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--> TWdrama Smile Pasta - Starring Nicholas Teo & Cyndi Wang

The story begins with Xiao Shi day dreaming on her balcony, wishing for a successful love. In her dazed state, she accidentally knocks her mug over the edge, which then lands and bounces off the front of He Qun's sportscar, when he happened to be driving past. This marks the beginning of their intertwined destinies.
The next morning, Xiao Shi's flamboyant but nonethless supportive family, conducts a good luck ceremony for Xiao Shi, as it is her and her current boyfriend, Peter's 3 month anniversary. Despite being cursed with relationships not exceeding 3 months, Xiao Shi has a great feeling about today, recalling Peter telling her that he will introduce her to the most important woman in his life. That can only mean his mother, right? Xiao Shi is so confident that everything will go smoothly, even making a bet with her brother that she can bring Peter home tonight.
Enjoying her date, everything appears to be progressing smoothly for Xiao Shi. Peter suddenly brings her right into the centre of a cross section and Xiao Shi assumes that he is going to confess his undying love for her. However, his real intention is to break up with her, claiming that she's 'not his style' and pointing to the scantily clad girl across the street (his new girlfriend) who is his style. Xiao Shi is devastated and a dark cloud looms over her head (literally).
Hanging her head in defeat, Xiao Shi wanders through the streets and doesn't take notice of where she's going until she bumps into a stranger. This stranger happens to be a disguised He Qun, who's just run away from his own press conference and in the process of fleeing the paparazzi. The clumsy encounter leaves the both of them in a compromising position in the middle of the streets, allowing the nosy paparazzi to get a few happy snaps. And thus Xiao Shi forfeits her first kiss to a complete stranger.
He Qun, being accustomed to this kind of thing, recognises trouble when he sees it, so he runs for his life dragging Xiao Shi with him. Through a series of mishaps, tossed in with a bit of fate, He Qun ends up providing refuge for Xiao Shi in his own bedroom, for the night.
Unbeknownst to them, the newspapers have been working overtime, and by morning, the image of them kissing in the streets cover the front page of every tabloid. The dreary and clueless pair step out onto the balcony, where the waiting reporters are virtually fed evidence of their affair. To protect He Qun's career, his agent Vincent has no choice but to introduce Xiao Shi as He Qun's fianceé.
From this point on, Xiao Shi's world is turned upside down. Yet she begins to realise that there may be a cure for her curse after all. Meanwhile, the poor little rich boy, He Qun, gradually discovers that the love and warmth he's never known, can be brought about by the simplest things (or people).
However, all lies will eventually boil over. So how will this sticky plot unravel itself?

Cyndi Wang as Cheng Xiao Shi/成曉詩
Nicholas Teo as He Qun/何群
Gino as Ah Zhe/阿哲
Zhao Hong Qiao as Rita
Zhao Shun(趙舜) as Cheng Jin/成金
Jian Chang(檢場) as Cheng Gang/成剛
Wang Juan(王娟) as Chen Lin Ma Li/成林瑪麗
Hu Kang Xing(胡康星) as Cheng Ming/成銘
Song Zhi Ai as Huang Qian Hui/黃千慧
Wu Zhen Ya(吳震亞) as Lei Long/雷龍
Shen Meng Sheng(沈孟生) as He Meng Yuan/何孟元
Bao Zheng Fang(鲍正芳) as Bi Li Ling/毕丽铃
Di Zhi Jie(狄志杰) as Vincent
Wei Ru as Xiao Rou

Information credits to wiki

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