scolded... hoo comes in and asks soon yi to come with him coz he's got something for her to do... hoo goes to the royal academy and says taht he wants to look up stuff about the royal family... soon yi says for him to go himself coz she cant go in... hoo asks her to come anyway coz it's his first time to a library... soon yi is refused entry because she's not a student of the royal academy and not a na in student either (na in students are those who are nominated by someone to be one) ... hoo says sth like compared to an entrance pass (that the librarian was talking about), isnt his existence even firmer proof that she can go in...hoo tells her to go in.. se ryung and joon looks on...
soon yi and hoo are looking through stuff and soon yi looks at hoo as he looks at a pic of his mother and father's marriage..she goes to look for a book and he finds himself peeking at her between books... he smiles... afterwards he asks whether she likes joon.. she asks why do u keep asking... he asks why are u avoiding my eyes... if u do just say so... she just walks off...

later on soon yi is being scolded... hoo walks in and says "Isnt yang na in's role to serve us 2 gong ja's? i told her to do something for me... but if ur like this, then arent u making it awkward for me?" during this, hoo tells soon yi to go

joon and se ryung find out that both of them know soon yi and hoo are elementary school classmates and they comment on how close they are with the respective person to actually find out such a fact...

hoo finds soon yi in some corner... soon yi thanks hoo for helping her become a na in... hoo says that i said i would take responsilibity... he sees the bear in her hand and makes a remark how she still has it... soon yi is a bit surprised, still has it? when did u ever see it? hoo explains that it seems to be a bear he's seena lot somewhere... soon yi explains that she got it as some unknown present in elementary school... (so obvious that it was hoo who gave it to her)... then they go on to talk about something i'm not sure of.. seems like hoo played a prank on her then.. he put something in her bag and gave her a fright (my guess is a frog?) and hoo goes u know how hard it was for me to catch it? soon yi stops and says.. so you caught it on purpose?.. she pauses and asks did u happen to like me back then... hoo stutters and says like you? am i crayz? did YOU like me... tell me... just say it and i'll consider it... the 2 look at each other and laugh

hoo overhears some students of the royal academy bad mouthing him behind his back... at this moment bul bam and friends come to find hoo... bul bam yells at them... one of hoo's friends say just let it go.... the 2 guys say do you konw what palce this is... get out straightaway.. hoo comes out to stop the situation and says just let it go coz they're my friends.. hoo is pissed off but holds it in and just leaves with bul bam and co... they go eating/drinking and they are saying that they are jealous of hoo but hoo says that he's got no freedom anymore unlike the past...

soon yi gets a call from hoo and finds hoo a bit drunk in that place where they wre talking before... soon yi asks why he drank so much...hoo says yeah i drank a bit... she tells him to get up to go... he drags her back down and says let's stay for a while i dont want to go back to the palace... he says his friends went back to incheon and how he suits incheon.. soon yi says that u know your home is here now... hoo says yeah taht's right.. my home, the palace... he asks, soon yi ah,even you think i dont look like royalty to you right? he says i dont want to disappoint the queen , hwang tae hoo an dhis uncle ..he shivers a bit and soon yi gives her her scarf... he takes it off and puts it on her... and makes a remark how her hair is long... he touches her face... and slowly leans forward to kiss her... soon yi is surprised but accepts the kiss...


Soon yi struggles as she takes the drunk Hoo to his room and bumps into Joon who helps her... Joon scolds her what if someone sees... soon yi takes hoo's shoes off and covers him with a blanket... next day hoo wakes up, not remembering what happened last night after he went drinking with bul bam and friends... Hoo says to soon yi that he doesnt remember what happened last night.. soon yi tries to suppress her anger... hoo asks if he made some mistake and asks if he said something really bad to her? that when someone is drunk they dont mean what they do/say...

the queen meets with the royal committee and states that she wants hoo to become the crown prince... ppl are alarmed and said that hoo cannot be the crown prince.. the queen asks you're saying that the no 1 successor to the throne cannot be the crown prince, so should joon be the crown prince then... is that what everyone is gathered here to say... she asks to give Hoo time to become suitable to be crown prince...

hoo is playing this palace game (cant remember what it's called anymore)... that golf like game... and it's first time and the hwang tae hoo teaches him... hwang tae hoo exclaims how he's good for a learner and hopes that he becomes like the passed away king... she says not to forget that he had a teacher to help him... the queen goes ah so it seem like now that it will be hard for me to score? the queen challenges Hoo but hoo starts off behind

the queen and hwang tae hoo are talking... the queen states that it seems like it's hard for hoo to digest the material from the royal academy by himself so she plans to get him a study companion...

soon yi and young nam are tidying hoo's room... hoo asks young nam if she's seen this flower pot which was in his room.. soon yi says that she took it away coz it was hers anywya

the queen is looking at a photo taken in the past which has her and alexander... the queen sees her attendant and asks how the school building project in africa is going... the attendant replies coz there's alot of war happening in africa they are experiencing alot of difficulties.. the queen states that if possible she wants to go there to have a look herslef and asks the attendant to look into the matter for her... the queen then asks how the plan going with shin jae man (the vice prime minister) and the attendant replies that Ji shin si (the housekeeper) is carrying out the plan well.. the queen asks after that whether it's possible to get the teachers of the royal academy to attend the upcoming UNICEF event.. the attendant says taht she has already sent out invitations

in the car, shin jae man is talking to sae ryung about how the queen made her statement in supporting hoo as the crown prince, that it's her first time doing such a thing... but coz of their relationship with hyo jang dae gung that i t mihgt be a bit hard for them.. se ryung says that they cant turn down the queen but her father says that it's not going to be that easy ... se ryung says not to reject the queen's wishes

se ryung is waiting for hoo outside his room and joon appears... he asks isnt it inappropriate for someone who is getting engaged to him to be waiting for another man... se ryung goes we're not engaged yet? isnt it a bit awkward to put it like that? she states that there probably is noone else who knows her better than him and that if he wants to grab hold of her, then let her see some results

Hoo appears and se ryung goes to his room... she shows him soemthing related to his family background.. Hoo exclaims how seeing that is confusing him more about who he is... he hasnt seen his father, grandparents etc... Soon yi brings in the menu for them to choose dinner from... se ryung is really picky about her orders... and the way for it to be served... hse says how she doesnt eat alot so make the serving smaller... soon yi looks a bit annoyed... hoo says make the same for him except for the serving size... soon yi goes out and is talking to herself and badmouthing se ryung... turns out joon is there and soon yi is a bit embarrassed.. joon says he will pretend he didnt hear/see anyting... he says how soon yi doesnt seem to have been tidying up his room mcuh... soon yi says that she is only doing it according to her schedule/timetable... joon says that soon yi seems to be uncomfortable around him.. is it coz of what happened last time? seems like you didnt like it but i did.... u know meeting up secretly in a hideaway place... soon yi tells joon to stop playing around with her , that she is proud of her work in the palace... she leaves

hoo and se ryung are eating... se ryung is being picky again and asks if soon yi can change her soup... she asks to get some wine... hoo tells se ryung how to hold a wine glass and that she should drink it sip by sip (HAHAHA) ... se ryung says that she ordered it without this herb coz she's allergic to it... soon yi apologises and hoo explains to se ryung that soon yi's condition was not good today.. se ryung says it's ok and asks her to just give her some coffee... soon yi spills hot coffee on se ryung and herself... hoo asks se ryung if she's ok... young nam exclaims how soon yi's hand looks like it's been burnt bad and hoo suddenly gets up and grabs soon yi and drags her to the bathroom to cool her hand down iwth the tap.. soon yi asks him to let go and that she will take care of it herslef... hoo is like is this what u mean by taking care of yourself? and tells her that she must remember to put on some medicine... se ryung get angry as she hears hoo talking to soon yi in the bathroom...

soon yi is trying to bandage her hand later on without much success.. joon passes by and sees and helps her ... he says taht he's not a man who plays around... that he felt attracted to her when he first met her... that he didnt mean to play with her... and what he can do for her to forgive him... soon yi says that it's ok... hoo comes with the bandages with young nam and sees the 2 talking... he waits for her and sees soon yi as she is about to get off from work... he asks if her hand is ok... and when did she become so close with joon.. soon yi says what are u talking about being close... she turns to leave but hoo grabs her and asks if she still angry... he says taht he's sorry and wont do it again... soon yi goes what r u sorry about when u dont even remember

young nam states how she thinks there is no such thing as friends betwwen a man an da woman...

hoo is playing around with the picture of the family tree...he goes to steal the flower pot back from the na in room...

hoo and the 2 guys are at the royal academy... they rehearse romeo and juliet and at the kissing scene... hoo suddenly remembers what happened and runs... he's like how can i forget sucha thing
he sees soon yi standing there but joon appears... hoo says he has something to say to her... joon goes taht she has to help me with something now and leaves with her..

joon takes her to an art gallery..the bodyguard looks on...soon yi asks if he's going to play a joke with her again...he goes isnt she meant to help him... the 2 have a good time looking at the exhibitions and joon takes a photo of her

Hoo challenges Joon a game of polo but ends up losing when he falls off the horse.. young nam tells soon yi that hoo fell off the horse.. they see hoo walking in front of them with an aching back...

hyo jang dae gung and shin jae man are eating together and hyo jang dae gung pushes him for se ryung and joon to get engaged but shin jae man gives a n excuse saying that coz his wife is still in new york for them to wait a bit longer... hyo jang dae gung says just do it... shin jae man tells se ryung that the situation has been awkward coz tey cant reject hyo jang dae gung ... se ryung says just do it first and that she will take care fo the sitaution...

se ryung is waiting for joon in his room and soon y is there as well.. se ryung discovers a photo of soon yi hidden in joon's book... she invites to soon yi to her birthdya party... soon yi is a bit uncertain why she invited her... on her way out se ryung meets joon and she tells him that she invited soon yi... soon yi gets a dress and accessories delivered to her

at se ryung's party, se ryung is displaying her dancing skills.. she blows out the candles on her birthdya cake and suddenly someone exclaims who's this new pretty face? and it's soon yi... in the dress looking great... everyone is a bit surprised... the 2 guys who hang out with hoo are chatting soon yi up... and hoo drags her away..he asks why she didnt tell him she was coming... soon yi goes do i have tell you... hoo then goes what's it with your clothes... it's too wild.. dont u see all the guys looking at you... soon yi goes do u have put it like that... and it's her business what she wears.. hoo blurts out taht he dosent like guys looking at her... soon yi like what did u just say... hoo goes... well i meant... do u feel sorry for others wearing something like that when ur so skinny...

soon yi gives se ryung a birthday present... it's a teddy bear which she made herself and she goes if she lseeps with it her troubles will go away.. soon yi says to se ryung that her dress is a bit inappropriate for her to receive as a present form her... se ryung is taken back.... se ryung asks joon if he was the one who gave soon yi the dress.. joon says yes... se ryung goes how can give another girl a dress for the birthday party of your engagement partner... joon goes taht he is not playing around... that to get engaged u need to have feelings as well... se ryung goes fine... i've liked oppa from the beginning... joon grabs hold of her waist but se ryung's natural reaction is to push him away.. joon goes... see it's all a lie... soon yi stands to the side by herslef.. joon comes up to her and offers to leave with her... se ryung is angry and by herself.. hoo finds her and asks what's wrong... se ryung sees soon yi and joon coming up behind them and grabs hoo and kisses him... joon and soon yi look on shocked...


joon and soon yi are outside and joon says to her, you've had a hard time today huh? and it was no fun... soon yi goes no it was fun.... joon wants to take her home but soon yi insists she can go home herself....back at the party... hoo is about to leave... se ryung apologises for what she did... hoo goes it's ok and how it seems that se ryung was upset about something... se ryung says o really did i seem like that... hoo says that he will pretend nothing has happened and will forget it... se ryung pauses and says... can u not forget it coz it was my first kiss...

hoo tries to ring soon yi bu she doesnt pick up... he sits and thinks about soon yi... next day soon yi is staring off into space, still upset/unhappy about the kiss she saw...young nam sense something is wrong.. she asks whre soon yi went the whole night and taht she stayed up til 3 int he morning waiting for her to come back coz she was so curious... soon yi goes that nothing happeneda nd it was really boring...

hoo sees joon practising martial arts and afterwards asks the guard (?) what he can do to get better like joon...

hoo goes back to his room and sees young nam and soon yi cleaning his room.. he says to soon yi that he has something to say to her... young nam sees and leaves the room...

soon yi asks what is it, hurry and say it.. hoo goes about last time... soon yi goes when.... hoo goes that time... soono yi goes when's that time.. hoo says when he was drunk,, soon yi asks what about that time.. hoo goes about when i kissed you... soon yi asks so you remember? i thought u had forgotten... hoo says he remembered it after.... soon yi goes stuff it, forget it i've already forgotten about it... hoo says how can i forget it... soon yi says u forgot about it anyway... hoo apologises... soon yi says that's why i'm angry! you fool... hoo asks what? what do you mean by that's why? soon yi says stuff it, i'm going.... soon yi leaves

in a lesson, the teacher asks hoo a question but he doesnt really know how to answer it... his friend starts answering for him then joon gives an answer as well.. the teacher goes i'm asking lee hoo gong ja... hoo comes up with some answer which ppl want to laugh at but he finishes his reply and it turns out to be ok (??)

soon yi sees her flower pot in hoo's room and takes it again... hoo comes in and goes why are u taking it .. soon yi goes what do you mean why, it's mine.. hoo goes but u gave it to me... soon yi goes when did i say i would give it to you... hoo goes who takes away a present that they've given out.. soon yi says present? what present... if u want a present so much get it from shin se ryung.. hoo says why are you mentioning her all of a sudden... it was all a misunderstanding! soon yi says i dont know, you fool.... hoo asks fool? soon yi turns around to see han sang gung... soon yi follows han sang gung to the na in room.. han sang gung is scolding her and hoo is pacing back and forth as he listens outside... afterwards they are walking side by side... and hoo apologises to soon yi... soon yi says no, it was my mistake...

gwak nae gwan comes in informing them about the recruitment of na in students to the royal academy... they bump into joon who give books to soon yi which he says will help her to make it as a na in student... soon yi says she doesnt need those books but he wont take them back from her either... hoo sees the books and goes what are they... are u studying? soon yi says yeah... hoo goes then i'll help you or sth ...that for english, he konws everything now... he goes "May i help you?" soon yi goes i'm sorry to say this but to become a crown prince, that's not adequate... u need to study more... hoo looks a bit sad and soon yi says sorry... hoo says no you're right if studying wa sthat easy... he goes he is going to get some fresh air and walks away...

soon yi bumps into se ryung and says that she brought the dress with ehr and asks if se ryung can wait for her while she gets the dress for her... se ryung goes are you playing dumb or u really dont know....and tells her to return the dress to joon...

joon goes back to his room and finds the dress on the table from soon yi with a msg saying thank you for worrying about her (like whether she had a dress)

young nam is complaining about studying.... she asks soon yi about the dress whether she returned it already... soon yi sighs and young nam thinks that soon yi is regretting returning the dress and young nam goes u want the dress back? then ask for it.... but then we have self respect...

soon yi walks into hoo's room and sees gwak nae gwan who tells her that han sang gung ordered him to take away all of hoo's old stuff from incheon... soon yi goes but those things are things which gong ja ma ma treasures ... gwak nae gwan says but he cannot reject han sang gung... later on hoo goes to find them and says that the things from his room are gone and asks if gwak nae gwan removed them... gwak nae gwan just looks to han sang gung... han sang gung says that riding a motorbike is dangerous and the rest of the stuff she ordered for it to be removed... hoo asks her to bring the stuff back..han sang gung says she cannot an dthat the royal family has its own rules/laws as well.. hoo says i dont know about rules but throwing away the steel box and his bike is like throwing himself away ... han sang gung asks so do u want to continue to deliver jjajang myun? she says that it's his lesson time now... they sit together during the lesson.... hoo goes that the stuff is too dry for him to take in... han sang gung tells soon yi to prepare something which is meant ot help hoo to study... soon yi goes that she cant get those things ready... han sang gung is scolding soon yi and hoo goes hang on, dont worry about it.. i'm not in a studying mood at the moment.. i'm going outside to get some fresh air... han sang gung says u cannot... that he needs to study.... and she says something which made hoo offended (i think) about his mother... hoo gets up and i'm going... han sang gung tells him not to and tells him to sit down... hoo says i cannot study today anymore, i'm sorry... then he leaves...

hoo goes to see the queen who has called for him... the queen asks how can u not listen to han sang gung and says taht he needs to listen to her.. hoo goes that he could not tolerate her throwing away his stuff.. even though other ppl might treat that stuff as rubbish, those things were part of him...he apologises... the queen asks are you having a hard time??? you seem like you are having a hard time... hoo goes i'm sorry please give me more time, i will try my best...

hwang tae hoo sees han sang gung... hwang tae hoo asks han sang gung to consider hoo's heart as well.. han sang gung goes that by throwing those things away she is just helping him .... hwang tae hoo says she hopes that hoo doesnt get hurt...

the queen and hwang tae hoo sit together... the queen asks what to do if hoo cannot meet the standards required to be the crown prince in th eend... hwang tae hoo goes then just make joon the crown prince... the queen goes that joon cannot be... hwang tae hoo goes why... the queen says its' not that she does not like joon but because of hyo jang dae gung's ambitious nature...

hoo is by himself at the balcony deep in thought... soon yi finds him and hoo asks how did u know i'm here... hoo asks soon yi just when they are by themselves together then please speak comfortably (ie drop the formal language) coz he feels so suffocated already.. soon yi asks if everything's ok...hoo asks about what? soon yi goes coz the queen called for him about that incident with han sang gung...hoo says that was nothing... that he's having a har dtime.. hoo is putting himself down and soon yi says listen to me .. i'm not sure exactly what she said but just sth like everyone will get tired but everyone will live on like that... soon yi goes you're ok... i say someone like you is ok... not just a crown prince but u are good enough to be a crown prince's father .. hoo smiles and ruffles soon yi's hair.. the 2 look a bit awkward... hoo goes i'm really sorry about last time... what happened here.. soon yi goes apologising once is ok... hoo says i take back what i said about not meaning what i did when i was drunk... i think i was thankful and happy to see you then... i mean it... soon yi says it's ok... we're still young and can make mistakes... i will treasure it as something the future when i get married i can say that i had my first kiss with the crown prince... she says that he matches well with se ryung and dont put his kiss with her on his mind... hoo goes that that was a misunderstanding... soon yi says taht she has to go... kang hoo fighting! and she pokes his stomach...

hyo jang dae gung tells his wife that he's got a plan underway for some event (i think it's the teddy bear museum thing)

hyo jang dae gung goes to see hoo... i'm nt sure of their convo and was only able to catch parts... hyo jang dae gung mentions how hoo was nearly kidnapped and how it was dangerous for him... hoo asks how he found out about that.. hyo jang dae gung says that he's also part of the royal family... hoo apologises how he hasnt gone to him to greet him formally... hyo jang tells him to call him uncle... he goes on to say how there are alot of ppl with their eyes on the vacancy of crown prince, that him and joon need to stand firmly.. hyo jang says taht in order to stabilise the situation, he will ask the queen to choose a crown prince between them 2... hoo says that he's not good enough to be the crown prince and says that joon should be... hyo jang goes u dont need to be like that and that hoo has more than enough qualification to be the crown prince... hoo goes to be honest he is afraid... hyo jang goes there's nothing ot be afraid... hyo jang says taht the fact he delivered jjajangmyun can be of help to him..
joon sees hyo jang coming out of hoo's room...

