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--> Kdrama Goong S

Synopsis: The Queen (played by Myung Se Bin) is in her early 30s but still unmarried. Because of this, in a condition where there cannot be a reduction in the number of successors to the throne, the present prince (the 1st successor) suddenly leaves the world and leaves a vacancy in the line of successors.So they go out to find the secret prince and finally find Lee hoo (played by Se7en), who has been living outside the palace.Lee hoo is the son of a prince and his mother who died early, had departed with his father and left the palace, hiding the fact that she was already pregnant. He does not know that he possesses royal blood and has lived, working as a delivery boy at a chinese restaurant.Although usually, he has wang ja byung (prince disease), he had never dreamt of entering the palace and receiving royal lessons.Lee hoo, the unbelievable no 1 successor to the throne and the perfect Lee Joon (played by Kang Doo) will bring tension to the drama as they fight over the position.After Lee Hoo enters the palace, an important place will be the royal academy. It is a place for members of the royal family as well as descendents of wealthy families.The drama will also be about the romance between the characters.Filming started in November 2006 was aired on MBC starting from January 10th 2007.

Se7en as Lee Hoo
Heo Yi Jae as Yang Soon Ae
Park Shin Hye as Shin Sae Ryung
Kang Doo as Lee Joon
Extended Cast
Myung Se Bin as the Queen
Lee Gi Young as Jo Sang Ki
Oh Min Hee as the Queen's mother
Yoon Ye Hee as Jang Yoon Hee (Lee Joon's mother)
Ha Jae Young as Lee Hoo's and Queen's uncle
Cha Hyun Jung as Lee Joon's bodyguard
Ye Soo Jung as person in charge of Lee Hoo's education
Song Baek Kyung as Bulbam

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urichan said...

Hi vivagirl
so you not upload again Goong S in your veoh account again??

I'm very dissapointed, because i always watch goong s in your veoh account..

fireflystar said...

urichan, i will continue to upload goong s in my veoh but they will be the raw version and not subbed.

Anonymous said...

excuse me, sorry for the disturbance. I just want to ask you are you obligated to put english subs in Goong S.

fireflystar said...

im not obligated, all along the hardsubbing and posting on public sites by many other users & myself is purely based on voluntary basis. the subbing team who is subbing goong s has requested everyone not to upload any subbed version on public and we should respect their decision.

MassiFfx said...

hi vivagirl,
i thought the subbing team in charge of doing english subs for goong s only requested users not to upload hardsubbed versions of goong s? i heard softsubbed versions were allowed.

fireflystar said...

MassiFfx, the subbing team has requested not to upload the hardsub on public sites where its avail for all to view. im uploading it privately and its limited to users. only the raw version i'm uploading is avail for all to view. hope you understand what i'm saying.

tin said...

hello.. i read from one of your posts that there is still a way to watch softsubbed episodes. please tell me how. thank you very much

fireflystar said...

tin, you can visit my youtube. as for softsubs, i'm not not sure what you mean but softsubs means the subtitles are separate from the video, you have d/l both to view. you can visit to check it out. hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

hi vivagirl will you still be uploading goong s with subs privately on youtube cause I really wanna see ep 16!!

fireflystar said...

Yes, i will be continuing, check back on my youtube for any updates.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey!! thanks you sooo much for uploading goong s :] umm.. do you know where to upload the hardsubs for this drama? thanks

fireflystar said...

i don't understand your question, are you asking me where to upload hardsub goong s as in you want to upload yourself?

Anonymous said...

hey thank you so much for downloading goong s! im so addicted to it! i just finished episode 18 and i am so anxious to see the last two episodes!! are you still going to be downloading them?

phuong said...

Hi vivagirl
can you please upload Goong S english subbed on veoh, please????
i like to watch it at veoh because i have an account there. please upload it there. thanks alot!!!

fireflystar said...

phuong, its already a big risk that i took to upload to youtube under private. furthermore veoh is a public site viewed by many so its not possible for me to upload the subs there. hope you understand. you can go to my youtube channel to view the subs. (there has been been many controversary regarding the the drama itself and the subbers has requested that no one should upload the subs on any sites).