Tuesday, 4 September 2007

To Get Unstuck In Time KTV

Starring Roger Kwok & Flora Chan

Saturday, 10 February 2007

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Sunday, 4 February 2007

--> Licensed Dramas To Be Removed!

-> Visit this D-addicts Link to find out why.

-> YA Entertainment has requested d-addicts to remove all their english hardsubbed korean series which they have licensed for and will be licensing more such korean series in future. With regards to this, WITHS2 subbing team (currently subbing Goong S) from d-addicts has posted this msg as below:

As of today, Tuesday 01/30/07, WITH S2 will release only softsubs for ALL EPISODES. Please keep fansubbing alive by NOT reproducing/distributing any HARDSUBBED episodes from our softsubs on YOUTUBE, DailyMotion or any other streaming websites/forums/newsgroups/online hosting services such as clubbox, megaupload, sendspace, yousendit, mediafire, etc.
We thank you for all cooperation and continuous supports.

-> This d-addicts Link contains the list of dramas licensed by YA Entertainment and there is a danger of these series being asked to be removed from youtube. YA Entertainment might be licensing more such korean dramas and the list will be added on in future.