hoo is studying... soon yi brings him something to drink... which is meant to be good for him... he goes that he cant stand bitter stuff but coz soon yi brought it to him he 'll drink it... he drinks it... he asks soon yi whether she remembers his mother... she goes of course... hoo goes my mum was a ok person huh? soon yi goes she was beautiful and friendly etc... soon yi goes that it was the first time she saw something like an angel...

she's about to go and hoo tells her not to go and play for a while... she goes no and tells him to study...
soon yi goes in to joon's room to leave something there and finds joon there unexpectedly.. hse's about to leave and joon asks whether she likes music.. she says yes i do.. he's playing the guitar and goes yang soon yi ssi, what type of person do i seem like? a good or bad perosn? soon yi says a good person right... joon says that to tell u the truth i'm a bad person, i want to grab hold of the things which i want.. but i dont like using dirty ways to get what i want... i want to get it in a proper way... soon yi says yeah that seems like a good idea...

se ryung is on her way to find hoo and bumps into her friends... she tells them she's busy and they make a remark how she's always with him now.. her friends are badmouthing hoo and she tells them to watch what they're saying...

se ryung and hoo are studying together... se ryung thanks hoo for treating as if nothing happened.. hoo says to be honest it's a bit awkward for him.. se ryung says yeah it should be awkward.. hoo goes that it will be ok... they're reading the books out loud...

joon is playing the guitar at some bar... se ryung asks him if something is wrong since it's been so long since he's played the guitar... joon says before it's too late, let's call it off.. se ryung goes what r u talking about... se ryung goes what ahppened between her and hoo means nothing,, she was just drunk.. joon says i'm sorry i thought i could just let it be like this for the rest of my life.. but it seems likt that's not it... it's not good for me or you.. se ryung says oppa you're just a bit confused at the moment i can understand.. joon asks se ryung whether seh loves him.. se ryung admits taht she cannot say she loves him but i like you...isnt that good enough? se ryung goes u know you cannot be with a na in... joon goes he's not hoping for anything but he jsut cant get engaged with her.. se ryung goes do u think the elders will allow it.. joon goes taht's why i'm asking u a favour... se ryung goes taht she cant help ryung leaves and is crying as she's driving..

soon yi is giving hoo's face some sort of skin treatment and tells him that using that cream/cleanser is meant to be good for his skin... hoo stares at soon yi's face and asks if she uses it... soon yi goes sometimes... hoo goes then u should use it everyday and comments how bumpy (?) her skin is.... she takes it out on him and he's like do it lightly... she gets carried away and stares at his face then gets a bit embarrassed and doesnt look at him.. but puts it up his nose... she apologises and tells him to do it himself.. hoo goes why is she like that all of a sudden...

hoo gets ready to go to the teddy bear event... gwak nae gwan tells hoo that he looks good and hoo tells him that he looks cool as well.. hoo goes dont i look good.. soon yi asks is ur sickness coming back... hoo says i'm going... then says to soon yi, what r u doing, are u going to say goodbye... soon yi smiles and goes be careful.. hoo goes careful? why? she's like jsut be careful...
at the event the queen tells hoo that someone that he wants to see will be coming.. he finds out that sang gi ahjussi is going to show up.. he gets the call from ahjussi and goes to find him... on his way he bumps into a security guard with sunnies on... hoo pauses as he seems to have seen the person somewhere... sang gi ahjussi asks what's wrong.. and ho suddenly remembers/recognises the guy as one of the guys who tried to kidnap him before..

the queen meets alex and they exchange a few words.. the queen goes she hasnt forgotten him and asks cant he understand how it's been for her...

sang gi ahjussi and hoo run after him and chase him to outside... they get into a fight... the guy gets away in the end but leaves behind his walkie talkie.. they overhear from the walkietalkie that a terror plan is to be carried out.. they run back inside but cant figure out what's going to happen.. ahjussi tell the queen's attendant that the queen is in danger... hoo is mumbling to himself and suddenly realise that it's the teddy bear on stage which is the problem.. he yells out no! and runs on the stage and grabs it... something goes off and hoo faints... everything becomes chaotic.... the na in (including soon yi) watch in horror as they see the broadcast on tv....


The episode starts off with Hoo collapsing. The queen is furious that such a terrorist action has taken place and tells her servants to bring Hoo (from the hospital) to the palace. Soon Ae is very worried about Hoo. Hoo wakes up and sees his mom but then Soon Ae asks him if he's okay and he asks her if she's been up all night and she says yes. And she says it's a good thing that he's okay because she thought she wouldn't ever see him again. She gets up to go get the palace doctor but Hoo stops her and says to stay by him for a moment longer.

Sae Ryung's friends are impressed by Hoo's heroic actions and says the media has written good things about him. They wonder how his condition is and asks SR why doesn't she visit him but she says if she goes then things will be more hectic and says he'll be okay (but she looks worried)

The queen and others are relieved that Hoo is safe. Hoo reassures them and asks if the queen is okay. She says she's fine and says she feels sorry since he got hurt. Then she says from now on don't do this since he has to take care of himself but he says he doesn't want to lose his family anymore and told himself when he lost his mom and if he found family again he would protect them. Hoo has to drink a bitter concoction to improve his health and he's told that he has to drink it for a month and he blanches.

Joon's father comes and offers his condolences and asks if he can see Hoo. The queen gives permission. When he asks Hoo how he is Hoo says he's good and it's good that the queen is safe at any rate. He puts himself second to the queen. Joon's father says it's important to take care of Hoo's health. Hoo says he'll do the same thing if the occasion arises and says it's his duty to protect the royal family.

When Joon's father is walking out of Hoo's room he sees Joon. They're talking and Joon says he wants to get the throne with skill and knowledge (and other honest terms) his father says that's impossible.

Hoo has to take some powder medicine that's bitter and Soon Ae brings him chocolate. Hoo remembers SA used to like chocolate and she snuck them into her back pocket and squished them and got into trouble (I think that's what he's saying) Hoo wonders who plotted such a dangerous thing and says he didn't know anything before this.

Hoo goes back to school and meets his two friends. Hoo has bodyguards at 10m outside of school and 4m away from him at school. His friends ask whether Hoo will remember them after he becomes king and he says don't joke around. Joon's friend is behind them and says they shouldn't assume such a thing and says Hoo doesn't compare to Joon anyway. Joon says to stop it and tells Hoo to ignore his friend. SR comes.

They talk about stars (I think Hoo's studying astronomy?) Hoo says his mom used to tell him about stars and he went up to the mountain to see stars with his mom. His favorite star is the north star and he asks SR what her favorite star is and she says she likes the north star too because it's the center of the sky just like goong is the center of the world. SR's mom used to knit her gloves and sweaters and says she forgot. Hoo says mothers are warm and SR says if she knew him since young she would've envied him because of his mom.

The English professor's talking about future and asks the students to imagine their future. Hoo and Joon are the last ones to leave.

Hoo receives alot of flowers from the citizens and even though he likes them he feels apprehensive since there's so much attention focused on him. SA says there's alot of things royalty can do for the people and receive respect. Hoo wonders if he can be like that.

The queen is talking about the incident with her secretary (term?). They want to investigate Joon's father's place but due to his status it's hard. The queen says to keep searching, even if it's royalty's residence.

Joon's parents are furious that such an investigation has taken place at their place. Joon's father says it's time to withdraw the knife.

Joon's mother comes to goong the restaurant. She talks to the guy there and says it's been 20 years since they've last met. She says it's okay if he doesn't forgive her but says to go far away so no one from the palace can find him. Then the guys barge in and are talking to Hoo. Apparently they sent him something (as a get-well present?) and tells him to take care of himself.
Hoo is talking to his grandmother (?) and she asks him if he's seeing anyone. She asks him what kind of girls he prefers (one thing I caught was her asking whether he liked sexy girls like Lee Hyori, haha). She ends up by saying that girls like pigs are best and Hoo runs away.

Hoo's showing SA the necklace (the circle represents space and the star is the north star). He wonders what his mom's north star was and SA says it was probably Hoo. She tells him to find his own north star. Hoo asks her what her north star is and she says she's looking for it. She says since it's always at the same place so she can find it. She says the necklace is pretty and Hoo asks her if she wants it. She says its fine and gets up to go home to study. Hoo sounds disappointed. SA asks if he wants to study together and he looks so happy and says "really?"

SA sends her friend home first and studies all night with Hoo.
The queen is presumably quoting something and says "in this universe filled with confusion such a sure feeling comes once. Even if you live again, it won't come again." She's probably talking about Alex and asks whether such a thing would exist. She's sad because she thought she could keep her own emotions (and not let her duties take them away).

SA keeps falling asleep since she's to tired. Hoo sees her asleep and is mopping. She says don't do it since he's royalty and he gets mad that she still thinks about such a thing. She says it's impossible to ignore it. Just then that scary lady comes and doesn't heed Hoo who says he wanted to do it.

SA's about to get hit for punishment but Joon comes and suggests that as punishment SA should be forbidden from entry to Hoo's rooms for the time being instead. Meanwhile Hoo is so worried and then he sees SA's friend and she says SA wasn't hit but she's forbidden from entering Hoo's rooms. SR approaches Joon and asks him how far he's going to go. He says he didn't mean to hurt her at the bar when he suggested they call off the engagement but SR says she's already hurt.

Meanwhile SA's upset and I think she was going to call Hoo but doesn't.

SA thanks Joon for his actions yesterday while serving tea. Joon tells her her expression reminds of him of his expression when his father broke his guitar. He said ever since he was young he liked guitar but his father said it didn't fit royalty so he kept breaking them. Finally before his father could break the last guitar Joon decided to act as his father wished (as royalty) and forgot himself. Joon said ever since he met someone he remembered what was precious to him. He says that person is so clear that he can see the himself that is not royalty. SA says the guitar looks good on him.

SR looks at the note her mom sent. It says "sorry for not going to your engagement. You like this necklace?"

Joon goes home and tells his father that he want to call this engagement off. Joon says he's done everything his father told him to says he can't do it this time. His father says it's engagement is very important (to getting the throne) and says he'll forget what Joon just told him.

His mother tries to prevent him and Joon says that his mom didn't marry his dad because of love and he always felt bad for his mom since she was never happy.
Joon's father watches Joon leave and talks to his servant lady and says something's going on and says she's been careless (with her observations of Joon). I wonder why she didn't mention the time when SA and Joon went to the museum place together even though she saw them. Could she be feeling bad for Joon?

Hoo's going to meet SA but SA sees Joon who says the dress she returned is a bother to him. She apologizes and he says if she can't receive the dress would she receive something else? Hoo sees the two sitting together. Joon says SA made him play guitar again. He also says one day there was someone that he he wanted to always see, and was concerned about and wanted to be next to. SA rises to go but Joon holds her down. He said he liked her but he said he had to approach her slowly because he had alot of obstacles to go through (like his parents, probably his dad would do something to Soon Ae if he found out) and he told Soon Ae not to give her heart away to anyone (and save it for him, presumably). Meanwhile Hoo opens his fist which had his mother’s necklace. He was probably going to give it to Soon Ae but couldn’t…


This episode starts with Hoo going to Soon Ae's house. She's walking to her house and she sees Hoo at the entrance. Soon Ae treats him rather coolly and seems distracted. He tries to strike up a conversation by saying "so this is where you live?" and "how have you been?" but Soon Ae brushes him off. Then she says she came to the palace because she had a dream but because of him it's all messed up and she's confused.

Soon Ae is delivering newspapers to Joon's room and Joon tells her to read the newspaper daily to keep on top of things in preparation for the academy exam. Joon also says that he doesn't expect to hear her response from the night before (when he confessed to her) right away but he wants to hear it someday.

Hoo goes to Soon Ae and asks her about the plant that he took from her. She gives him instructions to check the soil for moisture to see that it's well hydrated and walks away.

It seems that the investigation of that mystery scar man isn't resolved. The queen is frustrated because she doesn't want Hoo's efforts to go to nothing (after he saved her and all). It seems as if there's some connection between this case and a member of the council that the queen trusts deeply. So the investigation goes on..

Soon Ae is at the academy on some errand and Joon runs into her. He wants to have lunch with her but she says she must go and leaves.

Joon's father's spy goes to see Joon. She tells him that his father is stronger than he is and it would be in Joon's best interest to follow his father's directions.

Joon's mother and Sae Ryung are having lunch together. Joon's mom says she knows SR doesn't love Joon but over time if people live close together they can learn to love each other. Then SR says she's been having a hard time lately because Joon has been interested in someone else.

Joon's mom is at Joon's room. She asks Soon Ae for her name. Then she says the tea is too bitter and Soon Ae says she'll bring up another one. When Soon Ae has left the room, Joon's mom goes into the bathroom and takes the soap away. Joon comes soon but his mom says she must go soon since there are alot of people watching in the palace and she feels uncomfortable as an outsider. When SA brings her the tea again, Joon's mom sees Joon smiling.

Joon's mom scolds SA for forgetting to put soap in the bathroom. It seems as if Joon's mom claimed that she lost her ring and it seems the suspicion's on Soon Ae.

Hoo hears the maids talking about it and gets worried.

Joon wants to go talk to the lady in charge of all the maids (I think) but he is forbidden entry as protocol calls. Joon goes to his mother and asks her to tell the truth. Joon's mom feigns innocence and acts shocked that Joon would accuse her of lying.

The search is on in Joon's room but comes up unfruitful (of course, since Joon's mom has the ring)

It seems that Soon Ae is not allowed to come work for 3 months and even then her future is not ensured after that. She meets Hoo going out and tells him her situation and says good bye.

He is about to wash his face but his necklace with the ring slips out. He looks at it. He goes to see Joon and gives him the ring. The ring is supposed to symbolize the royalty - it is what allowed Hoo to be recognized as a prince even after his previous life of delivery jjajang myun. Without it complications could occur. But knowing all that Hoo will still give up his ring to save Soon Ae. Hoo says as long as he can save an innocent person, even if he has to go back to his former life, he'll have no regrets.

Hoo tells Joon to tell others that Joon found the ring in the sink drain. Later, Hoo tells Joon not to tell Soon Ae since she'll be uncomfortable that the case never really got solved.

Soon Ae is preparing to leave when Joon calls her cell phone. Joon tells her everything's settled now. He asks her forgiveness for his mother's behavior. Soon Ae says there's nothing for her to forgive and thanks Joon for helping her out.

Meanwhile Joon's parents now have two rings. Joon's father is happy that they gained something from their act at any rate. He says that Hoo has a weakness. The weakness is the person he loves. ..ominous..

Hoo is having tea with his grandmother and they are reciting a poem. Hoo's mom used to recite it to him often and he grew up learning it. Hoo then asks where his father's grave is. Plans are made for him to go.

Soon Ae's ban from Hoo's rooms is lifted. When Hoo sees her he asks her if she's back now and she says yes, thanks to Joon. Poor Hoo...

The maids are watching this funny video. Which is actually the video that Hoo and friends taped on one of the friend's cell phone half-naked. It seems like it's on the internet and everyone knows.

Sae Ryung is coming to study with Hoo just as he's going to her father's cemetery. He then asks her to go with him since he forgot to cancel their study time together.

The queen and aides are discussing what to do about the video. The queen decides to let Hoo go to his father's grave instead of making him stay in the palace.

It seems as if one of the friends downloaded the video file into a computer at a PC place and watched it and forgot to delete the file.

Some elders who have been guarding Hoo's father's grave are angry that there's such a son as Hoo. But Hoo is polite to them and thanks them for guarding his father's grave so well. They seem taken aback by his politeness and are silent. Hoo requests that this isn't told to the queen since the queen will have a hard time.

The queen tells him to be strong despite other hardships that might come his way (as a result of the video and other things). Hoo sees on the internet news that his mother is still seen to the public as someone who's guilty of some crime (I'm not sure what happened exactly in the court at that time). Hoo goes to the queen and asks why his mother couldn't be protected by the royal court and the queen says one day he'll understand but that's all she says and tells him to go back and rest in his rooms.

However Hoo is not satisfied and goes to Joon's father's house. He wishes to find out more but Joon's father doesn't tell him anything. When he returns the queen is extremely angry with him and tells him not to go out anymore.

Hoo calls the man from the jjajang myun shop and he asks the man for help in finding out about his mother. However the man says he can't be of much help since the case happened so long ago. He says the best way for Hoo to resolve the issue with his mother is to become strong by gaining the throne.


The episode starts off with Hoo being told that he must be the crown prince in order to clear up his mother's case. Hoo is told that once he is the crown prince, those who looked down upon him will bow to him. He is also warned about Joon's father, as there is a face behind the outwardly smiling one that no one knows the true meaning of.

Hoo enters his room and see Soon Ae in his room and asks if the ban has been lifted. Soon Ae asks him to treat her like the other maids. Hoo asks if she's serious and she says she is. Then Hoo turns to the other maid and says he wishes to be alone and tells her to tell Soon Ae the same.

Hoo's grandmother is having tea with Sae Ryung. She praises Sae Ryung for helping Hoo with his studies.

Hoo is studying with the strict lady. He asks her if she knows anything about his mother's case. She says she doesn't know. Hoo says he's been questioning the meaning behind learning the history of his people when he doesn't know his own history. She tells him that if he wants to find out he can find out from certain records that can only be accessed if Hoo becomes crown prince.

Joon's father goes to meet the perpetrator behind the queen's terror incident. Apparently it is a member of the council whom the queen trusted. Joon's father says since this man has made a mistake in his planning (this is my guesswork) he will need to start over, presumably following Joon's father's instructions.

Joon tells Soon Ae the truth, that it was Hoo who saved Soon Ae. He tells her that Hoo used his own ring to save Soon Ae. He says he wasn't going to tell her but when he saw her smile, he had to tell her. Again, this is because he wants to earn her heart by something he did and not because of what Hoo did.

Hoo's grandmother orders for Hoo's old things to be returned. But when Hoo sees them he says he doesn't need them any more. He goes to his grandmother and says he's working on leaving the Kang Hoo he was before and becoming the Lee Hoo he should be.

During their meal, Hoo's grandmother tells everyone that Hoo has grown to become adapted to court. Then she turns to Joon's parents and says all Joon needs to be is married. Joon's parents tell her of Sae Ryung (but they don't say her name). Then they break the news that Joon is becoming engaged to Sae Ryung. A little after, the queen and her mother are shocked at the news and takes this as an insult to the queen.

Joon and Sae Ryung meet in a church-like place. Joon says an image of young Sae Ryung singing with the church choir comes to mind and Sae Ryung says she remembers a young Joon who was told all the things he couldn't do by his father. Joon then says he might not show up at the engagement. Sae Ryung doesn't seem to believe that he will go against his father's orders. She says she will show up and expect him to be there. Joon says he won't be weak anymore. Sae Ryung says she'll wait and leaves.

Meanwhile, Soon Ae is hovering around Hoo's room but Hoo is meeting his old friends. They drink and party. Later Hoo says he probably won't see them again. He tells them that he has to live as a different person. He says he was happy to spend time with his friends but he says such time won't come again. He's Lee Hoo now and asks them to help him out if they are really his friends. He asks his servant to take his friends home. He hugs as a last farewell.

Soon Ae has been waiting all this time for Hoo. He was supposed to home a while ago so Soon Ae goes to look for him and finds him outside. She thanks him for helping her. Hoo says don't take time to say those things from now on. He says from now on they'll treat each other as prince and maid. He tells her not to call him Kang Hoo anymore. When SA asks him if something happened, Hoo tells her to go home since it's late, addressing her as maid Yang.

Hoo sees Joon and asks him why he told SA. Joon says he thought it was proper. Hoo says a promise must be kept no matter what. Joon apologizes and says that at first he looked down upon Hoo but now he sees him as an equal. Joon says he likes SA and asks how Hoo feels. He also says wants to fight for the crown prince spot using fair play. Hoo agrees and says don't worry about SA and him since SA was merely a classmate and now she's just a maid to him.

Hoo is called off to the queen. She asks if he had a good time with his friends. Then she says after she heard from her mom that Hoo requested leave from the palace to meet his friends, she realized he had made a decision. Then Hoo repeats what she told him when she went to the jjajang myun shop with him after that time that he escaped. He understands what she meant and has decided to live the proper life of a royalty.

Joon's mom is very happy about how handsome her son looks. Joon tells his parents to go ahead. The queen's mother arrives and Sae Ryung finishes getting ready. Meanwhile Joon is just laying on the couch. After a presumably long time, the atmosphere is tense and Sae Ryung is sitting alone. Joon's father tries to call Joon but Joon doesn't pick up the phone. Finally Sae Ryung's father rises and says he refuses to marry his daughter off after enduring such humiliation. He exit with his daughter.

The queen is surprised that Joon would resist his father's orders.

Joon's father hits Joon. He asks how Joon can push away such an opportunity to become the crown prince. He says he will arrange another engagement with Sae Ryung. Joon says he will not go again. He says he doesn't want to live like his parents (without love). He says he'll marry who he loves but will get the crown prince position. Joon says he wants to become crown prince using his own power, and not the aid of his father or of Sae Ryung. He doesn't want to live like a puppet controlled by his father. Then he excuses himself and leaves.

Sae Ryung is waiting for him at the palace. She says she didn't believe he wouldn't really show up and was surprised by his actions today. She can't understand why Joon would throw away their relationship. Even though they didn't love each other, they were going toward the same dream and needed each other to accomplish that. So she doesn't understand how Joon would throw that away because of some maid. She wonders if he'll be okay in the future, since the people around him won't accept his decision so easily. Sae Ryung says she hasn't given up yet since she wants to become the nation's greatest woman. Hoo comes up and says he wants to request Sae Ryung's help. He didn't mean to eavesdrop but they were talking in front of his room. He requests Sae Ryung's help because he wants to be crown prince.
Off in the corner, Soon Ae hears.

The queen's mother and Alex are playing a traditional Korean game. Then she is called away for some work and leaves entertaining Alex to the queen. They talk and the queen says it's hard when Alex is treating her so coldly. She apologizes for not contacting him or keeping their promise. She couldn't contact him because she couldn't be anything to him and didn't know what to say. She was afraid to hear his voice because she thought she might run back to him. An urgent matter calls the queen away and they are unable to finish the conversation.

The council is requesting the queen make a decision for crown prince. She reminds them that the decision will be made in a year but the suggestion is during her (coronation?) anniversary. She agrees.

Hoo and Joon are called to the queen. She tells them that she will make the decision of who will be the crown prince at her anniversary and tells them that she will watch each of them closely so they should show their worthiness to be crown prince. Both princes accept this decision. The race is on.


This episode starts off with the queen announcing two Hoo and Joon, her mother, and everyone else in the council that she will set tasks for the two princes to accomplish and evaluate them upon their performance to see which one will be declared crown prince. When one member says that it's not fair because the queen favors Hoo, she become angry and says she will evaluate each one with fairness and her mother steps in to say the similar thing.

Hoo is reading the insignia of the academy and realizes the meaning written there. He wonders if he has the skills to compete for the crown prince title when he knows so little and Sae Ryung comforts him. They part to go to class and Sae Ryung enters her class to see Joon laughing as his friend makes fun of Hoo (I think it's about the video). Sae Ryung sits behind them and says Joon looks relaxed and the two talk about how Hoo seems to be two different people - sometimes he seems to know more than they expect, while other times he seems to know less.

The palace maids are saying that Joon has a better chance of winning because he's more refined in many ways. They say that Hoo has one thing that's better than Joon and it's bravery since he was brave enough to take that picture of himself naked. Soon Ae becomes angry and says the bravery that's going to be tested for the princes is whether or not they can sacrifice themselves for the royal court and the maids say then Joon will win that part too.

Joon's parents wonder if Joon will do well or not.

The queen and her mother are talking about upcoming task. The queen doesn't tell her mother because she says she can't tell anyone ahead of time.

Hoo is practicing martial arts and Joon says he's improved alot. Hoo says he still has alot to go. Joon says they should go against each other one day and Hoo says they probably will have to sooner or later.

Soon Ae comes to ask Hoo if he's comfortable. Everything's very formal and uncomfortable between our two characters.

The maids are being instructed on lessons by the head instructor lady. She asks Soon Ae a question but Soon Ae answers either incorrectly or not up to par. The head lady says they are going to be doing tasks that maids did long time ago to strengthen their focus. She says maids should work to serve royalty.

Soon Ae's friend says Soon Ae is studying too much and she even had a nosebleed last night. The other man says it's going to be hard to get in since the percentage is so low. Soon Ae's friend says he's just sore because he tried 7 times to be a student and he failed 7 times (poor guy haha). He starts blabbering something about how high is IQ is. A set of maids sit behind our trio. They say Joon looks different nowadays and they wonder if he's dating Sae Ryung. Soon Ae rises saying she has to help Joon write replies to his letters.

Joon says Soon Ae's face looks tired. Soon Ae says she's okay and Joon takes her pen away and says they should rest a bit. Joon asks Soon Ae why she wants to get into the academy. Soon Ae says it's the only chance that she can get into the academy. She says she wants to serve pyeha. At this moment she wants to get into the academy and then she'll think about the next step. She asks what Joon's dream is. He says he never thought about it since royalty doesn't have personal freedom. He says he has a dream now, however.

The queen is announcing their first task. She asks to see the ring that Hoo wears around his neck and Hoo says he kept it in his room for safekeeping. She says the five letters engraved on that ring is taken from the poem in front of them. She says that this picture is ruined because the place it was stored was damaged due to flooding. Their task is restore the art and poem.

Joon and Hoo are sitting by the painting. The poem is a love poem between a man and a woman who wants to see each other. The painter and poet of this poem are enemies and they refused to help with the restoration project. Even the court has acknowledged that it would be impossible to persuade both of them, but even one of them would do. Their task is to persuade the masters. Hoo says he'll see the painter and Joon says then he'll take care of the poet. Their jobs are officially set.

Sae Ryung says the painter is famously known for his stubborn personality.

At the library Hoo and Sae Ryung pass by Joon and Soon Ae. Soon Ae is walking when she meets Sae Ryung. Sae Ryung wishes are luck at the exams to get into the academy. She asks Soon Ae what kind of person she is, to touch her nerve. She says her relationship with Hoo (as a prince and maid) seems all settled now. Soon Ae says she sounds unconfident. Sae Ryung sees Joon. As Soon Ae is walking back (presumably out of teh library) she wonders why Sae Ryung keeps bothering her and she comes face to face with Hoo.

Sae Ryung asks Joon how it's going with Soon Ae and he says not too well (or not much progress - he says it seems like he's the only one who's putting any effort) But Joon says he hasn't given up on the crown prince spot and he will succeed by his own skill to prove himself to 'her'. Sae Ryung and Joon say they hope to work together even though they're on different vessels.

Joon's father is talking about Joon's task and how his son resolved to work without help. Joon's mother gives him food and Joon apologizes to her for the engagement. She says there's still a chance that Sae Ryung's father will consent to the engagement so she wants to work on it again. Joon says his mother never trusted him even though she said she trusted him. He says his mother lacks the courage that it takes for people to trust others. Then he leaves.

Our two princes are off to persuade the masters. Hoo asks Joon if he still remembers about the fair play and Joon replies, of course and wishes Hoo luck.

The poet says it's been a very long time since his work and says he can't participate in the restoration. Joon is persistent, however. The master says the work cannot be restored with just one person. Joon asks him what he would do if two of his children were drowning in the river and going in opposite directions. He asks if he would give up on both children or save at least one. He leaves after that.

The painter says he has already forgotten about that work and says Hoo should forget about it and shouldn't approach him with the mention of that work again. As Hoo is about to leave he questions the painter's assistant man why the poet and the painter are enemies now. The man says that their teacher had a daughter who loved the poet and she confessed her love to him but the poet turned her down. Feeling the sting of rejection, the daughter committed suicide and her father died shortly after. That caused the two masters to become enemies, since the painter blamed the death of their teacher and the daughter (whom he loved) on the poet.

Joon's father finds out that both princes have failed. It seems that he has a trick up his sleeve; he has one of the last works of the teacher of the poet and the painter, even though he supposedly destroyed all of his works before he died. Joon's father's plan is to persuade the poet by giving him that last work.

Hoo is having his lessons with Han Sang-Goong. It seems that he's doing very well nowadays, although I can't understand what he's saying. Hoo wonders how to discern whether people are wrong or right when everyone thinks differently.

The manservant dude is blabbering on about the dinner menu but goes away soon. The two princes wish each other luck for tomorrow.

Soon Ae (is that the right way to write it? I've seen Soon Yi alot nowadays) is staying later than her friend and her friend notes how Hoo has changed recently. I can't see what Soon Ae is doing in Hoo's room, but she's looking at him when he turns to look at her. She's turning away and her nose starts to bleed. Hoo helps her by using his own handkerchief and makes her sit. After a while she gets better. Hoo addresses her as Yang Na-In and tells her to be careful and don't overdo it (he called her Soon Ae for a short time and talked to her informally when he was helping her).

Soon Ae's sitting outside when Joon joins her. He asks her if she remembers when he told her he was a bad person. Soon Ae says he told her he works for everything he wants but does it in a fair manner. Joon says he believed he could earn everything if he worked hard enough, but recently that belief has been shaken. He wonders what he's supposed to do if he wants to earn someone's heart. He says he's wondering because he's thinking about the poet. Soon Ae says the heart is the hardest thing to gain in the world and even though he worked hard to get it and couldn't, at least his earnestness would be shown. Joon asks Soon Ae if the reason he can't hear her response (to his confession) is because someone else is in her heart. Before she can answer he says the night is late. Then he says thank you for her help and he intends to put forth all his effort.

Hoo can even beat Sae Ryung at fencing now. They are in class and Alex (that's him, right?) asks what people can see from the picture on the overhead. Some people say duck while Hoo says rabbit. Again, Alex reiterates that people think differently (Hoo thought of this when he was at his lesson with Han Sang-Goong earlier)

Sae Ryung gives Hoo a collection of pictures of the works of the painter that Hoo is trying to persuade.

Joon's mother comes to see Sae Ryung. She tries to persuade Sae Ryung to return back to the engagement but Sae Ryung doesn't seem to want to. She says she's known Joon for a long time and the Joon she knows won't return. She says she's settled everything (as in she's ended everything in that matter). Joon's mother wonder how she can give up her dream of being a queen. And Sae Ryung says she hasn't given up her dream..yet.

Joon receives a call saying that the poet is waiting for him. The poet returns the work of his teacher's that he received from Joon's father. However he refuses it since he has no reason to receive it. Joon seems shocked and says he had no intention to use his teacher's work as a bribe and asks for his forgiveness. Joon again asks him to help with the restoration project because it symbolizes a great part of the Korean culture and history. The poet agrees to participate. It seems that the poet thinks the work still has a life of its own when he thought it would die after he and the painter of that work split up.

Meanwhile, it seems the painter is unwilling to particpate. He tells Hoo to go back and says that work's destiny was probably to be ruined so they should leave it that way. Hoo waits outside the whole day but to no success. As they are about to leave, the driver gets a call saying that Joon has persuaded the poet. The queen seems to know the news and asks about how Hoo's doing. She learns that he's having a tough time.

It also seems that Joon's father knows this. He asks Joon's mom how the meeting with Sae Ryung went and his mom says it didn't go well and it seems hard to persuade her back.

Hoo retires to his room and Soon Ae finds out that Hoo didn't eat dinner yet. She brings him some jook (porridge) and Hoo thanks her. After she's left, Hoo says quietly, "thanks, Yang Soon-ah"

The next morning, Hoo's in front of the painting again. Sae Ryung comes to visit him in his room while he's still deep in thought. He wonders why such a love poem was made after he was married. Hoo wonders if he loved another woman but Sae Ryung says he only loved his wife. Sae Ryung says it doesn't have to be a love poem, since it could be between friends. Hoo says that can't be since the picture has a man and a woman. Then he starts muttering "duck rabbit, duck rabbit" (referring to the picture at school). In the car, he requests to go to the poet's house.


Hoo is at the poet's house. He insists that Hoo sits at the head seat but Hoo refuses and says he's grateful that the poet let him into his house. Hoo asks if the poet was in love with his teacher's daughter.

Meanwhile Soon Yi is bringing tea to Joon. Joon says he feels annoyed because Hoo has gone to the poet's house, because they split the job between the painting and the poet. But Joon says if Hoo can persuade the painter that would be good for not just their competition but for the court too. Soon Yi asks whether there's another reason that those two are being so stubborn. Joon says it could ruin the job if their bad history is brought out unpleasantly. Then he asks how come she only brought one cup of tea when he asked for two so they could drink together. Soon Yi says a Na-In can't drink tea with a prince. Joon's mom arrives. She says she was here to see Han Sang-Goong. She says she came here to get some books she wanted to read.

Soon Yi and her friend are heading out after work and they're wondering what to do about dinner when Joon's mom's car stops in front of them. She says she has something to say to Soon Yi and asks her for her time. It seems Joon's mom says they should order dinner but Soon Yi says she's fine and asks her what she wanted to talk about. Joon's mom says she's sorry about the chaos with the ring, she was worried because it's such an important ring. Then she asks if Soon Yi's having a tough time with Joon but Soon Yi says he's a very nice person and everyone likes him. Joon's mom asks Soon Yi if she ever liked Joon more than just work-related, and Soon Yi says no. She excuses herself afterwards. Joon's mom asks if that means she doesn't worry about her son because of Soon Yi and she says there's nothing going on between the two of them. Joon's mom then asks if there's someone Soon Yi likes and Soon Yi asks for forgiveness because she can't answer that question since it's about private matters.

At her home, Soon Yi drops a glass. She's preoccupied with what Joon's mom has told her.

It seems the queen has to go judge the first task. She asks about Hoo and is told that Hoo isn't here yet and he hasn't persuaded the painter, either. She praises Joon for bringing the poet and asks Han Sang-Goong about Hoo. He's still not here yet. The poet is brought in and the queen welcomes him. Hoo arrives and the queen asks him if he persuaded the painter and Hoo says yes, and he was late because of it. He says the painter is waiting in the back room and turns to the poet. He says the painter will participate in the restoration project if the poet will forgive him. And the poet says of course. The two are very happy to see each other and apologize to each other. The queen welcomes them both and asks Hoo for an explanation.

The painter secretly was in love with his teacher's daughter but then found out that she was in love with the poet. He didn't tell anyone and the poet, who found this out, rejected lady's confession, and the woman committed suicide after this. Her father, their teacher, also died because of the shock. Thus the misunderstanding continued until recently, when they found out the real story. The queen asks whether this is true to the poet and he says it is. The painter never knew that poet turned down the lady's love because of their friendship.

The queen asks how Hoo figured this out. He says Sae Ryung helped him by saying that the poem might be about friendship rather than love. He says the poet initially meant it as about friendship but the painter, who had been deeply in love with the teacher's daughter at the time, drew a man and woman longing for each other. The king who had commissioned the painting at the time, was impressed by the poem and made three rings to give to his cousins with a part of the poem engraved in them. Joon's father questions Hoo's reasoning and the queen's mother steps in. She says her husband was saddened when he was crowned because he saw his cousins leaving the palace (it is a rule that the other princes must leave). The queen's mother says she remembers his pain. Shortly after his coronation, he commissioned the poem (which was originally about friendship, so Hoo's explanation was correct) but when he saw that it had turned into a love poem, she says he was amused. Then he made three rings to be sent to his cousins as a symbolism of his friendship. The queen says the reason she picked this as her first task is that even though the princes are competing for the throne, they should not lose their friendship in the process.

Joon's father praises the queen and asks who is the winner. The queen says Joon persuaded the poet faster than Hoo. Hoo was later than Joon, however he discovered the real meaning behind the poem and helped the poet and the painter into understanding and forgiving each other, which was a huge step to restoring the work of art. She asks Joon's father who he thinks is the winner.

The Na-In are talking that Hoo is the winner. They are shocked. Joon congratulates Hoo for winning. He says he won't lose next time. Joon's parents are furious. Joon's mom says she can't accept it, since Joon persuaded the poet faster. She's angry that Sae Ryung helped Hoo instead of Joon. Joon's father says they can't blame Sae Ryung and says they should just move on, since it's bad to brood about the past.

Sae Ryung's father says he was impressed by Hoo. He asks how Sae Ryung thinks about engaging to Hoo. Sae Ryung is about to say something but he interrupts and says it's not impossible (for the engagement) since Hoo seems to like her.

The painter and poet are working on the restoration happily.

Soon Yi and her friend are filling Hoo's room with fresh flowers. The congratulate him and Sae Ryung walks in. She gives him a cello music CD as a present. Soon Yi walks out. Hoo thanks Sae Ryung and she says she'll help him however she can in the future. Soon Yi goes to Joon's room to put flowers and he says he wants to be alone right now. As she's about to leave, he asks her how she feels since her old classmate won. He says he always liked her honesty but today he would prefer that she lie. He says it seems unreal because this is the first time he's lost in anything since he was born. He says rather than the losing itself, he realizes how Soon Yi isn't on his side and that hurts more. She says she wouldn't be ashamed of losing since he tried his very best.

That night Soon Yi brings Joon a popsicle. He looks a little clueless. She says she eats it sometimes to vent out her frustration. Joon's seems happier. Soon Yi finds out that it's his first time eating a popsicle, since his mom didn't give him sweets often. Then she asks if he ever got his cavity filled at the dentist. Joon says he's never had it done and Soon Yi says he hasn't gone through the hardships of life. Soon Yi asks what he's scared of. He says from the age of 15 to 17 he didn't take a picture with his mouth open. Soon Yi asks if he had braces and laughs when she finds out she's right. Then she asks for his popsicle stick since if that was ever found in his trash can she'd be killed (or fired). Joon says Na-In is a hard job since it's not as glamorous as it's seen in public. Soon Yi says it's okay since there are tougher jobs. Joon wishes her luck in the entrance exam so they can see each other at school too. He asks her to teach him things that can't be learned from a book (which can be understood in more ways than one...okay, I'll stop while I'm ahead....)

The painting is fully restored. The queen's mother praises Joon and Hoo. The queen suggests that they let this painting to viewed by the public along with the rings. Her aide says it will convey a deep meaning since it's the first time all three rings will be viewed together. Joon's father finds about this and laughs, saying that the queen herself is killing Hoo.

Soon Yi is studying and she hits the guy she works with by accident. He fools around with her before she goes away. Soon Yi and Sae Ryung bump into each other and Soon Yi apologizes after she picks up her dropped books. Sae Ryung finds that Soon Yi left bdhind a notebook but Soon Yi is already gone.

It seems that Joon's mother has found Soon Yi's picture in one of Joon's books.

Joon asks one of the queen's ladies about the idea that the queen had about showing the rings. He is told that it is not confirmed yet. She asks him if something's wrong and Joon asks what will happen if his parents refuse the showing of the rings.

Soon Yi's friend is cleaning Hoo's room when his phone rings. She says the royalty's ringtone is very glamorous and she comments on how pretty the phone is. Then she calls someone (I think it's something to do with her uniform not fitting).

Meanwhile Hoo's worried about the ring. Joon asks his father's assistant about where the ring is hidden. She says she cannot tell him. He asks if she can't accept it even if it's between two friends. She remains firm. I wonder if she's secretly in love with him? They did spend their childhood together...

Joon's at his house, searching for the ring. Joon's mom walks in on him while he's searching. He asks her to return the ring to its rightful owner. She becomes angry and says she doesn't understand him. She says she lost her ring and found it again. She wonders if that Yang Na-In is controlling him and Joon says Soon Yi has no faults and says his mom is at fault. He walks away.

Soon Yi is with Joon's mother again. Joon's mother asks if she misunderstood when Soon Yi said there was nothing going on between her and Joon. Soon Yi says she knows that the ring that Han Sang-Goong returned to her isn't her own but Hoo's. She says she is not a thief and says she doesn't think it right for Hoo's ring to be in Joon's mother's possession. She asks her to return the ring and says in return she will do whatever Joon's mother tells her to do.

Soon Yi is bringing tea to Hoo. She apologizes to him about the ring and reassures him that everything will be all right. Hoo thanks her. Soon Yi places the tea on the table and hides the ring under a book.

Soon Yi and her friend are out shopping. She buys her friend a makeup kit. Her friend is shocked and Soon Yi says she's buying her the present because she's so thankful. They go home and eat together. Soon Yi asks if they're friends no matter what. Her friend says don't worry and they'll be together forever. They toast to their everlasting friendship and her friend makes a toast to Soon Yi's exam.

The news breaks out that Soon Yi is moving to a different region. Soon Yi says it's true and she is moving to a region near where her parents are. She says she'll be more comfortable there. Soon Yi's friend doesn't buy it and asks her to tell the truth. She asks if there's something wrong, when Soon Yi's giving up her place here after studying to hard for the entrance exams.

Hoo's with his friends, who wonder if he and Sae Ryung are getting together, but Hoo denies. Then they say that they saw Soon Yi (or as they say, "that Na-In from the party") registering for the entrance exams and they want her to come quickly. Hoo warns them not to touch Soon Yi. They wonder if Hoo is protective because she's his Na-In or if there's another meaning but then they say he can't have thoughts on other women when he has Sae Ryung. He denies it again. Then Sae Ryung comes and the two friends leave.

Soon Yi has packed her things and everyone's saying goodbye to her. Han Sang-Goong tells everyone to leave so she can have a word with Soon Yi. She asks if the reason Soon Yi is going away is not only to refine her skills but also to control her feelings. Soon Yi looks surprised but Han Sang-Goong says as a person gets older, their eyes may become weaker but their ability to see people's thoughts become clearer. She hopes that her going away will give her courage to find the answer. Then she embraces Soon Yi and Soon Yi cries on her shoulder.

Joon finds that Soon Yi is moving. He goes to her house.

Soon Yi and her friend are talking before Soon Yi leaves. Her friend gives her some money (to borrow, she says). She also gives Soon Yi her stuffed animal.

Joon arrives at their door. They go to talk in his car. Soon Yi says she worried that other people might see. Joon ignores this and asks if his mom did something to her again. Soon Yi says no and Joon demands why she's leaving if that's not the reason. He says he'll solve the problem with Hoo's ring. He asks what she'll do about her entrance exam and she says she lost confidence. Joon says that's not a reason for her to leave. She says she had alot of tough time while working at the palace under the princes. She warns him that he must not let his guard down about Hoo because Joon knows more. She apologizes for talking too much and thanks him for being good to her.

Hoo is getting his books when he spots the ring. Han Sang-Goong arrives and tells him that a new Na-In has moved in to replace Soon Yi. She apologizes to him for not telling him sooner, but explains that her transfer happened very quickly. Hoo heads out. He enters Joon and asks him what happened. He says his ring has returned. He asks if Soon Yi's transfer is related to this. Joon says just leave it to him and Hoo blows up at him by yelling "that's why I told you not to tell her!" Joon looks shocked. He apologizes after and heads out again.

Soon Yi catches a taxi. Her friend tells her to go carefully. Soon Yi thanks her as tears pour from her eyes.

Hoo is almost right behind her and stops Soon Yi's friend and finds out she's left already. He's going after her!


As Hoo goes after Soon Yi, he remembers how she consoled him and told him that the ring problem will be solved. He calls her cell phone but she doesn't pick up. He races to where the train is and tries to find her but doesn't even get a glimpse of her.Joon is having tea with his mother. He asks if she had to use such a way with Soon Yi. It seems he has figured out the deal that if his mom returned the ring then Soon Yi has to leave. He says his mother isn't the type of person to lose such a precious ring so easily. And even if she did, she wouldn't return it so easily. She says she'll do anything for him. Then she says the person who came up with the deal was Soon Yi, not her. She says Soon Yi cares about Hoo, not Joon. She says it's a good thing since she wasn't a proper match. She tells him to forget her but he says he can't give up because she's the first person he's loved. Both princes return to the palace. Hoo asks Joon to tell him how the ring was returned to him. Joon refuses to tell him but tells Hoo to let Soon Yi go. When Hoo asks why Joon says Hoo himself said that Soon Yi was merely a Na-In, not even a friend. Hoo says he still wants to know how the ring was returned. He wonders if Joon's mother knows of Joon's feelings for Soon Yi. He demands why Joon couldn't even prevent this kind of thing. Joon says it's all Hoo's fault; she was always having a hard time because of Hoo. She left and threw away her dreams for Hoo, who didn't even consider her as a friend. Joon says Soon Yi is that kind of girl. He says Hoo selected his own path and should travel that way, and not bother Soon Yi any longer. The restored painting and all three rings are presented in the museum. Joon's father is clearly displeased. It seems that Sae Ryung's father's position in the council has risen because a current member who held that position is unwell and is in the hospital. Joon's father tells his wife that she used the ring unwisely. They talk about how Sae Ryung's father has moved to the queen's side now. Joon's father says he'll show him how dangerous it is to hold hands with the queen. Soon Yi has begun work at the other palace. The lady in charge asks if the change was something that Soon Yi wanted, and Soon Yi says yes. She asks if there was any problem at the other palace and Soon Yi says no. Meanwhile, the two princes clearly feel pretty empty without the presence of Soon Yi. Soon Yi is working hard at her new place but feels lonely and sad, too.The queen assigns the second task. Since my Korean isn't good enough, I can't translate perfectly (but I'm sure most of you know anyway), but the second task will consist of archery, martial arts, and using a sword to cut a post of hay evenly (the third part I got from watching the rest of the episode). The queen's bodyguard-type of aide will be the judge. He is forbidden from being their trainer but the two princes are allowed to pick a person that they feel will help them. The judgement will take place in a month. Hoo's friends offer to help him but Hoo says he's supposed to pick one person and thanks them for their concern. Hoo has picked the guy from the jjajangmyun shop to aid him in training. They first train on the sword part of the task. Hoo practices the swing of the sword and then starts practicing with the actual sword. The ahjussi takes him to the pizza place that one of Hoo's friends works at and his friend treats him to pizza. Ahjussi says he took Hoo out to let him have some fresh air and to lighten his mood and his friends wonders what's wrong but Hoo says everything's fine. His friend seems to doubt him but brightens up and tells him he'll bring more pizza. Then he asks if Hoo can see the other friends but realizes he can't. He says he'll keep their meeting a secret and tells Hoo he'll bring him 10 boxes of pizza and runs off. It seems that the council member who held Sae Ryung's father's new position before him is more ill and has completely left the position. The queen is worried since he was her right arm and she's losing him. She agrees to accept the resignation and appoints Sae Ryung's father. Joon's parents are displeased since Sae Ryung's father rose without their help. Joon's father says he must pay the price for not being on their side. It seems that Hoo can cut the hay but the cut is not in a even line. Hoo asks how he can improve but the ahjussi says Hoo himself knows the answer and it's important that he learn by himself. After much practice, Hoo throws the sword down in frustration since he's still not improving. The ahjussi says a wise person does not curse the ground even if he falls since he has to use the ground to get up again. Hoo picks up the sword again and practices his swings again. He practices until dark has fallen. He stops when his right arm hurts so that he has trouble moving it. His hands are bleeding but he persists and practices on for a while longer. He even practices in his room and his wounds are bleeding through the bandages. He recalls the ahjussi's words about how he should teach himself. The next day (or several days) he has finally cut a perfect line. The ahjussi praises him and says a perfect angle, speed and movement was needed and Hoo has achieved that. In order to remember that movement, he makes Hoo practice more. Joon and Si Yon are walking and see how Hoo has improved with the sword. He says he didn't know Hoo would improved that quickly. Si Yon says he shouldn't worry, as Hoo's skills don't match Joon's yet. Hoo and Sae Ryung are walking when Sae Ryung asks if Hoo isn't working too hard nowadays and Hoo says he's fine and thanks her for worrying about him. They encounter two girls who are talking about how Sae Ryung's parents are practically divorced even though it's not official. They say Sae Ryung's mom didn't even come to Korea when her dad's position in the council rose. Sae Ryung goes to them and says if they want to talk about others, say it in front of them or say it when they're completely hidden. They're a bit flustered and tries to apologize and goes away. Sae Ryung says she's okay when Hoo approaches her and says this is a place where people attack each other over one small thing and Hoo says he can understand how she feels. He says he feels the same way when people around him talk about his mother. He tells her not to think too much about what others think; the important thing is what she thinks and all that matter is that she believes in her mother. Sae Ryung says her parents really are practically divorced. She says sometimes she can't recall her mother's face. She says this kind of thing must be boring to him and walks away but Hoo takes her hand and says she held his hand that time at his father's grave and he says it consoled him that time. Hoo has moved on to practicing archery. The ahjussi tells him that he is supposed to fit the bow to his posture and not the other way around but Hoo says it feels uncomfortable. Then the ahjussi tells Hoo's servant to bring his old skating board. After Hoo rides it, the ahjussi tells him that he must be comfortable with the bow as he is with the board. After Hoo rides the board some more, he is thinking about how the bow and arrow should feel like a part of him. And he hits a bulls-eye. The queen is looking at pictures of her and Alex. Then she is interrupted with the delivery of the newspaper. On the newspaper is the news about Sae Ryung's father acquiring a high position of the council (I think). The queen asks how the council proceeding might go from now on (with a new person in a position, I presume) and she is told that Joon's father will lose some power since Sae Ryung's father is not on his side any longer. She asks how the two princes are doing and is told that they practice vigorously day and night. The queen then suggests that the judging for the second task hold place at another palace. She is asked why the sudden change and the queen says she would like to hold the event at a place with some meaning since it is to determine which one will be the crown prince. The lady suggests a specific palace and says it's a very significant place because someone who had a lot to do with the academy was born there/had strong connections there.Meanwhile, Soon Yi finds out from a friend Na-In that the royal family will be coming to their palace for the prince's second task judging in one week. Hoo's manservant tells him that the second task will be where Soon Yi is. As Hoo is exiting his room he meets Joon and asks if he heard where the second task will take place. Joon says he did and he says it's a good thing, since he'll be able to show himself as a winner. Joon's father questions why the sudden change in the palaces and Si Yon tells him that she heard it was because of its meaning and significance to knowledge/education. He says that may be so, but he suspects there's something else. He orders for a search of the queen's quarters while the royal family is at the other location for the second task. It's apparent that there's something wrong with Hoo's right arm. The ahjussi says they should stop for today. Sae Ryung's looking for Hoo and approaches Soon Yi's friend to ask where he is. She finds out that Hoo is out training and walks to where he is to see that he is arguing with ahjussi. Hoo refuses to rest because he knows Joon is ahead of him in skill and the ahjussi says such anxiety will ruin his body and if Hoo refuses to listen to him, he can no longer train Hoo. It seems that Hoo's right arm was under alot of strain due to his excessive training and is paralyzed. It is not sure when he will recover. For now, he is advised to rest. Sae Ryung suggests that they appeal to the queen for a rescheduling but Hoo says it is his fault that he didn't take care of his body and acknowledging that he has been careless is the same as saying he lost. Soon Yi is stargazing and shows her friend the North Star. Meanwhile, in Seoul, Hoo is looking at the same star. He tells ahjussi that Soon Yi told him that it was in the center of the sky and always held its place. He says he realized through this that he was too nervous and anxious and in the end he hurt himself. He said he already felt like he lost but the ahjussi tells him that it's not over yet and it's not late to fix his mistakes. The ahjussi helps Hoo's energy flow so that he can move his arm again but cautions him to be careful. The next morning, Hoo is told that Joon already went to the other palace saying that he needed to get used to the new environment. Soon Yi is running some errands (or hanging out with her friends) when she sees Joon practicing archery. They're walking together and Soon Yi says he is working very hard for this and he says he can't lose after what happened with the painting. Soon Yi says he looks good and he wonders if he really does and tells her that he felt bad after she left (since his mother was involved). He asks her for a tour of the area. Joon asks Soon Yi to return to Seoul. He says he knows his mother was involved, but now the three rings, along with the painting, are being displayed so everything is okay now. He says it's all right for her to return. He says even if she can't pass this exam, she can be specially recommended or take another exam. He says he'll take care of his mother. But Soon Yi moves to leave, saying that too much time has passed. Joon says he knows she has feelings for Hoo. He says he knows how pained she is right now. He says he thought alot about why she left. Even though right now she has feelings for someone else, he thinks that can change with time. Because he was following his heart, he hurt Sae Ryung and is sorry for it, but does not regret it because he earned something important on the way and he won't give Soon Yi up.That night, Soon Yi is talking with her friend back in Seoul and it seems like she'll come over (at least temporarily while Hoo and Joon are at Soon Yi's palace, since she is their personal Na-In). Soon Yi looks through her grade school yearbook and sees Hoo's picture. Hoo imagines that he hears Soon Yi's voice waking him up. Everyone has arrived and the episode cuts off with our two princes looking at Soon Yi.


Hoo is calming himself in preparation and remembering what the ahjussi told him during training about the different aspects in this task.

Soon Yi is about to leave when Joon approaches in his car. He offers her a ride in his car but Soon Yi asks if he has a minute. They go inside. Soon Yi said before this time she didn't even know her own feelings very well, rather, she was running away from herself. And by the time she realized how she felt about Hoo, it was too late to turn back. She tells Joon that even if she forgets about Hoo, she cannot love him and he should not be like her a be in love with a person who he'll only see the back of. She tells him to find someone who can meet him face-to-face.

The first event is before them and Joon's parents talk about how Joon's complexion doesn't look so good. This is true, and Hoo wins this event. Joon's father demands to know what's wrong with him, who has played with bows and arrows since he was a boy. He says Joon will have to do as he wishes if he cannot win the next event.

That night Joon's mother and Hoo's trainer meet. She says she requested that he stay far away from the palace and that she did not wish to see him again. She says he's changed, that before he would do whatever she wished. He said time has changed. She wonders why he treats Hoo like a son and he says he considers Hoo like a son ever since Hoo's mother passed away and he would protect Hoo with his life if necessary.

On the sword event, Joon wins but Hoo's horse being spooked had a great part in him losing. It seems Si Yon used a special whistle that humans cannot hear but horses can and that frightened the horse, even though it has been specially trained to be not spooked in most situations. The queen and her mother are suspicious of the situation but the queen says it's a good thing that Hoo is safe.

Soon Yi is delivering the clothes that Hoo will wear for tomorrow and he asks how she's been. She says fine but Hoo says she looks like she's lost weight. Sae Ryung shows up and says she was surprised that Soon Yi had left to suddenly. She asks what happened to the academy entrance exams and seeing Soon Yi's sad expression, she asks if she said something wrong. Soon Yi says she didn't and goes inside to put Hoo's clothes away.

Sae Ryung and Hoo are walking through the palace grounds and she says she feels calm whenever she comes to places like these because it seems a bit lonely. Hoo says that seems like her because she's always smiling but he senses loneliness from her. He says he can relate because he's always been just with his mom. He says her expression and his expression when young resemble each other. She says she's been alone since she was young because her parents were always busy. Hoo says it's a tough to think that you're alone in this world and Sae Ryung agrees. She says sometimes she's thought how dying is better than living in such loneliness.

The queen's mother tells the queen that Hoo and Sae Ryung seem to have a relationship going on and says she really wants to have someone from the aristocracy marry Hoo so that his parent's situation does reoccur.

The queen sneaks out that night to meet Alex. Her aide says she's worried that the queen will be safe but the queen says this is the only way they can meet.

Hoo meets Soon Yi as she leaves work and he returns her bear. She said she left it on purpose because Hoo seemed to have alot of worries (so I guess the bear was meant to cheer him up). He still returns it to her. He says he felt uncomfortable that she let go of her dream because of him. She says it was his ring in the first place and he shouldn't lose such a thing because of her. She says she doesn't regret coming here and Hoo says he can help her go back. She says this is her decision and she'll take care of it.

They see the queen and Alex. Soon Yi sees people taking pictures of this scene and Hoo goes to take the camera from there while Soon Yi goes to the queen. Soon Yi offers Alex a safe exit out of the palace so that people won't see him. She says not to worry when the queen questions whether she can trust her. Although Hoo manages to take their cameras, the men seem to have aggravated Hoo's right arm again. As Hoo rises from his fall, he sees Si Yon (I think he did anyway). He returns to the queen's room and the queen tells him that Alex was her lover and friend back in Oxford. She said she was lonely and they met. They connected and got closer through their work together in Africa to help the people there. Hoo asks what she'll do now and she says she honestly doesn't know. She knows she can't be with him but her heart won't allow to her to part ways with him.

Soon Yi is brought to the queen. Soon Yi tells the queen that she led him out in an unused path and saw him ride a taxi away from the palace. The queen thanks her. Meanwhile, Joon's father is annoyed that such a good opportunity slipped through his hands. Si Yon apologizes. It seems that he's planning more evil things to throw off our queen.

Hoo and Soon Yi are stargazing. He says he's never seen so many stars and Soon Yi says that's why she likes it here. She asks him if he has confidence for tomorrow. She says he'll do well and she'll be a great king one day. Hoo asks her whether the reason she left the palace was because of Joon. She says no and Hoo says then she should return. Soon Yi says she doesn't want to and she doesn't want to get hurt because of him. She says she's comfortable here but Hoo says he knows that's not the truth. He wants to take responsibility because she left because of him. Soon Yi says the thing that he should care about now are the royal court and the nation's people, and he shouldn't forget that.

Hoo is warming up with the ahjussi and his arms aggravates him more and more. There is nothing he can do, however, and he goes against Joon. Joon wins and it is declared that he is the overall winner of this event.

Hoo again goes to meet Soon Yi. He asks her to return to Seoul and enroll in the Academy and live her dream. He says it's fine now that the ring has been found. She says one day she'll tell him one day what her problem is. Hoo refuses to let her go and says he can't be comfortable letting her go. She says it's hard for her and he demands to know what's bothering her, saying he'll help her. She says it's something that he can't help with. She says looking at him is hard for her; listening to his voice, looking at his face, thinking about him, it's all hard. He apologizes because he isn't able to promise her anything. But he says he wishes she was always somewhere that he could see her from. Joon listens from behind a doorway.

Everyone's leaving now. Soon Yi is sitting alone by herself when one of the queen's aides approach her. She says she came here on the queen's orders. It seems that the queen wants to make Soon Yi a higher up Sang-Goong and thus ahd ordered that Soon Yi attend the academy.

Meanwhile, it seems that the ahjussi has done some investigation on Hoo's mother's case and says it was done too hastily and that it's suspicious. He says they need a certain person's evidence (?) and things could be cleared up if s/he is found. Hoo says good bye to him later before he enters the academy. He's walking through the hallways and meets Soon Yi! It seems the plot will thicken even further now...


Hoo follows Soon Yi around telling her he was so worried, asking her what happened, why is she here, what happened at the other palace, what happened. Soon Yi says they have to go to class and they should talk later. Hoo says "welcome" and Soon Yi smiles. Professor Alex introduces Soon Yi. She says she is a student Na-In who is also going to be in charge of the cafeteria when she's not in class so she asks people to come there alot.

The queen's mother learns that the queen's aide has grown up without parents since elementary school. She urges the aide to get married quickly. She mentions how all three of them are singles. The queen starts choking on her tea (thinking of Alex, probably). She changes the subject and starts talking about the next task for the princes. The queen learns that some royalty in Europe has died.

At the same time, professor Alex also tells his class that he has to go to the same guy's funeral. It seems the class is supposed to work in groups but Soon Yi surprised that the professor doesn't assign their groups and asks a fellow student who says the groups are already arranged.

Sae Ryung asks Joon if it was him who arranged for the queen's recommendation for Soon Yi and Joon says she'll get more answers if she asks Hoo.

Hoo is watching Soon Yi walk with a classmate and one of his friends says she's his style and comments about how her uniforms fits her well. Hoo tells him not to look at her. Then Hoo asks his friends if someone says it's hard to be around him, does that mean it's like a confession and they say yes. Then Hoo says he said something like a confession back to her but after that she doesn't call or answer her phone. His friends ask what Hoo said as a confession. Hoo says he said I'm sorry, I can't do anything but I wish you were always by my side. The friends say that's like when he wants to sever all ties to the girl but he doesn't want to be mean. Hoo says he didn't mean that.

Soon Yi's friend talks about even if the uniform is the same, the students are not. He's talking about how there're "packs" in the school. He says how that pack is the best here, which ends up being Joon's as Joon enters the cafeteria. Joon says it's been a while.

Hoo tries to call Soon Yi but she doesn't answer. Meanwhile Soon Yi's learning English with a Gameboy-like device. She checks her phone and sees Hoo called.

The queen assigns the princes two tasks at once. One is to help her mother as she temporarily assumes the role of ruler while the queen goes to Europe to attend the funeral. The other task is to organize a performance at an event that the royal family hosts every year. Over the years the event has become something with a name but not as much meaning so the princes' tasks are to liven it up a bit and fix the problems that has occurred in the past. It seems the queen's vagueness has confused the princes but both are determined to win. Hoo says they're back to the beginning (since they're tied) and Joon asks Hoo if he think he can beat him and says Hoo can never beat him because he won't be careless now. Hoo asked if Joon was being easy on him before and Joon says not at all, since he was trying his best. I can't understand what Joon says next but perhaps he's warning Hoo since he has more experience (like he's done work to help the palace before and Hoo hasn't)

Joon's parents find out the task. Joon's mother says both tasks will be easy for Joon but the way that the queen's mother favors Hoo worries her. She asks the queen's mother's personal Sang Goong (does that mean she's reporting to Joon's parents?) if she doesn't see it the same way. She says that the queen's mother treats Hoo like a son but she also sees Joon highly. Joon's father suggests that his wife see the queen's mother to see how the atmosphere is. Si Yon reports to Joon's father that Alex is also going to attend the funeral in Europe. He tells her not to make a mistake this time. It seems they have planted spies all throughout Europe.

Soon Yi meets Sae Ryung at where the princes live. Soon Yi came to talk with Han Sang-Goong and Sae Ryung comments how Soon Yi wouldn't come to see the princes since she sees them every day now at the academy. Sae Ryung says it's amazing how Soon Yi got the queen's recommendation and says she saw Soon Yi in a new light. Soon Yi makes to pass her when Sae Ryung says Joon's feelings about Soon Yi are real; she knows because she's known Joon for a long time. Soon Yi says she and Joon are nothing and Sae Ryung says she thinks it's better if Soon Yi makes a decision between the two. Soon Yi says her words are severe. Sae Ryung asks if she wants Hoo to become the crown prince. Soon Yi says yes and Sae Ryung says then she'll know who's better for Hoo; who will hurt him and help him. Soon Yi starts to say she doesn't know what Sae Ryung is basing this on but is interrupted when Sae Ryung gives her her notebook back.

Sae Ryung finds articles of Hoo's mother on his table. Hoo says they aren't related to her. She asks if the reason he wants to become crown prince is so he can find out teh truth from those articles and says she knows that much without him telling her. He asks her to pretend she didn't notice it, since it's not a good thing, anyway. Sae Ryung asks why he tries to do these things himself when he asked for her help. Hoo says it might be dangerous and Sae Ryung says that's more of a reason why he needs help. She says she might not be much help but her father could. Hoo says there's a big possibility that he could not give what she wants. She says she's disappointed, if that how he thought as he was with her. She says it'll be good for his mother's case to clear up quickly, since it could give him problems on his way to the throne.

The queen's mother is having tea with Sae Ryung's father. She asks him to help the queen in the council. She comments on how Sae Ryung is being very helpful to Hoo on his tasks. It seems that those two are getting along well. The queen's mother comments on how two people cannot be forced to like each other but says Hoo and Sae Ryung may have some connection since they're getting along so well. Then Joon's mother arrives and Sae Ryung's father leaves. When Joon's mother arrives the queen's mother says she seems to be seeing Joon's mother often in the palace. Joon's mother says it's because her only child is in the palace so she worries often. Then she tells the queen's mother to not have too close a connection with council members (?) and the queen's mother says while that is correct, she is the eldest member of the royal family and thus has a right to keep up with what's going on.

The princes are given special access cards to rooms that only a selected few can enter. These are given so that they may aide the queen's mother more while the queen is gone. The queen has to leave soon and her mother tells her to be careful.

Joon is looking at the videotape of last year's event. He asks whether all events are like this and is told that they are. He says there is no need to look at this more and says he's going out to meet someone (I can't catch who it is). Meanwhile Hoo is also watching the video and is told it seems that Joon already has an idea. Hoo says he needs more time. Hoo spends some time looking through books then turns on the TV. He has an idea to do a dance performance. He goes to ask for help (people to do the dancing) but is told that it's unorthodox and the person cannot help him. Joon's father found out what Hoo plans to do and asks Si Yon if Hoo's idea is a good one. She says she doesn't know for sure but it seems that way and Joon's father says then he can't let Hoo succeed.

Hoo's friends offer to help him find people and music. Sae Ryung wonders if such a performance is fit for the court. Hoo says what people like about dancing is just dancing and not thinking. Everyone is helping Hoo to make this performance great and Hoo thanks them all. Joon is telling Soon Yi about an opera by Mozart. Hoo sees them together. Later he keeps following Soon Yi around the school. She asks him why he keeps following her and he says he's not - he's just going the same way. He asks her how come she never came looking for him since she's entered the academy and she asks why she has to look for him. He brings up what she said at the other palace and she says just forget about it; she was under alot of stress and she just took it out on him. She apologizes for making him worried and says it won't happen again. Hoo asks then it was just a mistake on her part and she says yes. He asks if what he thinks doesn't matter to her at all and get angry. Soon Yi asks why he's mad and he says she only talks to Joon at the academy. She says she came here to study and not to meet him. She says she has to go and tries to leave but Hoo says he's not finished. She says she's heard enough and he should just talk to himself.

Hoo's dancing team got into a car accident so they can't show up. The special audience at this event are children and Joon's father asks the queen's mother why the children are here and she says that will be revealed when the queen returns. At the perfomance, Joon presents a modern-style music that is made by playing traditional Korean instruments. Hoo tells the audience that his original group could not come but his friends are here and they provide a very entertaining show that even Joon's father's allies seem to secretly enjoy. After the performances Sae Ryung's father and Joon's father meet briefly. SR's father says it's been a while and Joon's father comments how he seems to be getting along with the queen pretty well nowadays. SR's father laughs and says it's all because of Joon's father. Joon's father says it seems hard to see him recently and SR's father says he's still getting used to his job.

The queen's mother meets Hoo's friends and says she hasn't had that much fun in a long time. She asks Hoo why the original team couldn't come and Hoo said they got into an accident. Hoo asks the queen's mother if he can go out with his friends tonight and she says she already scheduled to have dinner with Sae Ryung and Hoo and herself. Sae Ryung says it's fine if they can change it to another date and says she would like to get to know Hoo's friends better. The queen's mother tells him not to forget to escort Sae Ryung home afterwards.

The crew are going all out partying. Hoo asks Sae Ryung if she's uncomfortable and says he can take her home. Sae Ryung says she likes the honesty that she can see in his friends and says she's having fun. One of Hoo's friends offers Sae Ryung soju and another one says she doesn't drink that stuff. Sae Ryung says she doesn't enjoy alcohol but she can drink it. The guys urge her to drink one shot and she drinks another, much to their cheers.

The princes find out that the queen has gone to Africa, since she was in Europe and she wanted to see how the royal family's project in one of the elementary schools there was going. The queen's mother says even though the queen will be gone longer, she cannot stop her daughter from going to see one of the court's projects and the aide looks a bit uncomfortable (could there be another reason why the queen is gone longer?) The results of the performance will be announced when the queen returns and the two are to focus on helping the queen's mother from now on.

Sae Ryung has found the man that could help Hoo clear up the scandal about his mother. Hoo goes to meet him with the ahjussi from the jjajangmyun shop. However, the man says he has nothing to tell them and that he has forgotten about the whole incident. He tells Hoo that Hoo resemble his mother. He apologizes for being unable to help him and says he cannot speak of that incident even if his life is threatened.

Joon's father finds out that Hoo met with the guy. He is suspicious that Sae Ryung's father is planning something by lending his power. He says if the guy opens his mouth about the matter, there might be a need to close it permanently.

Joon goes to the queen's mother to request for a study friend. She asks what kind of friend it is and Joon says she is Yang Soon Yi who received a special recommendation from the queen. She asks him why he needs her and he says Hoo has Sae Ryung who helps him out and says for a fair competition they need equal conditions. However, the queen's mother says if they consider conditions, this competition was made between two people who weren't equal so someone helping Joon would not be fair. But she grants him her permission since Joon wants it. She also asks him about what happened that day on the engagement. Joon apologize and says he has nothing to say on that day. She says it's all right and dismisses him. After he leaves she says to herself that it's a girl student and wonders...

Joon is talking with Soon Yi. He says she can tell him about how the citizens think on matters and he can help her with studies at the academy. Soon Yi says she can't and Joon asks if it's because of Hoo. She says no, it's just that she doesn't see it right to be near him. Joon says nothing can be done now since he already received permission from the queen's mother. He says if she's really uncomfortable, just think of it as using him to gain what she wants. He says studying at the academy isn't easy and she'll need to learn alot in order to serve the queen. He says he can help her with that.

Hoo is working on some document and says he didn't know the queen did so much work. The queen's aid is called away to see some matter and Hoo asks a man what a certain room has inside it and is told that it holds records (I think). The man says only the pyeha and other selected few can enter. Hoo asks if he can the man says he's not sure as this kind of event (where the queen leaves and gives special access cards to others) has not happened before. Hoo enters and searches through some file before he comes across his mother's case. The queen's aide returns and is told that Hoo asked about that room before and the queen's mother also arrives. She asks where Hoo is and Hoo looks up and she approaches him.


Hoo hears the queen's mother approaching and quickly slides the record book away from him. She enters and asks him what he is doing here. She says even if he is a prince this is not a place that anyone can enter. He says he was curious and tried his card and the door opened so he came in. She asks him what he was reading and tells her Sang Goong to bring it to her. She asks him what he saw here and Hoo stalls. That Si-Jong-Gwan (the queen's aide) steps in and says Hoo was reading about past pyehas and their relations with other countries. She lies and says she told him that such texts were found here She said Hoo was having a hard time reading the difficult documents so she suggested that he read the easier texts first. The queen's mother is very angry and says it's not like her to make such a careless mistake. She turns to Hoo and asks if what Si-Jong-Gwan said is true. Hoo says yes. Later, Hoo thanks her for saving him and she asks if he read the record book. He says he did and she says that was stepping out of the boundary that his task set him up for and if word of this got out then it would cause trouble so she says he should keep this a secret no matter what. It seems one of the people working in their reports to Joon's father; he was hiding behind a door and immediately contacted someone close to Joon's father saying "please deliver this news to Aa-pa". Joon's father laughs about how stupid Hoo is and says he needs to receive his punishment.

Hoo is under stress because he doesn't know who to believe in anymore. Pyeha, Hwan Tae-Hoo Mama, or his mother..none of them seem trustworthy to him anymore.

The princes are reading documents and making decisions, however the final decision will be made by the queen's mother. Just then the queen's mother enters. She tells them that through this task they will learn the true meaning of truth(?). Then the Sang-Goong says that there is urgent news that there has been a big argument between the Nae-Gwans (the males) and the Sang-Goongs (females).

The princes meet with the representatives of the Nae-Gwans and Sang-Goongs. Hoo suggests that the two groups exchange jobs for one day to be in each others shoes. Han Sang-Goong asks what is the meaning behind this and Hoo says it is to decrease misunderstanding between the two groups and to strengthen cooperation. So the project is under way the next day. The men are having trouble ironing and using needles and the women are having trouble lifting heavy boxes. The men also mess up on meal serving. The main representatives (presumably) of the Nae-Gwan and Sang-Goong ask the queen's mother to undo this order as everything is turning chaotic. However she says she has known about the divide between the two groups for a long time and even though she knows they're having a hard time she also agrees with Hoo in that she hopes their differences can be solved this time. Then her Sang-Goong says a worker from the record storage place wants to talk to her.

The Nae-Gwans are serving tea (and mess up) to Sae Ryung and Hoo. Sae Ryung says there's a saying that goes it's more important to not make enemies than make friends and wonders if it wouldn't be better if he avoided things that made people complain. Hoo says although it wasn't for a long time, he felt that some change needed to be made in the palace and in order for that to happen, he mustn't be afraid of criticism. Sae Ryung asks if something's wrong and says he doesn't look so well. He says it's because he's trying to do something that's over his head and Sae Ryung says to not worry and says that he's doing fine. She says even though she doesn't have alot of power, she'll help him to the best of her ability. A Na-In enters and says there was an order for him to go to the queen's mother's place quickly.

The queen's mother asks him to answer her truthfully. She asks him what he read that day at the record storage. She sees Hoo hesitate and says someone told her. She asks him if it's true that he read the record book. He says yes. She asks him whether or not he knew that he wasn't supposed to read those books. She demands whether he is ignoring the court rules or is ignoring her words. Hoo says he also has a question for her. He says the person who played a strong role in his mother's exit from the palace at the time was the queen's mother. He asks if that is true. She says yes. She says she doesn't know what's written in the records but says she made that decision to save his father. Hoo says "But my mother-" but she interrupts and says what about his mother and asks whether or not he understands how big it is that he broke a court rule. She's angry how he dares to bring up his mother. She cancels his participation in his task and tells him to stay in his room until the queen returns. Joon also finds out about this and is shocked.

The next morning Hoo tells Joon that he plans to go out. Joon says even if his participation was discontinued he is still a prince and must show dignity. Hoo says this isn't something that he can wait for and asks Joon for his permission and leaves. The queen's mother is furious and says he must have gone out out of spite because she took away his participation. The queen's aide asks her to be calm and says she will find out if he said anything to the Na-In or Nae-Gwan in his living quarters. The queen's mother dismisses her rather sharply and tells her Sang-Goong to bring Joon as she will question him herself.

Joon is in deep thought when his father asks him what he's thinking so hard about. He says he heard about everything (when doesn't he?) and says this tasks's winner will be Joon. He says it's definite since Hoo exited the palace by himself. Joon says that's not true and says Hoo told him before going out. His father says then all that needs to be done is Joon close his mouth. When Joon protests, his father asks him if he remembers when he asked Joon whether he thought one got to the throne with sheer skill and asks him what he thinks of that now. He lost the first one, won the second one with difficulty and asks him if he thinks he won the third one. He asks Joon if he still doesn't understand that if he loses he will be the exile. Then he calms down a bit and says he liked Joon's decision to pick Soon Yi as his study friend. He says he liked the fact that Joon learned that what he couldn't have, he shouldn't let the others have either. He says soon Yoo Sang-Goong will come and bring him to the queen's mother, who will question him about Hoo. He tells Joon that his answer will determine whether he gets the throne or not.

The queen's mother asks Joon if Hoo said anything to him and Joon says Hoo did not tell him anything.

Soon Yi finds out that Hoo's participation in this task has been dropped and her friend says that this probably means that Hoo loses. Sae Ryung enters and grabs Soon Yi and pulls her to a corner. She tells Soon Yi that Hoo has disappeared and asks whether or not he contacted her at all.

Hoo is at his mother's grave. He says "Mom, I came."

It seems that Soon Yi got the directions to the grave from one of Hoo's friend. She tells him she doesn't know what's going on either and says she'll call him if she finds Hoo. She tells the older student that she has to leave early today.

Meanwhile Sae Ryung and Joon are uneasy too. Sae Ryung asks Joon if he really doesn't know anything. Joon says according to the Na-Ins it has to do with Hoo's mother but he doesn't know beyond that. Sae Ryung suspects that Soon Yi is with Hoo and says she feels very anxious. She tells Joon it feels like the two have disappeared forever. Sae Ryung wonders if Hoo went to his mother's grave, because of the incident with his mother. Joon asks her if she knows where it is and Sae Ryung calls the ahjussi at the jjajangmyun restaurant.

Hoo recalls the words he read from the records. It said that people inside and outside of the palace were shaken by what happened, as well as the whole country. He asked Hoo's mother one last time. She said that everything was her fault and cried. She didn't offer an explanation or an excuse and requested only to be let out of the palace. Sae Ryung and Joon and Soon Yi are all going to the grave now. Soon Yi asks the driver to please go quickly.

Hoo asks what his mother's truth is. He says it's her turn to tell him now. He asks her why it was that way, why she lived that way. All he asks her is why. Then Soon Yi approaches and he stands up. He asks her if she came to look for him..all the way here. She calls him a jerk and asks if he knew how worried she was and hugs him. Hoo thanks her for coming. Sae Ryung and Joon appear a little while later and when she sees the two, Sae Ryung makes to go nearer but Joon holds her back and soon they're heading back.

Soon Yi asks Hoo if it's not the right thing to go back, regardless of what happened. She says that's probably what his mom would have hoped, too. He says he feels like he's lost his way and he doesn't know where to go anymore. He says the thing he can't stand right now is that even though he saw his mom he can't trust her. He can't bear that.

The queen's mother tells Si-Jong-Gwan that she could punish her but since she has always been by the queen's side, she'll let her go this time. She says she'll make sure this will never happen in the future. The queen's mother is still shocked that Hoo will go out of the palace like that even though he might have been shocked. The queen's aide asks her to consider Hoo's loneliness. She says children are like sunflowers who watch the sun and grow but if one day suddenly the parents disappear, they fumble in the darkness. She says she knows that feeling best and says for Hoo, his mother's incident must be his whole life. The queen's mother says she knows how that must feel and turns around to wipe a tear.

Hoo and Soon Yi go to his mother's cafe. Soon Yi says his mother must have worked hard for this place. Soon Yi says there must be alot of truths and lies in this world like the caps in the cafe. But she says sometimes the truths can become lies and lies can become truths. Hoo says his mother acknowledged her wrongdoing and says she wouldn't have done so if it wasn't the truth. She says it doesn't have to be that way and Hoo says he doesn't know what's what and Soon Yi tells him to do what his heart tells him; believe in what he wants to. He asks her how he can do that when she confessed by herself. Soon Yi says because she is his mother. If her mother had done something bad and everyone in the world threw stones at her, she would still protect her, because it's her mother. Because that's what family is for. Soon Yi says her parents told her that sometimes in life you have to lie, that sometimes life is like that. She says his mom might have been in that situation and even if she did committ a wrongdoing, there must have been a reason why she had to do that. She tells him what he believes in is his choice by he must not forget that perhaps the only person to believe in his mother now is him.

Sae Ryung tell Joon that she thought about it and they can help one another. She says he gave up their engagement to be with the girl he likes and she can't give up Hoo like this. He says he doesn't like betting with Soon Yi. She says her father wishes for an engagement between her and Hoo. Joon says it doesn't matter to him but he doesn't know how the royal family would think of that. She says that won't be a problem since she's someone that Hoo needs. She says the problem is Soon Yi. She doesn't like seeing her with him anymore. Joon asks if her feelings for Hoo are real. He asks her what her plan is.

Soon Yi tells Hoo to go to the palace before it gets too late, since now the queen is back. Hoo asks her what he has to go for now. She says to go for the him in the present and the future. He has to become a great king for his parents' share too. She says he knows too, that the world will see his parents through him. It's not through books or newspapers but his being that will become his parents' truth. Hoo tells her to close her eyes and she asks why but he tells her to hurry. Then he gives her the necklace. Soon Yi says it's his mother's but he says it's hers now because he wants to give it to her. They stand up to go and Hoo tells her to go ahead so he can watch her go. After she takes about five steps Hoo calls out to her and then he kisses her. (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)

Hoo's (Soon Yi's?) flower is blooming again and not wilted and dead like it was before ^_^

The queen gives Si-Jong-Gwan a box and says Alex told her to give it to her. She said it was a bell that gave good luck. The queen asks if anything happened in the palace and seeing her aide's expression she realizes something did happen.

Hoo is talking to the ahjussi and says he can't trust anyone in the palace about his mother's case and it is time for him to find the truth by himself. The ahjussi said he got a call from that man who refused to give them information before and said he had evidence for his mother's case and wanted to meet tomorrow. The ahjussi says Sae Ryung's help was big this time also, since she changed his mind. He says she seems to be a good person.

The queen tells (yells?) Hoo that the reason she gave him special permission to the record storage was not so he could look through the record books. Hoo says he knows that. She says if he knows that how could he go out the palace by himself like that. She says the reason she is angry is because he is so thoughtless for a person who decided to become the crown prince. She tells him he should have asked her mother or at least Joon. She said that could have served as an excuse. She says she doesn't know what Hoo is thinking anymore and tells him that Joon was called to her mother and scolded since competition is good but as cousins they are too ignorant of each other. She said she was proud of him for coming up with the idea that helped patch the relationship between the Nae-Gwan and Na-In but he must be careful from now on to regard the court rules.

The queen's mother tells her daughter that she is worried about Hoo's future. When she sees how Hoo is able to even break the court rules to find out the truth about his mother she begans to question him. She said such an emotional damage to affect not only Hoo but everyone in the court. Her mother asks whether she had a reason to go to Africa so suddenly. The queen says she felt like she should look around since it was close to Europe.

Alex is entering his home and finds that it has been searched. The queen finds out also and her aide tells her to be careful, since they almost got caught that time in the other palace. She warns that someone might suspect her relationship with Alex. The queen says Si-Jong-Gwan needs to talk to Alex tomorrow. Meanwhile Joon's father asks Si Yon if nothing was found. He says the more thorough people are, the more tense they get when they're even a little bit bothered and asks Si Yon if there were definite evidence that his house was searched. He tells her to find the queen contacting Alex through the Sang-Goong he has working under him in the palace. He tells her they need definite evidence this time. Si Yon also tells him that the guy who holds evidence about Hoo's mother seems to want to contact Hoo and help him now. He asks if they let him live too long.

Sae Ryung tells her father he seems to have more work now, since he sleeps less. He tells her she must also be having a hard time since she has to do her mother's share of work too. He tells her that when he went to visit the queen's mother she talked of Sae Ryung and seemed to like how she was helping Hoo. So he asks her how she thinks of Hoo and asks her if she felt anything towards him through the time they've spent together.

Hoo finds out that the guy he was supposed to meet has died in an accident at an intersection. Hoo asks about the evidence that he was supposed to give them and the ahjussi says he asked people but they said they didn't know about it. Si Yon tells Joon's father that it was said that the guy was talking about evidence material before he died. She knows that Hoo doesn't have it yet. He says they must find it before Hoo does.

Joon and Hoo are walking together and Joon asks Hoo whether he can give up his crown for Soon Yi. Joon tells him to let her go if he doesn't want to put Soon Yi in danger anymore. Hoo says he doesn't know much but he will never put Soon Yi in danger no matter what. Hoo apologizes that Joon had to be scolded by the queen's mother. He also says that he just told Joon about it that morning and didn't receive his permission so Joon doesn't need to apologize.

The queen asks for the council's opinion on the performance. One of Joon's father's allies says Joon's performance was superior to Hoo's. However one member speaks up and says while he agrees with the council's opinion, there is a different audience that they must heed to. He then shows everyone the letters that the children in the audience sent. These are significant because the target audience were the children. The council member says while he disagreed with Hoo's idea in the beginning, he realized during the performance that perhaps real mastery is only something that pure minds can understand. The other member argues that children don't know anything. The queen's mother suggests that this task is a tie since both princes were equally impressive.

The queen says that she gave the princes another task but Hoo's participation was dropped off halfway so Joon wins. Joon's father's ally suggest that she stop the competition here. Another one next to him says this competition was to see who would be more fit to sit on the throne and says Hoo went out of the palace without permission. The first member says that is equivalent to Hoo giving up his position as the crown prince. Many members plead her to do so. The queen looks over at Joon's father, who remains emotionless.


It seems that the council members who are on Joon's father's side are pushing for a meeting/decision relating to Hoo's participation in the rest of the tasks. The queen and her mother ask Sae Ryung's father for his help but he says he doesn't have much power since he is a new member. But he says he'll try his best since even his daughter is asking him for help. Sae Ryung comforts Hoo. She says she never knew how good it felt to help someone before this when he thanks her. As Sae Ryung's father is leaving the queen's mother's room, Joon's father is waiting and says he heard that Sae Ryung's father came to visit. It seems that Sae Ryung's father has canceled the council's decisions on Hoo. He says Hoo did nothing wrong in leaving the palace. Joon's father says Sae Ryung's father should have thought that making such a decision would hurt him (he's basically threatening him). Joon's father says he won't stay put since he was stabbed in the back. Sae Ryung's father says he should've watched his back. Alex invites Soon Yi with Hoo for that evening. Soon Yi is surprised that Hoo came so early and he says of course he came early, every second is precious to him. Hoo sounds excited that he can spend more time with Soon Yi since Alex invited her too. Soon Yi asks if he can come out like this and he says he has permission. Since he won't be able to spend alot of time with her once the tasks start again he wants to spend time with her and says there's alot of things he wants to do with her. He says she's his for today. Hoo asks her if she has to do the study partner with Joon and says he's concerned. She says he's doing it too and he says that's because the queen ordered him to. She says the queen's mother ordered it for her too. She says she's not in a position to say no anyway since she's is a recommended student Na-In and Hoo says they couldn't do anything if she said no and says it's her decision that's important. He says he minds it alot. Soon Yi says he's being jealous and he says it's instinct (?) and says no guy in the world would be happy when his girl is at another guy's room. Soon Yi looks at some other guy and says he's cool and wonders if skateboarding is fun. Hoo asks if she wants to try it. Happy (?) memories flood them as they spend a fun-filled day. ♥Sae Ryung tells Joon that she's curious about what kind of help he'll receive from Soon Yi as a study partner. Joon says he just wanted to have her next to him. Sae Ryung says she feels awkward because he's so honest. Joon asks how it's going with her and she says she wishes he was more into it. According to her father, it seems that the queen's mother has already made up her mind (about which prince she favors). Sae Ryung says she won't consider everything over even after what she saw at the cemetery and says she thinks she can change Hoo's mind. She asks Joon for help and says helping her is good for him too. He says he's surprised to hear about hearts and emotions from Sae Ryung. She says she now understands why he liked Soon Yi even though he couldn't have her. Joon says going after a heart that he can't have is getting harder to do. He says he'll help her to the best of his ability. Hoo and Soon Yi are picking out a cake to bring to Alex's home. Hoo says he wishes the queen could come with them too and Soon Yi says they must be having a hard time since they can't see each other. Hoo calls his Nae-Gwan and tells him that he'll be late today. Some girls see Hoo's cell phone and find out that he's the prince Hoo. A bunch of girls go after him and the two escape. Once they're away Soon Yi says it's dangerous for him to be around alot of people. Hoo apologizes to her since it's uncomfortable and she says she's fine. Hoo asks her to be patient and to not look anywhere else and just follow him. He asks her to promise him not to run away. HE tells her to never let his hand go. Joon's mother says she's disappointed that they couldn't get anything on the queen in Africa. She wonders if they broke up. Her husband said probably not. She says she told Yoo Sang-Goong (the lady who serves the queen's mother) to be alert and he says they'll just have to wait. The queen's going out and tells her aide where her letter to Alex is. She asks her to get a reply back if she can. She tells her aide to be careful and she tells the queen not to worry. At the professor's home, the aide tells him to be careful since the atmosphere is not too good lately. She warns him not to contact the queen for a while. She thanks him for the bell of luck. Hoo and Soon Yi are at the parking lot when they see the aide walking out. Then Si Yon comes and demands for her bag (where Alex's reply is). The aide refuses. Hoo comes and fights Si Yon and then pulls off her mask and finds out it's Si Yon. She runs away but then other men come and take away the bag. The aide apologizes for being careless but the queen says it's all right as long as she's safe and says she should've had her bodyguard accompany her. Then Hoo says at the attack he saw the girl who's always behind Joon's father and says he saw her during the paparazzi incident at the other time also. Joon's father is angry for Si Yon's failure. She says she didn't expect Hoo to come at that situation. He asks if she found out who the other men were and she says she hasn't. He is furious that someone else has found out their plan and disrupted it. He tells her to not show her face for a while and go into hiding. It seems that something (a document?) of the queen's has disappeared overnight. The queen says investigation is going and hopefully things will be cleared up soon. They suspect that someone inside the palace has done this. When Joon's father is asked how he thinks about this he suggests that for the fifth task they hand over the investigation of this case to the princes. They are given 3 days to investigate this case. Joon asks Soon Yi what Na-Ins do during their free time and she says they're only allowed to be in specified areas and can't wander around. Joon questions a Na-In about why she left past her time and she says she lost her ID card. Joon is skeptical and she says she gets points off if she loses her ID card. He asks her what she was doing and she says she was walking around looking for her card. She says while she was there she saw someone exiting the queen's room. He asks her who that was and she says it was Si-Jong-Gwan. Joon questions her and she says she was at the palace but she did not steal the document. Joon then asks her to tell him what she did that night and who she met. Of course she says she cannot tell him. Joon says that night the only person who went to the queen's room was her. Furthermore there is even a witness who says she saw Si-Jong-Gwan exit the room with a document. Joon demands why she won't tell him what she took from the room. Joon orders for Si-Jong-Gwan to be put under house arrest until this investigation ends. Hoo says that's too harsh but Joon says he has to choice but to follow the rules although personally he doesn't want to do it either. Soon Yi's friend asks her whose side she's supposed to be on now, since Soon Yi is Joon's study partner and thus must help him. Soon Yi says she's not sure yet. Then she asks if she had money to buy makeup and her friend says she got all her money that she lent to Kim Na-In back. Supposedly Kim Na-In asked for money from practically every Na-In because she went into credit card debt and needed to pay it back. Soon Yi asks how she paid back her debt and her friend said she doesn't know either. Then they see Kim Na-In at the store and Soon Yi's friend wonders how someone who just paid back debt has money to buy so much makeup.Joon's mother meets the queen's mother and Joon's mother says the queen's mother must be feeling disappointed since it's a given that Joon is the victor. The queen's mother tells her not to expect things so much. The queen's mother meets Sae Ryung and says she came at the time that Sae Ryung usually came to see Hoo so she could talk. She tells Sae Ryung that she was just about her age when she first entered the palace. She says even though it is said that many women pass through the palace, only one can reside there forever and she is the queen. She asks if Sae Ryung heard (about the engagement) from her father and she says yes she did. When she's asked for her thoughts, Sae Ryung says if she could she would like to support Hoo for the rest of her life. However she says she's worried since it might put too much pressure on Hoo but the queen's mother says the two are already close. Soon Yi says that Si-Jong-Gwan serves as a role model for all Na-Ins and Joon says they can't investigate based on emotions. Soon Yi says Kim Na-In isn't seen very well between Na-Ins and asks if he trusts her testimony. He says it matches the data and says there is no reason not to believe her. Soon Yi says she heard that when Kim Na-In was questioned, she told Hoo she didn't know anything and asks him if he doesn't think it is strange that she answered differently to the same questions. Hoo sees Soon Yi walk out of Joon's room and says guys get jealous and tells her to skip once in a while. Soon Yi says she heard about Si-Jong-Gwan and asks what he'll do. He says he has to reveal the truth. Soon Yi says she thinks Kim Na-In is suspicious. She tells him about the debt. Joon asks Kim Na-In if what she told him is true and she say it is. She says besides just her, there are alot of Na-Ins who wish for Joon to rise to the throne and says that's why she told him a different answer. Joon's mother arrives then and says she heard that the case is practically solved. She says she knew her son would do well and says now even the court can't do anything to block him from the throne. He says today she doesn't seem concerned that he's alone with a Na-In today. Once she's out, Joon's mother first calls Yoo Sang-Goong and tells her to be careful that Joon doesn't notice anything. Then she calls Kim Na-In's cell phone but she accidentally left it behind in Joon's room and Joon's sees it ringing. I don't really understand what Hoo's friends are saying but they seem to have given Hoo an idea. Whatever Hoo requested will take some time and cannot be finished by tomorrow, which is the deadline, but the morning of the day after. Joon goes to his father and says he knows everything now. He asks if the whole thing was planned by him and his father is impressed at how quickly he figured it out. Joon is angry that his father orchestrated the whole event so that now Joon is a puppet once again. He says he'll go back and tell the truth. His father says that he has no reason not to accept Soon Yi which surprises Joon. He says to do what you want you need strength. He says women come to men who have strength. Joon asks if that means he has to turns his head away from Si-Jong-Gwan. His father asks if he didn't learn how big of an impact closing his mouth at the right time had and says if Joon messes up, all the arrows will be pointed at his parents. It seems the queen's attendant is so deeply in thought she doesn't notice her at first but she stands up quickly when she does notice. The queen feels horrible that her loyal attendant has to go through such suffering but Si-Jong-Gwan tells her to not waver at times like these. She says she can do much worse things for the queen and says if it wasn't for the queen, an orphan such as herself would not have had the opportunity to live in the palace and have an education. She tells the queen not to worry. The next day Hoo asks for an extension. He says he believes that Si-Jong-Gwan is innocent and says that he can prove her innocence with more time. The queen's mother says for it to be fair, they need Joon's agreement. Joon says a fair competition is one that follows rules and refuses to consent. Hoo says this is not just a competition for the crown but for one person's life. He says if he loses this one he will give up his participation in the rest of the competition. Si-Jong-Gwan asks Hoo why he is doing so much for her and Hoo says he believes that she is innocent. Hoo says honestly part of this is for himself because through this he better understood why his mother confessed her crime. He realized his mother could have been innocent but confessed to protect another person. Hoo says he will find out the truth about Si-Jong-Gwan and about his mother no matter what. Hoo's friends come over to help him.Sae Ryung's father says Hoo is trying too hard. He says he understands that Hoo doesn't want to lose but there isn't anything he can do in a day. Sae Ryung says it isn't that Hoo wants to beat Joon but because he believes in Si-Jong-Gwan that he is working so hard. She says Hoo is that kind of a person. The next day, Hoo asks for Kim Na-In and Yoo Sang-Goong. Hoo tells Kim Na-In that Si-Jong-Gwan had not seen her that night. He asks how far away they were from each other and walks a distance away to verify the distance. He says that according to records Kim Na-In saw the royal insignia on the folder and asks her if she can see it from that distance. She says yes and Hoo says her eyesight must be poor as the folder has no mark. He says furthermore it must have been darker then and says he finds it hard to believe that Kim Na-In saw correctly. He asks her about losing the ID and asks if she found it. She says she did and Hoo says according to another Na-In who was on duty, she says she did not see Kim Na-In between 6 and 8 that night. He says that must mean she lost her ID before 6. However, she checked in with her ID at 7:20. He asks her what happened. He also asks about the money she owed people, which was approximately $10,000. Hoo demands Kim Na-In to answer that she stole the document that night. She breaks down crying and asks Yoo Sang-Goong to save her. Hoo's friends and Sae Ryung are waiting in the cafeteria when Hoo calls Sae Ryung and says he won. Everyone's very happy and cheer =)Si-Jong-Gwan thanks Hoo for his help and he says this is his gratitude for helping him out before. She says she remembers when he first entered the palace but he has changed alot since then. Soon Yi stops by Hoo's room and he tells her to come in. He says whenever he's with her, he wants to be honest and courageous and Soon Yi says he is, especially the case with Si-Jong-Gwan. She says he's becoming true royalty. He said there were a lot of things that went chaotic on the way, like the time they met again. Sae Ryung enters Hoo's room and see him and Soon Yi dancing. She walks out and meets the queen's mother. She excuses herself and walks away quickly. Meanwhile, Soon Yi and Hoo are seated together cozily and Soon Yi wonders how she came to like him, since they always fought when they were together. She says it's hard to believe that she's with him. Hoo says they shouldn't hide it and just go as their hearts lead them. Soon Yi wonders if that's okay. Meanwhile, the queen's mother is looking on from the outside.


It is officially announced that Hoo is the winner of this task. However, one councilman says he cannot accept that Hoo won because he has shown characteristics of being an unworthy candidate for the crown. The queen's mother steps in here and says Hoo risked his safety to find out the real answer and showed true courage and says it is unseemly that there are suggestions that he is unworthy. She says to stop useless comments and asks one of the members who has been by Joon's father's side up to now for his opinion and he says he acknowledges that Hoo did a good job and other members agree. Soon Yi and her friends are discussing Hoo's chances of winning (I think they're rooting for him)The next and last task for the princes is to write (a term? A word?) something that they think represents royalty best. The queen has written what she sees as most important and whoever comes closest to what she wrote down wins.The queen is discussing how she came to see Hoo in a new light after his most recent victory. The queen's mother says that through this incident, she has realized how Joon's father looks down at the royal family and says they must become stronger no matter what. She says for that to happen, they must engage Hoo and Sae Ryung. Joon's mother is upset that Hoo is always so lucky. Joon's father says since even the council members are siding with the queen now, he must act (to put the queen in danger). Hoo wonders why his mother turned herself in and went out of the palace. Hoo says from what he's gathered so far he has come to the conclusion that his mother must not have had another choice. In the end she sacrificed herself for his mother. He wonders what has disrupted his parents' lives like this and thinks it is Joon's father. The ahjussi says he was probably the only one who had the power to do such a thing. Hoo says he must act now. The ahjussi says they don't even have the proof but Hoo says it depends on who thinks that. Joon's father asks about the evidence that the man was supposed to give Hoo and Si Yon says they haven't found it yet. She says the man promised to hand over the evidence before he died and Joon's father asks if that means Hoo already has it and Si Yon says there is that possibility. Hoo goes to Joon's parents. He says that he has the evidence and that he is telling them this before he tell the queen. Joon's father asks what he means by this and Hoo says he wanted to tell them that he will be able to find the real criminal soon. The queen's mother says it has been such a long time since she laughed and says she feels like a cloud has been lifted. She says that they should discuss the engagement between Hoo and Sae Ryung. The queen says they haven't even talked to the people involved and her mother says she already knows Sae Ryung's feelings so she just asks Hoo about how he feels. She says that they must not take too long planning the engagement. Hoo says he cannot marry Sae Ryung. He apologizes and says he already likes someone else. The queen's mother is indignant that Hoo said such a thing in that place and the queen says her mother was careless and should have thought of Hoo's feelings. Her mother says she was trying to push it to him since he likes an unworthy girl and says she cannot accept it. The queen asks if she knows how the girl is. Her mother says she doesn't want to repeat the same mistake. Sae Ryung says she remembers how Hoo looked at her when he first entered the palace. She says she wants to believe that he will look at her like that again. Hoo says they should stay good friends. Hoo says they should stop here and says he is unworthy of someone like her. She says she cannot stop since she just started. She says it's her first time liking someone and she cannot stop. Soon Yi is called to the queen's mother. She asks Soon Yi if she is in love with Hoo. Soon Yi says she likes Hoo. The queen demands how she can love a royalty when she is just a Na-In. Sae Ryung's father tells her to stop crying and says it's not over yet. The queen's mother says she'll trust Soon Yi when she says that she is not in love with Hoo because of his status. She asks Soon Yi what she plans to do. Soon Yi says she hasn't thought that far ahead. Soon Yi says she is simply being honest to her feelings. The queen's mother asks if she will withdraw from Hoo if she is ordered to do so. She says Hoo is different because he grew up outside the palace and for him to fit in, he needs to spread his roots with someone who has more status. She says she trusts that Soon Yi will do what is right without the queen's mother telling her. The queen's mother asks Joon if he knew about the relationship between Soon Yi and Hoo. She asks if the reason Joon requested Soon Yi for a study partner was because he liked her too. She asks angrily what they are doing, fighting over a maid. Hoo asks Soon Yi what's bothering her. She asks why he likes her. She says she's not smart, or rich and asks why he likes her. He asks her why she likes him. She says there's no reason when she just likes him. Hoo wonders why females are so strange. He tells her she has to be strong and tells her not to have a weak mind. He says they're only halfway there, or perhaps this is just the beginning. Hoo brings Soon Yi home and meets Joon on his way out. Joon asks why Soon Yi so drunk. He demands if Hoo knows that the queen's mother met Soon Yi. He says to give up on her if Hoo can't protect her. Hoo asks if that's the reason why Joon made Soon Yi his study partner. Hoo says he will protect Soon Yi no matter what because he loves her.Joon goes to his father and says he will become king. He says he knows what his father wants; power. Joon says he wanted to become the king to escape his father's grasp. Now his reason has changed and he wants one woman. He says he will have her and in exchange his father can have what he wants. His father asks if Joon needs his help and Joon says he is making a bargain. He will join forces with his father and do whatever is necesary.
Joon's mother goes to see the jjajangmyun ahjussi to ask a favor. She asks for him to hand over the evidence material. He says he cannot do that and she asks what the point of it is now, since the decision was already passed a long time ago. She asks for his help for old times sake. He says it is useless - Hoo's mother sacrificed herself for Joon's mother and could not live properly for 20 years. He says it is because of them that Hoo didn't know of his identity and says they must pay for the suffering they caused. Joon's mother says it is finally time to reveal everything and she tells the ahjussi a shocking news (that is not revealed to the audience yet). Then he gets a call from the son of the dead man. He gave the ahjussi access to the evidence material left behind by his father.

Hoo's friends are brainstorming for the task. One of them says it's 'love' because the royalty love the citizens. The other one asks if Hoo has any ideas and he doesn't have any yet. The other one says he picked 30 words found in books relating to royalty. Hoo wonders if it'll be that easy. Sae Ryung suggests that it will be something that the queen thinks of often. She gathered some materials that the queen wrote and says the word will likely be how the queen lived her life. Later, Hoo says he cannot accept Sae Ryung's help any more. She says to not be uncomfortable and says that she's doing this because she's his study partner. He suggest that they stop that now but Sae Ryung says she wants to be his friend at least. He says it doesn't seem right to have her so near him but she requests that he let her be by his side at least until the competition is over with if he understands her feelings.

Joon catches up with Soon Yi on her way to class and he says he heard that she was called to the queen's mother. She asks how he found out and he says he was called for the same reason and scolded. She is about to ask something but Joon interrupts her and says if she was going to ask whether he told the queen's mother that he liked her, he says he didn't say such a thing, as this is not the right time to say it. He says he still has that much grip on reality. He says he knows that's not his role in her life and asks her what her role in Hoo's life is. She says she will be with Hoo. Joon says the queen's mother has already watched one marriage fail like this and will do everything to make sure the relationship between Hoo and Soon Yi doesn't go anywhere. No matter what.

At the end of class, Alex invites Hoo and Soon Yi for dinner. Hoo asks if Alex's resignation was because of pyeha.

Soon Yi says the two ended up separating after all. Hoo wonders if the queen knows yet says she told him that she never forgot about Alex for seven years. Hoo is sad that they must part. Soon Yi says there's nothing to be done, since the queen is royalty. Hoo says he thinks it would've been better if the queen was in love with a Korean male, but he says the queen could not control that. He says if they really love each other, it's not right to part ways like that. Soon Yi says she can understand why they must part. Hoo says that's not right and says last time when she left him without a word, he was really hurt. Soon Yi says he was cold to her and didn't look at her. He asks her if she knows how he felt when he saw her talking to Joon. Then he asks her how long she'll do the study partner thing. He tells her to stop it immediately. Soon Yi says she can't and Hoo says he'll talk to the queen's mother herself. She asks him if he's insane and he wonders if she actually likes Joon. She says she can't talk to him rationally and says they should stop it here. Hoo agrees. Soon Yi says she has to leave and Hoo just says good bye.

Soon Yi is cleaning and her friend is reading aloud from a book about relationships. She says looks are (the most) important. Hoo is riding his board and the Nae Gwan says it's dangerous and Hoo walks away. The Nae Gwan asks about dinner but Hoo doesn't reply. Soon Yi is still cleaning and her friend's putting on some lotion or something and says looks are the most important in females. Soon Yi asks for some of the stuff so she can use it too. Hoo arrives to their house and asks for Soon Yi. Sae Ryung has found the pictures of the queen and Alex. She asks her father if they're in love and asks why he has these. He says he'll send them to the queen's mother tomorrow, and adds that the queen and her mother will think that they are from Joon's father. Sae Ryung says she doesn't understand. He asks her why she think he'll do that and she answers that it would be to separate the queen and Joon's father even more. She asks if that's really necessary. Her father says it's also for her sake, since after this she and Hoo will be married.Soon Yi fixes Hoo a bowl of ramen and wonders why Yong-Nam (her friend) isn't eating also. Hoo says to just leave her alone, since she needs to lose some weight. Soon Yi asks if he looks at Na-In's figures and he says men have instincts. Hoo's looking through her pictures and sees the relationship book. Then Hoo apologizes and says it's his fault. Soon Yi says he got weak over one bowl of ramen. She asks if he talked to the queen (about Alex). She worries whether the queen knows about it or not. Hoo says they should meet at least once before Alex leaves. The queen's mother gets the pictures the next day. The queen finds out that Alex has submitted his resignation. Then her mother enters. Joon's father wonders if Alex was too shocked about what happened last time and that's why he quit. He's disappointed that he won't be able to track them down anymore but says they will meet once more before Alex leaves and tells Si Yon it's the last chance. His wife says the bigger problem is the evidence that Hoo has. He says it might be a lie. The ahjussi has called Joon to meet him. He hands over the evidence material and says this is something that is important to Joon, his parents, and Hoo. Joon asks the ahjussi why he's giving him this. He tells Joon that he is the only one who can fix the problem and says it also has to do with his parents. The ahjussi says what Hoo wants is for his mother's dignity to be restored, and not for anyone's punishment. He tells Joon that he is the only one who can solve this tangle. Joon goes to see his father. He says it's a good thing that his mother isn't here since she wouldn't tell him the truth. He asks if his father knows the ahjussi (I couldn't catch his name..Choi Sang Gi?) His father asks how he knows about him and asks if it's through Hoo. Joon says he came to see him yesterday and told Joon about the enormous truth between the two of them ('the two' here meaning Joon's father and the ahjussi?) His father says he has nothing more to say to Joon and when Joon protests, he tells him to go back. Joon really seems crushed and his father says he has always considered Joon to be his son and never though otherwise, no matter what the ahjussi told Joon. He says until he dies, Joon must be his son, who will become the king. Si Yon calls out to Joon but he walks out. As Joon is driving, he flashes back to his father yelling at him that Joon is his son no matter what, the time that his mother was asking for the ahjussi's help during the martial arts competition, and meeting the ahjussi.Hoo comes to see the queen. He says he has something to tell her and asks if she will clear some time for him. Si Yon tells Joon's father that the queen and Alex are having a meal together and says the reporters should have arrived by now. Soon Yi wonders what the two will be talking about and Hoo says the queen might be persuading Alex not to go away but Soon Yi says that she think Alex would be persuading the queen to just let him go. Hoo demands why two people who love each other has to part and Soon Yi says it's because they love each other. He says if you really love someone, you have to be with them always and be responsible. Soon Yi asks why he's getting so angry. He says he's thinking about his mother. He heard his father missed her very much after she left and wonders if his mother felt the same way. He asks if that's the way to live. He asks her to promise him to never leave him.The queen says she won't regret that she loved Alex, and missed him, and the happiness that she felt when she met him again. She says she'll treasure them as the most precious memories in her life. She says she won't apologize, since she did everything she could to love him and will continue to do so. She says today's the last day that she'll cry, because she's the queen. She says she'll be strong. She tells him to not worry about her. Hoo tells her to hurry up and promise him. Soon Yi says she can't, because they don't know how the future will work out, like with his mom, like with Alex. She says there could be reasons that she may have to leave because she loves him. He asks her if she'll leave if such a situation occurs. He tells her not to. He says if she leaves he won't be able to bear it. So he asks her to promise him to always be by his side. Then they see the reporters. Once the queen and Alex step out the reporters bombard them with question about their relationship, what the queen thinks the citizens will think of her relationship with a foreigner, etc.



Hwang Tae-hu (Queen Mother) is upset at the dust-up from last episode. If you’ll remember, Pye-ha was caught by the paparazzi leaving a restaurant together with her star-crossed lover, Alex. What unlucky timing, as it was her farewell meeting with him, too — oh, the irony! I’d feel more sorry for them if they hadn’t picked such a public place to carry on their secret rendezvous. The consequences are yet unknown, but the mood is ominous…
Joon shows up drunk at Soon-yi’s door. I’m assuming his pathetic state is from dealing with learning he is most probably Jo Sang-ki ajusshi’s son. And by “dealing with,” I mean “not very well.” It wasn’t explicitly stated, but he was pretty much tipped off when he asked his father in the last ep, “Father, are you really…” and his so-called father burst into a fury of overcompensation: “I AM your father! You ARE MY SON!! Nothing can change that!” (Except maybe a DNA test.)
“I had nowhere to go. I couldn’t think of any place but here. Everything’s destroyed.”

“Yang Na-in… Please hold onto me.” And he stumbles into her arms
Joon wakes up the next morning in Soon-yi’s apartment. She slept on the couch while he was in her room. Joon apologizes for being such a disturbance.
Attendant Kwang is taking home Ma Na-in after a night shift and sees Joon driving away. They wonder what’s going on between them.

The Pye-ha’s situation is more dire than they expected. To fix the problem, the advisors suggest announcing the successor, and issuing a statement that Alex isn’t anyone special to the Queen, merely a classmate from her days studying abroad. Pye-ha doesn’t like the idea; she can’t lie to citizens. Then, the next best solution is to name the successor quickly, or announce news of a royal marriage.
Queen Mother tells Hoo of their options. If they name Joon the Hwang Taeja, Hyo-jang will somehow make Joon ruler and get rid of Pye-ha. So, the only other option is for Hoo to marry, with Sae-ryung. Hoo resists, but the Queen Mother insists that Yang Soon-yi won’t do: “A royal marriage involves all parties; you cannot simply act according to your own wishes!”

“Royalty are people who cannot live by their emotions. That is the burden of our responsibility.”
Oh yeah, the last princely challenge. I suppose the whole concept is rather moot now that Joon isn’t technically eligible, but nobody knows that yet. Joon is feeling brokenhearted and therefore doesn’t really feel like participating in some lame scroll challenge. I hear you, man. But his father, whose ambition has hardened his shriveled little heart into a black coal, doesn’t care about what Joon thinks. He just wants “his son” — whoever wears that term — to become Hwang Taeja. (To get inside his twisted psychology a bit, I can kind of understand him. The Hyo-jang was cast out of the Palace at a young age when his cousin became Hwang Taeja, and he’s probably felt the indignity of that all his life. It’s become an obsession, and it’s sad that Joon means more to the Hyo-jang as a symbol than as a person.)
Joon tells his father he’s going to give up the last challenge. Hyo-jang tells him he’s almost there. The Pye-ha is on her way down, and all that’s left is for Joon to not only be the Crown Prince, but King. All he has to do is be present for the last challenge.

So Joon doesn’t give up, and writes a character on his scroll. It’s the character for “justice” or “right” — I’m not sure how it’s used in Korean, but in Japanese it’s the character for the word tadashii.

Shi-yeon (the bodyguard) poses as a Na-in to get into the palace. I know we’re supposed to buy it as a plot point, but really, people have recognized her in the past. Plus, she’s about a head taller than anyone else in the palace. But in any case, she futzes around with one of the scrolls.

At judging, Pye-ha’s first scroll is…. blank! How anticlimactic. A ruler needs many qualities. She says actions are more important than words. She’d acted out of self-motivation, and must examine herself further. She has concluded that one cannot express what it means to be a country’s ruler in one character (and the rest of us say: DUH. We were way ahead of you on that one, missy).

Hoo’s scroll says:

It’s the character “heui” (희) and Hoo explains, although he’s not quite sure, from what he can understand, a ruler is a person who self-sacrifices (희생, heui-saeng).
He explains: “Before I came to the Palace, when I used to make deliveries, alongside others, I found you couldn’t only think about yourself. I’d worry about my friends first, help them if they had problems. That way, your friends follow you, and when you compete against others, you can win. When I saw the Pye-ha from the outside world, living in a magnificent Palace, I thought you lived an elegant life. But after coming to live here, I saw that the Pye-ha more often gave up things she wanted. And so, I think one cannot be a ruler without a self-sacrificing spirit, which is why I wrote this character.”
It seems the elders and council members are pleased with Hoo’s explanation.
But when Joon’s scroll is revealed… it’s… empty! Gee, I wonder what could have happened. Joon looks surprised as well, so I guess you can’t accuse him of cheating. Although, since he does win the challenge, and doesn’t say anything to rectify the situation, I guess he is a cheater.

Sae-ryung comes to Hoo with news of his mother’s case. She mentions the deceased informant had left evidence to Jo Sang-ki, but Hoo has never heard of it. So Hoo goes to see Ajusshi at the restaurant, where Shi-yeon is snooping, and wonders if people have gone after Ajusshi because of the evidence.
In the car, Hoo is preoccuppied and doesn’t hear anything Sae-ryung says. He gets a call from Soon-yi, but doesn’t answer it. Sae-ryung sees, and asks Hoo to let her out so he can talk freely. When Hoo doesn’t stop, she bursts out, “I said to stop the car!”

“Do you know how I feel, by your side like this? Like a useless, worthless person.How did I become like this? How did my existence become so…You’re a truly bad person. Why make me so wretched? I really don’t understand, why I can’t have this… No matter how I try, even if I work harder than others, I can’t have it.”

Sae Ryung hugs Hoo from the back, “Please, just for a little while, stay like this.”

Soon-yi is caught hanging around Hoo’s quarters by Queen Mother. Soon-yi says she was worried about the prince, and the Queen snaps, “Which one?” (Rumors of Soon-yi and Joon have spread, so people think she’s playing around with both.)
The Queen’s really harsh on Soon-yi, using pretty strong language. She says Soon-yi doesn’t know her place and tells her never to appear in front of her again. The Queen accuses her of making a mockery of both princes. Hoo overhears. (When did the Hwang Tae-hu become so mean? She used to be so nice to Hoo.)

Hoo: “You said that I was a valuable and necessary person to the Pye-ha. My mother was that person to my father, and right now, that’s the kind of person Yang Soon-yi is to me.”
The Queen tells him not to interfere, and he continues, “It’s because of Yang Soon-yi that I could live in the Palace. Without her, it would have been too much to bear and I would have run away. In the future, wherever she is, I’ll be too. Because I don’t want to live like my father.”
Soon-yi: “I’m sorry. I was so worried. It was thoughtless of me…”

Soon-yi: “What are you thinking?”

Hoo: “Thinking? Nothing.”

Soon-yi: “Are you ok?”

Hoo: “Yeah. Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

It looks as if the Pye-ha may have to step down. Things aren’t looking good, and they should prepare to name the successor. However, because of the rumors of Soon-yi and the two princes, both princes look bad, and Soon-yi is the object of scorn (and jealousy). Queen Mother wants to kick her out of the Palace and the Royal Academy. Hoo defends her — she’s legitimately entered the palace and the academy. Joon explains what really happened when he was drunk, that it wasn’t her fault.
But the Queen Mother isn’t having it. It seems like she’s determined to get rid of Soon-yi. Which doesn’t really make sense; I mean, she herself married into royalty… What happened to sista solidarity? I wonder if it’s like the phenomenon of fat girls hating on other fat girls.
Sae-ryung goes to see Soon-yi, and she’s quietly bitter.

Sae-ryung: “Are you satisfied? Both princes were brought before the Hwang Tae-hu. What now? Are you going to hide behind both of them again?”

Soon-yi: “You told me before to choose between the two, didn’t you? Well, from the very beginning, there was only Young Sung Gong. There’s no reason for me to hide.”

Sae-ryung: “Why are you so self-assured?”

Soon-yi: “Are you curious?”

Sae-ryung: “Very much.”

Soon-yi: “Because I trust Hoo.”

Poor Soon-yi is getting bombarded from all sides and pressured to leave Hoo. I suppose the only good thing you can take from this is, it means everyone pretty much knows that Hoo is not persuadable. Yay Hoo. So, they’re going after the girl instead.

Pye-ha: “Living life, you’ll find there are some fates and feelings you must give up. I still want Young Sung Gong to become King. But, it isn’t certain; there are still many hindrances in his way. In this situation, if your relationship were to be revealed to the public, it could become a huge blow to Young Sung Gong, and the royalty. As woman to woman, this is a very difficult thing for me to ask. But, as a person who must first think of the royal family, I must ask you. Please help him to lay down strong, firm roots in the royal court.”
And then she shows Soon-yi the scroll Hoo wrote about “self-sacrifice.” Come on, now that’s just mean.

Joon and his father get into another fight. Hyo-in Dae-gong tells him he’s won the fight, and now it’s time to get rid of that palace girl — he should know when to throw away his toys. (Ouch!) But Joon can’t be like his father. He can’t use people so easily: “Not being royal blood, I can’t become king. And Yang Na-in isn’t a toy, she’s a person. She’s the woman I love.” And he walks off…
.…to see Soon-yi. Joon grabs her unexpectedly and hugs her, but she shoves him off (yay Soon-yi!).

Joon: “Please. Come with me and let’s go somewhere.”

Soon-yi: “Don’t do this, Moon Sung Gong!”

Joon: “I can’t help but be this way. Please… give up this place, and leave with me.”

Soon-yi: “Highness, I don’t know what’s going on, but please leave.”

Joon: “Soon-yi.”

Soon-yi: “Why are you making things so difficult? Giving others a hard time isn’t love.”

Joon: “It’s the only way I know.”

Soon-yi: “I don’t like your methods. I don’t want to see you anymore, who makes things so difficult for me.” (Literally she says, “You, who’s making things so hard for me… I don’t want to see anymore.”)

Soon-yi: “I’m sorry. I’m in too much pain right now, I have no room to endure things from others. Leave me alone, please.”
Soon-yi walks off, leaving him there. That said, I still do not feel sorry for Joon, and here’s why: He’s brokenhearted about something that was never his to begin with. He never had Soon-yi’s love, or even her inclination. She felt grateful to him, and maybe flattered at his attention, but she developed feelings for Hoo pretty early on and didn’t lead Joon on. He knew that going in. It’s basically 욕심 (yokshim), or a person’s sense of sefish greed for something. So he’s not mourning real, reciprocated love — he’s mourning this infatuated obsession. Which makes him a little bit creepy.

Pye-ha gets a phone call from Alex. I guess they figured if acting opposite Alex was the same as acting with an inanimate object, they might as well substitute him for a REAL inanimate object. Some wonderful acting by her, as she tells her phone that she’s worried about him as well. She’s caught by the Hwang Tae-hu, who asks if she’s hurting that much. Pye-ha says she’s always lived according to her oath, but today, she hates her position. Sometimes she resents her fate.

Hoo finds out Soon-yi quit the Academy, and rushes to find her. This scene is no surprise, as we were hit over the head last week with the foreshadowing hammer. Yes, she must leave. Yes, he must be sad. They’d just better not end things that way.

Hoo: “You said your dream was to study and become a queen’s attendant. Now what will you do?”Soon-yi: “I’ll take a break, and figure things out. Don’t worry.”Hoo: “Should I just take you in and marry you?” (He says ‘take you in and live together,’ but that’s another way of saying ‘marry’ in Korean.)Soon-yi: “Say something that makes sense.”Hoo: “What doesn’t make sense about it? I lost the competition already.”Soon-yi: “Who says I’ll live with you?” (Again, ‘marry.’)Hoo: “Then what?”Soon-yi: “if it’s possible, I want to study to go to college. I’ll become a competent, impressive woman of the times. Then, even if I’m a commoner, I might suit you.”Hoo: “We suit each other plenty now. But you’ll be able to do anything well. Of course. Our Yang Soon-yi, fighting!”
I actually thought this scene was so nicely done. They were sad, of course, but no melodramatic hand-wringing and chest-thumping. I think they both realized what was important to them — and ironically (or maybe not), what’s important to both people is the other. So it’s a self-sacrifice on both parts for the other person. It kind of makes sense, in a bittersweet way. Of course, I’d hate this if the story ended this way, but come on, we’ve got one more episode left! A lot of reversals can happen in one last episode…
As for poor, sad Joon, he’s gone to what seems like to a family house somewhere, and drinks, alone, brooding over his father’s words.
He drunkenly knocks over a candle, and tries to stamp out the fire with his jacket. Then, he gives up, and sits back down amidst the flames….



Joon resigns himself to the fire, recalling events of the recent past. He remembers the scene from last episode which I left out of the recap (the summary was getting long), when Joon and Shi-yeon reminisce on how they met. But since Shi-yeon has earned it:

(Flashback from Episode 19)

Joon remembers meeting young Shi-yeon when they were 7. She was so sad at being separated from her parents that she cried, and barely spoke. One day, they went out to play and he remembers the first time she laughed; they fell into the river and got in so much trouble. Joon likes how simple things were back then, before they knew anything, just happily playing.
Anyway, back to the fire. Joon is drowning (and burning) in his sorrows when Shi-yeon finally finds him, slumped over, and rescues him and Joon wakes up in the hospital. Hyo-jang coldly tells him he must get his act together in front of the royals when they name him Hwang Taeja. But Joon’s a little more sad over the fact that — wait, what? — Shi-yeon died?!?!?! While rescuing Joon?!
Yeah. Exactly.

It’s sad, because despite all the wildly inconsistent character portrayals that have driven me crazy (Hwang Tae-hu foremost among them), Shi-yeon has never wavered. Sure, she did some awful things for the Evil One, but she was in service of her master. She once told Joon she would die for his father if he needed it. I guess she fulfilled that duty, but perhaps she got a small victory in death, in that she was serving her love just as much as she was serving her master.
Hoo introduces Yang Soon-yi to his uncle, the Hyo-sung Dae-gong. Hoo wonders if he has to leave the Palace once Joon is named Hwang Taeja, and he probably will, since that’s the royal law.

On some score, Hoo’s disappointed — he tried hard and truly wanted to do well. “But on the other hand, I do feel free. Because if I leave the Palace, I want to marry her.”

Soon-yi: “It feels odd… I thought you’d always live in the prince’s quarters in the Palace.”Hoo: “It doesn’t feel real for me, either. I’ll have to go to where my parents once lived… But since I can be with you, I feel fortunate. Let’s try and live happily.”

“Yang Soon. I don’t want to be selfish anymore. Let’s just act like we’re not royal… People who know how to be happy.”
The Queen Mother comes to Hoo, upset (yet again) that he introduced Soon-yi to his uncle. If he continues to be stubborn, she’ll consider that to mean he’s disrespecting her. She asks if he’s doing this to get revenge for her role in his mother’s banishment. (Which… isn’t a bad idea, really. Seriously, using your happiness to make someone unhappy? Best revenge ever.)
But Hoo asks if she can’t be more open-minded now that he won’t become the Hwang Taeja: “Yang Soon-yi and I may both be young, but we just want to be together, that’s it.”
Han Sang Gung (Yang Soon-yi’s strict boss) approaches the Queen Mother and speaks up for Soon-yi. She has also noticed that the relationship between Hoo and Soon-yi is similar to the fate of Hoo’s parents. But cutting off Hoo’s mother from the royalty was an act of cowardice. She remembers that the Queen Mother had been a strong supporter of Hoo’s parents’ marriage. She had strongly persuaded the elders, who opposed the match, into accepting. True love isn’t something that status can divide. If status is taken too seriously, in the wrong way, it can bring many people misfortune. (Go, Han Sang Gung! I take back every unforgiving thought I’ve ever had of your character.)

Joon asks his mother if she believes he has the qualifications and eligibility to be Crown Prince. After all, he’s not of the royal bloodline. Evil Mom asks if Joon’s spoken to Jo Sang-ki — because Ajusshi is mistaken, Joon is absolutely his father’s son. But Joon doesn’t believe her — he didn’t hear the news from Jo Sang-ki, he heard it from his father.
Evil Mom is, understandably, shaken, and tells her husband that Joon believes Hyo-jang isn’t his father. And Hyo-jang matter-of-factly agrees; after all, he’s not. All these years, Joon’s mother thought she was fooling him, but he knew. He knew she had another man. She admits to being unfaithful, but is certain Joon is definitely his son. But Hyo-jang reveals another shocking truth — he can’t father children. He was told by the hospital that he’s sterile, so there’s no use insisting on the matter. Joon’s mother says if he’s really doesn’t believe it, they can perform a test to find out.
Joon gives the evidence to Hoo, who then goes to see Hyo-jang and his wife. He tells them, “It’s time for you to confess.” Hoo doesn’t intend to expose them to the outside world. But he wants them to apologize for what they did to his parents. But the couple are dismissive — they think he’s bluffing, and say they had nothing to do with his mother.

So Hoo resolutely says: “I understand. Then for the sake of the truth, I will settle the score for what you did to my parents, trampling over their lives.”
He leaves. Hyo-jang thinks Hoo seems different — the look in his eyes is stronger, different. But they brush it aside as empty threats.
Joon goes to see Soon-yi. But unlike his last few visits, this time, he seems calm and at peace.

“I’ve always lived according to what my father told me to do. But after meeting you, that changed little by little. I had such a hard wall around me. Only concerned for my own feelings, I made things hard for others. Because I was hurting, I disregarded your feelings too. There were so many things I wanted to do for you, but I couldn’t do anything. I’ll stop here. I won’t continue. And this time, it’s for my sake. I won’t forget what you’ve taught me.”
Now, THIS! Is the gentle prince Joon we should have seen more! If we had, I might actually care about him as a character.
Likewise, Sae-ryung and Hoo talk as well.

Hoo: “I’m always thankful to you, and sorry.”Sae-ryung: “We’re too different, aren’t we? If you’d lived as royalty from the start, or if I was your schoolmate like Soon-yi… would I have had a chance?”
Hoo gives her a ticket to New York, and tells her: “If there’s a place you wanted to go most in the world, I thought it would be there. I’ve felt you’ve always longed for you mother. Don’t hide it any longer, and tell her in person, that you missed her.”
Sae-ryung is touched at the gesture — and it’s a pretty damn good gesture. Hoo’s the only person in the world whom she allowed herself to be vulnerable with, and although he couldn’t accept her love, he still cared for her and remembered something this deeply important to her.
(Dude, I know Seven’s a major star, and he’s the main character, and this is the last episode, and Hoo is supposed to be a strong, wonderful person… but any more of this hero edit and I’m going to melt into a gooey puddle on the floor and you’ll have to scrape me off with a spatula. I can’t take it; he’s too lovely.)

Soon-yi takes off her necklace…

At the announcement of the royal successor, they tally the scores of the challenges, which Joon has won. However, before they can officially announce him the Hwang Taeja, Joon interrupts. He announces he isn’t fit for the Crown Prince. During the challenges, he cheated and acted dishonorably. Everyone’s shocked and in disbelief, particularly the Hyo-jang (who looks like he’s swallowed a goat), but Joon tells them that Hoo is the rightful successor; Joon cannot be the Hwang Taeja.

As for the matter of Hoo’s mother… The Pye-ha calls Joon’s parents to her chambers, and ask if they remember the incident 20 years ago. Hoo presents an audiotape of Joon’s parents saying that the crime couldn’t be traced back to them. Luckily for them, blame fell to Hoo’s mother. They threaten the subordinate with his life and his family’s safety if he tells.
Apparently Joon handed over the evidence to Hoo under the condition that they don’t prosecute his parents. Hoo says he’ll keep their promise; all he wants is to clear his mother’s name.

Hoo asks why Joon gave up. Joon: “Because from the start, it was not my road to take. But you’re different. You may not know it yourself, but your fate with the Palace goes back a long while.”
At the river, Hoo and Soon-yi talk.
Soon-yi: “If you look at it one way, it’s like it was originally your place to begin with. Without being greedy or ambitious, it came back around to you, simply.”Hoo: “We met again like that, too. Nothing will change because of me being Hwang Taeja. If we just keep our hearts as one, we’ll be fine. I’ll try hard. Whatever happens, just trust me and follow, no matter what, okay?”Soon-yi: “With such a refined man telling me so, how can I not trust you?”Hoo: “I am a bit refined, aren’t I? You must’ve fallen for me somehow.”

Soon-yi excuses herself to go to the restroom, but of course she’s really using that as an excuse to LEAVE! And she takes a cab to the AIRPORT!

Hoo anxiously waits for her, and finally finds a letter she slipped into his pocket. It reads (and if you don’t cry reading/watching this, you are made of stone. Stone, I say!):

“Do you know? I’ve liked you for a really long time. The first day we met, we ran into each other and I fell down, and my skirt flipped over. You were surprised, but I thought to myself, ‘When I grow up, I’m definitely going to marry you.’ Maybe that’s why, but whatever you did, I liked you. I wanted to make you pretty things, or share my lunch with you. When we had homework, I wanted to do it all for you. It was like that. I thought that’s how our feelings were then… but those feelings have brought us this far.”
As we see a flashback of all the sweet moments between Hoo and Soon-yi, her letter continues:
“But, they say first loves don’t come true. So, I think I’ll stop here. I don’t want to be more selfish. Because… I was really happy.”
Hoo tries to find her, and finally learns from Young-Nam that Soon-yi’s going abroad to study. It’s too late to catch her, because she’s already boarded the plane and is probably gone.
Hoo, shocked and crushed, goes back to his room, alone, as Soon-yi finishes her letter:
“Thanks for becoming someone I can see, wherever you are. I’ll always be cheering you on.”

The Queen and the Prime Minister still want to push through with Sae-ryung marrying Hoo, but she surprises them by asking them to forget about those intentions. She sees now that she lacks many things befitting Hoo’s wife. Her father is angry that she ruined a done deal, but Sae-ryung says that (kind of marriage) is the same self-sacrifice her mother made. She’d always resented her mother, but now she feels she can understand her.
Paternity results are in! Joon still believes he’s Jo Sang-ki’s son, and asks his father to forgive his mother for deceiving him. But Hyo-jang grabs Joon into a crushing hug, wracked with tears.
Joon truly IS Hyo-jang’s son.

Wow, this is so sad. So beautifully ironic.
Even though Hyo-jang was so violently insistent that Joon was his son, and that he didn’t care if he wasn’t, you get the sense that he didn’t truly think of him as his own. He thought he did, but once he realized Joon really is his blood, he realizes how much it means that it’s true — and feels the pain of everything he’d lost and wasted by believing otherwise.
Joon’s mother explains that she’d lied to Jo Sang-ki, so he would keep the evidence safe. “It was to protect you. If it’s to save my son from harm, I can do anything.”
Meanwhile, Jo Sang-ki sends Hoo a letter, acknowledging that he’d let Hoo down by falling for one woman’s lies. He feels he must leave the country and start afresh to atone.

……..AND THREE YEARS LATER…….. (I know!!)

Hoo has been made Jeonha, having officially assumed the successorship to Pye-ha (who is still Pye-ha). Hoo has become quite busy attending to his royal obligations.
In all this time, he hasn’t seen Soon-yi at all, until she ends up as a foreign delegate’s attendant.

Hoo is unsettled at seeing her, and when he goes back to his office, he wonders to Han Sung Gung: “Though time has passed, why have my memories grown stronger?”
Han Sang Gung wisely replies: “Though time passes, your mind may not allow it to forget. In those times, follow the path of your heart, Jeonha.” (How awesome is she?)
Hoo is startled to realize her meaning. She was always the stiff Sang Gung who used to always tell him personal feelings should stay out of things. Why the change? Han Sang Gung tells him, “Because you are a person before you are a prince.” She also tells him that it’ll be difficult persuading Hwang Tae-hu. Also, in order to succeed, he must be sure to do something — and then whispers a secret tip into his ear.

On an official trip to Jeju Island, Hoo and Soon-yi are brought together, but things are awkward. They’ve also gone back to speaking polite (joen-dae) speech, and Soon-yi keeps her distance There, they run into Sae-ryung, who’s watching over of a bunch of kids as their teacher.

Sae-ryung and Soon-yi are genuinely glad to see each other again. Soon-yi also notes that Sae-ryung and Hoo have become closer over the years, and even speak in informal (banmal) speech. It appears that while Soon-yi has been away, Hoo, Joon and Sae-ryung have all become close friends.
They accompany Sae-ryung and her kids to the beach, where they sit, not talking, but both remembering the same conversation from when they were kids:

Young Hoo: “Hey, is this the first time you’re seeing the ocean?”

Young Soon-yi: “It’s my first time here. It’s so pretty, huh? When I’m older, gotta come here for my honeymoon, right?”

Young Hoo: “Who says I’ll marry you?”

Young Soon-yi: “Who says I’LL marry you? And I’m already claimed anyway.”

Young Hoo: “What? By who?”Young Soon-yi: “I have my worry bear, Manito. I’m going to marry Manito.”

Sorry to be shallow, but Hoo and Soon-yi make such an attractive couple. I like them even better together as adults.

These days, Hoo even calls Joon “Joon hyung,” which is weird because he used to only ever call him “Moon Sung Gong.” Joon’s become a successful indie musician — still a prince, but mostly living a private life.

Soon-yi and Joon catch up, and Joon tells her Hoo was very lonely these past years.

Hoo: “I was curious, why you had to go to such lengths to leave me.”

Soon-yi: “If I didn’t, you wouldn’t have let me go.”

Hoo: “All right, fine. ‘I’m a commoner, you’re royalty, so we don’t suit and there would be a lot of problems” — let’s not say those things. In the past three years, I tried really hard to forget you. I thought I’d forgotten, but the moment I saw you, I knew. That hating you, forgetting you — for me, that’s impossible. Yang Soon. Let’s start again.”

Soon-yi: “It’s not that easy. You know it too. And also…”

Hoo: “Also what?”

Soon-yi: “My work. It wasn’t always easy, but I’m doing a good job now. There are people depending on me, and I want to do well for this work I like.”
Soon-yi was planning on leaving Korea to go back abroad in a few days, but Hoo is surprised when his new attendant is brought in. (The former male attendant to the Pye-ha is retiring, and so the female Shi Jong Gwan has been promoted. So to take her place…)

Soon-yi received a particular recommendation from the Pye-ha to be the new Shi Jong Gwan.
Soon-yi: “I worried a lot, but you look good. You look like you belong in this place. I thought a lot about whether this was the right decision. But then I received Pye-ha’s recommendation. But I still have a lot of worries… I worry that I might ruin things for you.”

Hoo: “Follow me. I have something I want to show to the girl with lots of worries.”

And he brings her to the room he’s filled with worry bears…

Hoo explains about all how there are so many things to worry about in the world… Soon-yi says he’s simple so he won’t have many worries, and Hoo agrees: “You’re right. Except for one thing. My worry over lost love. But now, I have a feeling that’ll work out well, too.”
“Because, I got a secret tip from Han Sang Gung.”

“Men… are all about 19+!” (i.e., risque, mature situations)

(Note: Literally, he says, “Men are all about the 19+ restriction!” If you’re American, it’s similar to an NC-17 concept. So, they’re about the risque. :D)

MY ADDITINAL NOTE: Hoo was talking to Soon-yi while sitting on the bed edge and later Hoo grabs Soon-yi and drops onto the bed and it ends! Thus the pic of the bear closing its eyes & that closes the ending of Goong S as well. I hope you all have enjoyed GOONG S summaries all these while and finally we say goodbye to it. Thanks for faithfully following up on my updates and great thanks to all those who have been faithfully translating the full drama patiently for us!!!